part 4 my professor

(Latoya's POV) . Next morning I woke up first went to take a bath. I was too tired to go for jogging. When I came back from bathing C'ndi was still asleep so I woke her up. C'ndi_: "Hmm?" Latoya_: "Wake up" C'ndi_: "Aha not now it still early." Latoya_: "The time is 05:39am so you going to be late for class if you don't wake up now." C'ndi_: "Aha our class starts at 10:00am today" I went to check my time table and yep she's right so I let her continue sleeping. I put on my gown and I went to check on Pearl I found her not in bed but water running in the ensuite. I sat in front of her dressing table looking myself on the mirror. I love mirror guys yo. Pearl_: "Good morning." Latoya_: "Morning baby sis" Pearl_: "Why you here and why you not dressed up?" Latoya_: "I came to check up on you if you manage to wake up and my class start late this whole week." Pearl_: "Good for you the way I'm tired if it was for me I wouldn't be going to school today." Latoya_: "Shame sis." Pearl_: "And it all your fault." Latoya_: "Ow please don't start with me!" She got dressed and all. Pearl_: "You know you have your own mirror in your bedroom but you just here crowding mine." Latoya_: "You can go use mine." I said not minding her. "This perfume smells nice." Pearl_: "I know. It a gift." She said blushing. Latoya_: "From who?" Pearl_: "A friend" she said still smiling. Latoya_: "Am I missing something? Are you now dating?" Pearl_: "Please do my hair." Latoya_: "Please don't ignore me. I'm your sister I need to know." Pearl_: "I'll tell you all about it okay just not now." I finished doing her hair and she looked good. Latoya_: "Are you sleeping with him?" Pearl_: "Sies Toya!" She said taking her blazer and wear it. Latoya_: "You going to wear a blazer it's hot outside." Pearl_: "I have to wear it today we voting for prefects." Latoya_: "Are you nominated?" Pearl_: "Yep wish me luck." Latoya_: "Good luck sis do me proud." I kissed her. She took her cellphone and school bag then went down stairs. And mina I threw myself on her bed and slept. I was woken up by mum Nandi the time was 08:30am. I went to my room to change. I just wore a simple nude pink dress which my hug my body perfectly wore my black gladiators. I applied my eyeliner lipstick put on my accessories and let my hair loose. I went down stairs I found C'ndi watching tv I checked the time and I realize I don't have the time to eat. Latoya_: "Shall we leave?" C'ndi_: "You not going to eat?" Latoya_: "I'll be late if I eat." C'ndi_: "Okay let me switch off the tv." She took her bag bid our goodbyes to mum Nandi then we left. We arrived at the campus 5 minutes before 10am. We found everyone already in class. We greeted each other right there Mr Wells walks in. He's always on time. We all took our positions and he greeted us. Mr Wells_: "Good morning" Students_: "Morning sir" His eyes roam around the room before speaking again "Those who weren't here on Friday please stand up." Honestly I thought I wasn't hearing him correctly. He repeat again we stood up slowly. He look at us like he's making sure it us who weren't in class last Friday. Mr Wells_: "I want to make something clear to everyone in here. Absenteeism it something I won't tolerate here in my class. By the number of those who weren't in class on Friday it has been clear to me that you have made it a habit to be absent. Well you shall not be absent again in my class or else you bring a doctor's note on the day you come back to class. If you don't have it just don't bother to come." ... "I hope you all understand. To those who were absent on Friday you can keep your presentations I don't want them anymore or unless you have a good excuse for not coming to school then I want it written down and signed. You may now sit down." Wow that was first and really intimidating. The class was filled with silent. The guy is really arrogant

or unless you have a good excuse for not coming to school then I want it written down and signed. You may now sit down." Wow that was first and really intimidating. The class was filled with silent. The guy is really arrogant and demanding. His face is just emotionless but his voice is something else I can not describe. It brings fear on you. I sigh heavily as I sit down. He introduced us into a new module and gave us notes to read. When the lesson was almost over he address us again. Mr Wells_: "Before I let you go I have to say this first. I've been thinking as from tomorrow everyone will pitch their presentation infront of the class and questions will asked. Then every Friday we writing a test base on what we've been doing during the whole week. So I do not expect anyone to be sbsent unless its something serious. And as for those who comes late to class if you are 15 minutes late don't bother to come to my class because I'll chase you out."... "That is going to be all do enjoy the rest of your day and we shall see each other again tomorrow. Class dismissed." We left class I meet up with my friends outside. My phone had missed calls from Lelo. I phoned him and he said he was at our usual spot. We went to spank. I was so energy drained and hungry. Latoya_: "What a day!" I said as we all take a sits. Khali_: "I don't enjoy school anymore." Lelo_: "Is he that bad?" Amica_: "Nightmare friend I tell you." Lelo_: "Mina I was kicked out in class. That b**t woke up on the wrong side of the bad and decided to take out her frustrations on me. Ai shame she need to get laid." We laughed at the last part. Khali_: "How do you know she didn't get some last night?" Lelo_: "I'm not referring to last night only. I think she last got laid 5 years ago. Her mood says it all." Khali_: "You need to help her." He winks at him. Lelo is a drama queen I tell you. You know we all can see that he's gay but he's not admitting to us. Latoya_: "Lets go eat ko Nandos guys I'm hungry tu." Rose_: "My appetite is ruined" Latoya_: "Aha I still have my appetite shame." Amica_: "If you paying." Latoya_: "Alone?" Lelo_: "I'll pay too." C'ndi_: "Are not going to submit your presentation?" Latoya_: "Nope I'm not going back in there. And be sides I do not have a solid reason to say." C'ndi_: "So you don't mind getting a zero?" Latoya_: "It not like one zero will make me fail." We went to have our lunch at Nandos. Then we went back ti spank. We had few drinks and some of us were smoking so we were chilling at the smoking zone. A group of 2nd year students were also talking about this new lecture. Later Busi joined us. We stayed there till it was late after 5pm. Siya came to fetch C'ndi and I. He was now back from Kimberly. He took us home. Siya_: "You smell cigarette." C'ndi_: "We were chilling at the smoking zone." Siya_: "Y'all are going to get sick inhaling the smoke." We arrived at our destination I thanked Siya and bid him a goodbye. I left them inside the car to have their privacy. I found my baby sis doing her school work in her room. I greeted her then quickly went to take a bath before doing my own work. C'ndi came in late luckily mum Nandi didn't notice she wasn't inside the house yet. Latoya_: "And then?" I asked C'ndi who came in with two pick n pay plastics and a large box of debonair'z pizza. C'ndi_: "Siya insisted that we go buy these things and besides we need them."... "What I'm going to do I can't take these to the kitchen.." Latoya_: "Lol you can keep them here. You and Siya are trying to ruin my diet." C'ndi_: "Ow please you haven't started yet." Latoya_: "Lol I know hey and my contract is starting in April." C'ndi_: "Let me go take a bath quick quick." During supper we were all gathered around the table eating. Pearl clears her throat "I have news to share with you." We turned to look at her. Pearl_: "I've been nominated as a Head Girl." MumNandi_: "What? That is good news my girl." Latoya_: "Wow sis congrats I'm happy for you." Pearl_: "Ya hey I'm so happy I wasn't expecting such high role. Should we call mum and tell her or wait till I get my kit on Friday?" Latoya_: "Lets wait for Friday so we can take pictures and send them to her." C'ndi whispered something to her and winked at her. Later we were in my room having our food therapy.

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