Part 5 Siblings, in a family predicament

[Crouch is laying on his bed talking on the phone¬† with Amanda. On the other side Amanda is sitting kwi couch]   Crouch_: I have moved out today so I think tomorrow you should come visit and I am missing you Amanda_: I am missing you too. Don't you thinking you moving out now it going to make your parents not wanting me even more Crouch_: Why worry about them when you have me loving you so much Amanda_: Ncoa man you are such a darling you know Crouch_: And that why you love me this much right..? Amanda_: Yep you got that right Crouch_: So wife tomorrow you coming right Amanda_: Yes hubby I'll come now let me sleep because I am working tomorrow morning Crouch_: Okay my loving. Have a good sleep then   *Next day Mr Khathi is at his office* (Office phone rings) Mr Khathi_: Yes Wendy Wendy PA_: Sir Mr McKenzie is here now Mr Khathi_: Okay let him up (Few minutes there was a soft knock then door opens) Mr Khathi_: Come on in. Wendie please get us refreshments Wendy PA_: What would you like to Drink Mr McKenzie? (She asked politely) Mr McKenzie_: Tea will be fine

thanks. (Wendy went out to get refreshments. Later she came back with a try the gentlemen thank her then she walk out)   Mr McKenzie_: Have you tried to talk to your son time is not by our side. We need to get the business running. Mr Khathi_: My son is very stubborn but I am not making that as an excuse. Mr McKenzie_: So that means you failed talking to him. You are the senior CEO you have to make sacrifices or you want to lose this deal? Mr Khathi_: I can not force my son to marry your daughter. (He said frustrated) Mr McKenzie_: Why not? It not like you haven't done anything like this before Mr Khathi_: Yes but where did it get me... I lost her (he said sadly) Not everything is about money.

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