Part 2 Siblings, in a family predicament

*Dinner session* [The family and friends they are having fun during the meal talking and laughing. Amanda is feeling left out and Mrs Khathi is busy eyeing her but her man Crouch keeps on holding her hand tight under the table  it like he's assuring her that everything is alright and that makes her smile a little] Crouch_: (whispering to her) I am telling them about the engagement.. Amanda_: (shocked her a little) No (looking down at her plate in front  of her) Crouch_: But babe we have talked about this.. Amanda_: Yea but I am scared. Crouch_: No need to we are in this together (giving her a small smile) so shall I? Amanda_: (she smile and nodded) Crouch_: okay.. _uhm family and friends can I have your attention please (they all turn their attention to him) Amanda and I got some good news to share with you. (They both smile to each other holding hands) Mrs Khathi_: (muttering to herself) I hope she's not pregnant Crouch_: We are engaged!! (He announced with excitement) *(The table went silent for few minutes. Only Teekay who showed some life about the new)* Crouch_: (reach his pocket and took out a velvet box) Amanda Mzobe the time I asked you to marry me I gave you a lucky pocket ring and I promised to get you a proper one. Well as you can see I have bought it finally. The moment I saw this ring I thought  of you and how it going to suits you perfectly...(Smiling sliding the ring on her finger) Teekay_: bafo congratulations I didn't see this one coming (smiling) You the man Dude!! Mrs Khathi_: This is worse than I thought (sighing) Crouch are you in your senses or you are out of your mind huh?? Are you trying to embarrass us in front  of our guest.. Crouch_: Mum please do not start Mrs Khathi_: I mustn't start what exactly?! You started this by proposing her instead of Yandisa. I don't know how you think. Let me tell you this you are not going to marry this low class child. Crouch_: Mum I do not have to report you about my Love Life. It my right to decide who I want to get married to. Mrs Khathi_: hehehe so you see yourself as an old man who can't listen to his parents when they are guiding him. You do not have my blessings unless you decide to marry Yandisa not this piece of thrash. Crouch_: I love Amanda not Yandisa! Mr Khathi_: Darling

that enough now. Mrs Khathi_: ooh so you are pleased with Crouch proposing to her..? Amanda_: Please excuse me I need to use a restroom Crouch_: I'll go with you babe Mrs Khathi_: hmm I'm being tested in my house. Amanda_: No need I'll be fine. *(Amanda walk away she's been holding tears for too long)* Crouch_: Mum are you that heartless how could you say such mean things to Amanda.. Mrs Khathi_: Crouch leave me alone with your nonsense and let me have my meal in peace but that girl won't be my daughter inlaw. Teekay_: Dad why you letting mum be like this.. You are slowly but surely losing your kids all where is Penny huh?? Mrs Khathi_: Teekay! Teekay do not bring Penny in this..!! Teekay_: Ooh please cut the act your do not care about us all your care about is your stupid reputation and money!! (With those words Teekay walk out and left. Crouch went to get Amanda so they can leave too.)

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