part 9 my professor

(Shaun's POV) _ As I am driving to home I couldn't help myself but to think about Latoya. "Does she call you Shaun too?" The look on her face after she said that was just priceless. I so wanted to laugh hard at her but I decided to just contain myself. I sense jealous on her statement. Does that mean she has feelings for me. I wish I could tell her how I feel about her but I just can't. I have always been against the issue of teachers dating their students so I just can't let myself be one of them. I arrive at home and these boys they are not around so I decided to start cooking our supper while listening to Kenny Lattimore's music. As I am cooking I'm also singing along. "Hmm it smells nice in here." I turned to see my brothers behind me. Lamayne_: "For a second I thought there's a woman in here cooking for us." Shaun_: "You know I'm a good cooker." Lamayne_: "We have forgotten about that because for the past few days you were feeding us takeaways." Shaun_: "I am not bound to cook for y'all everyday. You also allowed to cook for us." Lamayne_: "Okay I'll start cooking now." Vince_: "Please save us all we don't want to die of food poisoning." Lamayne_: "I know how to cook." Vince_: "What? Frying an egg that is not cooking." Lamayne_: "You can't even fry that egg so I don't know what you talking about." Vince_: "At least I'm admitting that I can't cook and I'm doing something about it." Lamayne_: "Like what?" Vince_: "I'm starting cooking classes soon." Lamayne_: "Ow well good for you." Shaun_: "Okay that's enough now. Please help me set up the table." Vince_: "So much food big bro are we having a guest?" Shaun_: "No its just the three of us." Lamayne_: "Someone is in the good mood today. Share with us brother wassup?" Shaun_: "Nothing. I just wanted us to have a proper supper like a family." Lamayne_: "This place needs a woman's touch who will keep us together all the time. Bafo you need to do something about this." I found myself smiling wondering if she can cook and how would it be like if she's around here in the house. Making our sweet memories and having our small arguments. "So you want me to cancel?" I let out a slight laughter. She sounded so defensive when she said that. Like she wanted to argue with what I was saying. After done setting up the table we all went to take a bath in our ensuites. Thereafter we gathered around the table said grace then we dug in. As we eating we having our lite conversation. Vince_: "This is nice and feels normal. You too are not on each others throat." Shaun_: "Sometimes he forget that I'm old than him." Lamayne_: "I'm sorry big bro just that I don't want to see you all grumpy. We use to be close remember?" Shaun_: "We still are." Lamayne_: "Good. In that case we have a lot of catching up to do." Shaun. _: "When you're done washing the dishes." Lamayne. _: "What?" Vince_: "I also have home work to do." He said getting up. I also get up exiting the dinning room. Lamayne_: "I'm going to get both of you for this." Vince_: "We love you too big bro." Lamayne_: "Sies man that is gayish." I laughed so hard. My phone rang as I make myself comfortable on the couched infront of the tv. Its Siya. - (Latoya's POV) . Before calling it a night I had a chat with my friends on a group chat. I also told them about the guy that approached me. They got so excited about it asking me if I have sent him a chat or anything. I told them nope they started pressuring me to contact him because he don't have my number. I just told them to take a chill pill. The guy's number does appear on whatsapp but there's no profile picture or status or last seen showing up so I assumed that he has locked his privacy. Finally we called it a night. Next following day I'm woken up by my phone ringing. Its Lelo. Latoya_: "What do you want?" Lelo_: "You still sleeping!" Latoya_: "Lelo what do you want early in the morning?" Lelo_: "There's going to be a photo shoot today so please bring your make-up kit and a pair of heels." Latoya_: "Hmm okay." Lelo_: "Tell me what time are you planning to wake up at?" Latoya_: "At 6:30am." Lelo_: "Okay don't be late." Latoya_: "Sharp." I put my phone away continuing with my sleep. Trust me I am not a morning person. I don't like to be disturbed from my beauty sleep. At exactly 6:30 my alarm went off. I woke up went to refresh myself change into my gym clothes then went for jogging. Came back after 7am took a bath then changed into a jean white top with a red coat and a black ankle boots. I tied my hair into a straight up buny. In my black bag I packed my make-up bag. C'ndi and I said our goodbyes to mum Nandi then left. Pearl had long gone to school. We both went to the salon to do our hair and nails. I asked to do a Peruvian weave 22 inch. As they doing our hair we are sitting close to each other. C'ndi_: "I need your help on something." Latoya_: "Which is?" C'ndi_: "Siya want me to spend the weekend over at his place so I want you to conver up for me to mum Nandi." Latoya_: "You can say you going to work." C'ndi_: "And I won't be coming back the whole weekend? She will just see right through me." Latoya_: "You going to work out of town. Or you going to visit your parents." C'ndi_: "Working out of town I think it's fine." After done doing our hair and nails

we departed our ways. She went to meet up with our friends while I went to meet up with Lelo who said he's at the venue. Lelo. _: "You look beautiful." Latoya_: "Thank you. I hope I'm not late." Lelo_: "Not at all. Come." He said holding my hand. Latoya_: "Where too?" Lelo. _: "We going to fetch accessories." Outside we found Brandon already waiting for us. Latoya_: "Guys can we stop by somewhere I want to buy something to eat." Brandon took us to this small centre we went to Subway I was going to buy their chicken salad only buy I ended up buying their subway sandwich too because Lelo and Brandon bought it too. We continue with our journey we arrived at Lelo's friend working space. He introduced him to us as Cebo. We checked out his accessories I must say they are very elegant and they are designed and made by him. Latoya_: "Do you know that you're talented. This is beautiful and amazing. You need to put these in retail stores. Or even better have your own boutique shop for your accessories or partner up with Lelo." Cebo_: "You think so? Lelo?" Latoya_: "Comeon guys don't be slow I just gave y'all a business idea." Lelo_: "Not now friend we can talk about that after the show." Latoya_: "Mxxm you're slow. Brandon tell your person to wake up." Brandon_: "I always have the similar talk with him." Lelo_: "I promise guys after the show we can talk about this." Latoya_: "Fine." After Cebo has gave us our accessories collection Brandon took us to campus. He dropped us there because he had to go to work. We said our goodbues to him then we went to Spank we found Khali & Rose waiting for us. The others had gone to class. Lelo_: "Ow shit!" He said remembering something. Latoya_: "Wassup?" Lelo_: "We forgot the garments in Brandon's car." Latoya_: "Call him and check how far he is now." He went to the balcony to make a call. Latoya_: "I hope you two are not drunk." Rose_: "You can ask him that. Mina I just arrived now coming from the salon. He refused to go with me." Khali_: "I wasn't gonna go to the salon and wai 2 and the half hours for her to get her her hair done. I don't even go with Anele when she's going her hair I just give her some money that all." Latoya_: "Mxxm you such a bore."... "And?" Lelo_: "He said he remembered too and was about to call me so he's on his way back." Latoya_: "That's good." Few minutes later Brandon arrived we went to take the garments then Lelo checked out with the photographer if everything is ready. We all (Lelo & I Rose and Khali) went to 9th floor the whole production crew is already there. So we got started with work. Photo shoot they are a lot of work. I am saying that because I know. Lelo didn't planned all of this correctly. The photo shoot were suppose to start at least in the morning so that we can have enough time to work. Khali Rose and I tried our best to be professional and give out our best as possible as we can. By the time we got done we were all tired. There's no one else in the building besides us and the security waiting to lock up. The campus closes at 17:30pm and the time now is way past that. I took out a R100 note in my wallet and gave it to him as our appreciation for being being patient with us. Lelo also gave him a R100. The security promised not to open studio 1 tomorrow for anyone until we are all here. We wanted to make sure our things they are safe. I took a cab to home while others did the same. When I arrived at home it already supper time and everyone is gathered around the table eating. I greeted everyone. I went to the fridge to take out a plain yoghurt. Pearl_:" Wash your hands first." She stopped me before opening it. I rolled my eyes and drag myself to wash them then came to take it out. MumNandi_: "Join us for supper your food is in the warmer." Latoya_: "Thank you mum but I'm too tired all I need right is a bath then sleep. But I'll eat this yoghurt."

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