Part 1 Siblings, in a family predicament

[Crouch is turning 23 the family is having a family dinner party for him with close family friends. Amanda hasn't arrived yet to the party she's so scared to come because she's very aware of that the Khathi Family doesn't like her especially the mother and she knows that Yandisa is going to be there too.] (Crouch is at the balcony having a beer while watching a beautiful view of the city. He is a bit sad about that Amanda hasn't showed up but he wouldn't blame her if she doesn't come.) Yandisa_: Hey Birthday Boy Crouch_: (looking her over his shoulder muttering "Hi" continuing sipping his beer) Yandisa_: I bought you a present and I thought I should give it to you personally. Crouch_: That is not necessary you can put it where other presents are. (Still not paying attention to her) Yandisa_: (came and hold him from behind) Crouch_: I'll appreciate if you stop touching me (he said with the cold hard tone still not looking at her) Yandisa_: Come on handsome wassup with the sour mood? (She asked calmly)... Ooh you upset because your precious girlfriend is not here tonight...on your birthday. Hmm what kind of a girlfriend she is (smiling to herself

breaking the hold moving slowly to to stand next to him) Well well well at least there's something she knows. She wouldn't dare come here to embarrassed herself. She is a low class she doesn't belong or fit in here with us your family... Crouch_: (turn to face her with nothing but anger in his eyes) I won't stand here and let you speak like that about Amanda. She's not just my girlfriend but she's my future my better half and you are nothing to me compare to her.. Now leave! (Someone clear their throats and there was Teekay and Amanda standing. Seems like they heard everything. Sadness was written in Amanda's face and Teekay was fuming with anger but tried to hold it back.) Teekay_: Bafo look who is here Crouch_: (walk to Amanda and hugged her so tight) I'm glad you came (smiling to her) Yandisa_:(walked away with so much attitude *cat walking*) Crouch_: (cupping her face with his hands) I'm sorry I'm really sorry babe you heard that. Yandisa doesn't know when to stop... You okay? Amanda_: Yea I am fine. (She smile but didn't reach her eyes) Happy Birthday Crouch_: (hugging her again) now it indeed a happy birthday (Teekay left them alone) Crouch_: let's go to my room I want to spend time with you before the dinner start.

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