part 6 my professor

(Latoya's POV) . Its now a Friday. We wrote test as per Mr Wells' words. I must say the test was and the questions were tricky. It wasn't an exciting paper at all. Almost everyone in class is pissed off some left without even finishing. With our previous lecture I normally took abour 1 hour max to finish writing a 3 hour paper. But here I am still in the exam room for about 2 hours trying to finish writing. I went through my answers but still I'm not happy. I raised up my hand "Yes Latoya." Mr Wells said. Latoya_: "May I have another answer sheet." He nodded then brought to me the answer sheet. I started to rewrite again. Mr Wells had a smirk on his face clearly what was happening he found it amusing. Some of my friends had already left. Mr Wells_: "Time is up!" He said. I checked my wrist watch and yep the was now up. Mr Wells_: "How many of you who are not yet finished?" Turns out I was the only one not yet finished because some where busy packing getting ready to leave. Mr Wells_: "How far are you Latoya?" Latoya_: "I only have 3 questions left to answer." Mr Wells_: "Okay I'm giving you 10 minutes." I finished writing I wasn't sure which answer sheet to submit but I ended up submitting the 2nd one. I exited the exam roo then went to join my friends at Spank. I found them discussing the paper. Khali_: "Finally friend you're here. How was it?" Latoya_: "I don't want to talk about it." Khali_: "I can see you are energy drained." Latoya_: "What are we eating? I feel like eating pap & steak." Rose_: "Who is paying?" Amica_: "I am but I don't have enough cash." Khali_: "Don't worry I'll handle the bill. Now go order us combo 8." We ordered and our meal came and we dug in. We decided to have some drinks since its a Friday and weather is sunny. Teejay and others later joined us. Lelo showed us few of his sketches he has made so far and they are elegant very tasteful. Busi_: "Does anyone have an adaptor?" Rose_: "Toya have one." Latoya_: "Ow no love someone borrowed it the other day and never returned back. I still need to buy a new one." Busi_: "Ish okay. My bettry phone is getting low." Latoya_: "Where's is your Njabulo?" Busi_: "He says he on his way I'm chatting with him right now." Latoya_: "Okay. Let me go buy an adaptor. Come with me." Busi_: "Okay cool." Latoya_: "Guys we going out anyone need something?" They all said they are fine so we left. Busi_: "That guy is greeting you." She said as we are about exit. Latoya_: "Who?" I turned to the direction she was pointing. And I waved back to the guy. Her phone rang and she answered it. Shortly she ended it. Busi_: "Njabulo is downstairs." She said as we take the last escalators to ground floor. We walked to a Red GTI and the window roll down. A brown skin guy appeared. He looks good. Busi is light skin and have cute zoom lenses so they compliments each other. Busi_: "Hey babe." They baby kissed each other. Busi_: "Please meet my friend Latoya. Toya Njabulo my bae." Njabuli_: "Pleased to meet to you Toya." Latoya_: "Like wise." We hand shake. Busu_: "Babe we will be back." Njabulo_: "Where y'all are going now?" Busi_: "We going to buy something down there." Njabulo_: "That something doesn't have a name?" Busi_: "Adaptor babe." Njabulo_: "Okay I'm coming with y'all. I'm not going to sit in the car and wait it's hot." Njabulo went with us to this small shop to buy the adaptor then went back to others. Busi introduced Njabulo to others then he joined us for drinks. And he was now taking care of the bill. Apparently he works as a Logistic Engineer at the harbour. Later we all decided to depart our ways. Njabulo gave C'ndi and I lift to home. We arrived at home after 7pm luckily mum Nandi isn't around. I gave her the weekend off because we want to have the house all to ourselves. Latoya_: "Hi everyone." I said threwing myself on the couch. Pearl was with Boni and Sphe mum Nandi's kids. They are here to spend the weekend with us I have invited them. Pearl_: "I thought you too are are thinking of not coming home tonight." Latoya_: "I'm so tired and wasted sis." C'ndi_: "Me too and I'm going to take a bath." She said getting up from her seat going upstairs. Latoya_: "Don't take too long." I called behind her. Latoya_: "So how are you two doing my sister and brother from another mother?" Boni_: "We are fine. We have missed y'all." Latoya_: "But you guys don't visit us more often." Sphe_: "Speaking for myself I have a demanding job and girlfriend. Pearl_: "You need to introduce her to us." Latoya_: "No she needs to chill! Now we don't get to see our brother more often because of her. Mxxm." Boni_: "Are you now catching feelings my sister?" Sphe_: "Ha-ha you need to relax baby sis. Anyway how's school?" Latoya_: "Yo I hate school." Boni_: "Aibo!" Pearl_: "Ha-ha they have a new lecture and he is giving them a hard time." Spha_: "Shame mntase. Changing a facilitator in your last year is not a nice thing it turns to be frustration sometimes." Pearl_: "And I heard that he's handsome." She said in a low tones voice and she has a smile on her face. Busi_: "Hmm." Latoya_: "And he smell so nice. His slim suits suit him perfectly. But today he was in his casual clothes. First time seeing him in them." I said. Sphe_: "Is someone drooling over him now?" Latoya_: "Who me? For someone who find it so hard to let our a sincere smile. Never!" I said getting up from my seat going upstairs. Pearl_: "Why are you running away now?" Latoya_: "I'm not I'm going to take a bath hau." Pearl_: "Okay." I went to my room I found C'ndi lotioning her body. I also went to take a bath. Came back then changed into mt pjamas then went to join others. Boni and Pearl had dished up for all of us. We had our supper while having a lite chat. When done I offered to do the dishes then watched tv. Latoya_: "Sis did you received your Head Girl kit today?" Pearl_: "Yes I did." Latoya_: "Please show us." Pearl_: "With pleasure." She quickly went upstairs to change into her school uniform. Her blazer had put a trim

then went to join others. Boni and Pearl had dished up for all of us. We had our supper while having a lite chat. When done I offered to do the dishes then watched tv. Latoya_: "Sis did you received your Head Girl kit today?" Pearl_: "Yes I did." Latoya_: "Please show us." Pearl_: "With pleasure." She quickly went upstairs to change into her school uniform. Her blazer had put a trim she got a hat new different tie & a name badge written head girl. I took few pictures of her. Then we tried to skype with mum but she was unavailable so we decided that we will try her again next morning. Later we called it a night. - He's swinging me around I was laughing so hard we both joyful. His eyes is shining on me. He stopped swinging me but still held me close to him by my waist. "Have I told you how much you are beautiful?" He asked with his sexy voice. "I think I remember quite few times." I said to him. "I repeat again you beautiful always." He said. His eyes not leaving me I got shy and looked down. He lift up my chin with his index finger his lips slowly landed on mine... . . 'Shit I'm dreaming' I said to myself. I had a smile on my face. I stretched myself then checked the time on my phone next to me. The time is something to 7am. I don't understand why I dreamt about him gosh this is not right. I had to try and block the dream. I woke up as tired I am I had to woke up because I needed to go to the shop quickly. Rember the braai? Yep its happening today. I went to take a shower came back and changed into my casual wear a skinny jean and white vest and pumps. I tied my hair into a bun. Latoya_: "C'ndi wake up." I said shooking her up. C'ndi_: "Not now." Latoya_: "Comeon C'ndi wake up remember we going to a mall to do a shopping for today's braai." C'ndi_: "Yo friend I'm so tired please ask Boni." Latoya_: "Tjo." I exited my room went to the kitchen downstairs. I didn't even bother to check if Boni is awake or not. I took an Apple from the fridge car keys then left. I drove to the mall its after 8am so Checkers is now opened. I wheeled the trolley in i took snacks as many as I wish and some other few junk then I went to pay. As the cashier assisting me a voice said behind me "So much junk early in the morning." I turned to see 'Godamn he has a beautiful smile' I thought to myself. The same smile I saw in the dream and sparkling eyes. I got lost in them still a bit shocked to see him here. Mr Wells_: "Hi." He's voice brought me back to life again. A guy behind him was smirking at me. And I'm so embarrassed. I cleared my throat before responding. Latoya_: "Hi. Uhm what are you doing here?" That is a stupid question I asked. Mr Wells_: "Its a public space remember?" His gaze was still on me. Latoya_: "Of course." I said embarrassed. Mr Wells_: "So wassup with the junk?" Latoya_: "I'm hosting a braai at my house." Mr Wells_: "House?" Latoya_: "Home infact." "We are invited right?" A guy behind him asked. Mr Wells_: "Shut up man!" "Ma'am" the cashier said to me. It was now time to pay. I took out my card from my wallet and gave it to the cashier. When done I turned to Mr Wells to say my goodbyes. Mr Wells_: "It was good to see you." I smiled and said bye to both of them. I wheeled out my trolley to the car put everything inside. I craved for Mugg n bean muffin and coffee I went back inside the mall. At Mugg n Bean I spotted Mr Wells sitting with the guy he was with. I figured it out they are waiting for their order. I took a seat a waiter came to take my order. I tried to call Teejay but he's not answering his phone. "Excuse me gorgeous." I lifted my eyes to see the person infront of me.its the guy with Mr Wells. "Yes?" I said to him. "Would you mind if you join us?" He asked. I turned to look at Mr Wells he wasn't even looking at our direction. I turned back to this guy. "Uhm I'd love too but someone will be joining me." I lie to him. He never let go of his smile. "You know I can see that you're lying to me." I let out a laughter and looked down. "Look man I'm not trying to disappoint but I'd like to be alone." I said putting a serious face. He looked convinced then he nodded. He took few steps then he stopped and looked at me "I'm Lamayne Shaun's younger brother." Latoya_: "Pleased to know you. I'm Latoya." We hand shook then he left. 'Godamn the Wells boys are hot and charming' I thought to myself. Shaun is the best. The dream played in my mind I couldn't help it but to smile.

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