part 2 my professor

(Latoya's POV) . Next morning I woke up early change into my gym clothes went to wake up Pearl she also changed into her gym clothes then we went for jogging. We came back prepared to go school. I arrived at campus we started with work. After class we all went to Rose res room to help her with her bags since she's moving in with Amica. They have spoke with the res management about it. Khali_: "I won't be staying with you'll the rest of the day later I'm meeting up with sister bae." Rose_: "Uh-huh usister bae" we laughed we wasn't expecting that from Khali. C'ndi_: "Mina my brother bae is not coming he's not back yet from Kimberley" Latoya_: "What? So we going to use public transports with so much luggages" C'ndi_: "My friend you love exaggerating it just 3 bags and besides brother bae decided to be a blesser and blessed me with few hundreds in my account so we going to take a cab" We all said "Habashwe! and laughed. C'nd_: "But friends I don't feel like going to the house this early." Lelo_: "Me too. I think we should go back to Spank and have a chill there." We all agreed to that and head to Spank. We decided to sit at the balcony and have a beautiful view of the city. It's a Tuesday but the place is packed you could spot out new students by their excitement of the place. Lelo went away and came back with a platter of hot spicy wings with chips and coldrinks. Alcohol is not on sale because it a Tuesday. In fact they don't sell alcohol between Mondays to Wednesdays. They start to sell it on Thursdays and throughout the whole weekend. We don't come here on weekends because we spend most of our time here during week days. After eating some of us went to smoking zone to have a smoke. We stayed there for about 3 house. Khali he then finally left. We also decided to go our separate ways. = Narrated; (Khali & Anele-POV) . Khali and Anele they are dating. They are at the shopping centre. Anelr want to buy grocery for herself. Anele_: "I'm sorry I couldn't see you yesterday I was quite busy. Khali_: "Its ok. I thought you don't love me anymore" he smiles to her Anele_: "I would be a fool if I stop loving you. You are the best boyfriend ever" she winks at him Khali_: "How are about you spend the rest of the week at my place." He said pulling her into his arms wrapping them around her waist. Anele_: "Hmm sounds like a plan to me" smiling "but my roommate won't like the idea of leaving her alone so soon." Khali_: "Who cares plus she needs to get herself a man too" Anele_: "Ha baby you're so mean mara towards her." She hit him playfully. Khali_: "Aha I'm not. It just that she bores me she likes acting strict on you. I think you should consider staying with me full time." Anele_: "Eer." Khali_: "I'm serious my love." Anele_: "I'll come by on Thursday but moving in with you I'll think about it." Anele took everything she needs then Khali paid for everything. They took a cab to Anele's res. Anele_: "Ain't you coming in?" Khali_: "Nope. I'll call you and I'll see you tomorrow again." Anele_: "Okay. U love you." Khali_: "And I love you more." Khali and Anele suit each other perfectly. They both have good hearts and they love each other. = Narrated; (C'ndi's POV) . C'ndi is on the phone talking with her mum. C'ndi_: "Hey mum" Her mum_: "Hey my child how are you?" C'ndi_: "I'm good mum and you?" Her mum_: "We are fine too my child. We waited for your call for the past two weeks but nothing.." C'ndi_: "Yo mum I'm sorry ne

I've been really busy." Her mum_: "Its okay my child so how is school so far?" Cindy_: "It only been few days school opened but already there's a lot of work" she said sulking Her mum_: "Shame my dear you will be fine just stay focus." Cindy_: "Yea I know" Her mum_: "Okay bye for now we will talk again soon. Send my regards to Toya. Take care" Cindy_: "Will do bye mum I love you." Mum Nandi has went back home for the weekend. The girls promised to behave. C'ndi and Toya came back from school early and started to do a presentation that is due on the following day. They stayed in different rooms and did their work separated. Pearl volunteered to cook supper. After she was done she dish up and went to call her sister to come eat. Pearl_: "Toya?" she called her name while closing the curtains for her "Toya?" she calls her again "Toya wake up tu?" shaking her softly Latoya_: "Hmm?" Pearl_: "Wake up come and eat food is read." Latoya_: "What time is it?" Pearl_: "19:15pm" Latoya_ : "Okay thanx I'm coming." she said yawning and stretching herself. Pearl went back down stairs. Toya got out in bed went to wash her face and rinse her mouth before going down to join C'ndi and Pearl. They ate their supper. C'ndi_: "Mum called and sent her regards." Latoya_: "Heya to her too. Thanks for the food" she yawn again "I'm so tired" C'ndi_: "Me too hey. How far with your presentation?" Latoya_: "Yo please do not even ask me because I do not know how far I am but I know I'm not going to class tomorrow." C'ndi_: "Aibo Toya you can't miss class.." Latoya_: "I'm tired. This is no joke presentation after presentation sucks big time ai. How far are you with yours?" C'ndi_: "Not yet done but almost there" Latoya_: "I'm not going to class tomorrow I have made up my mind. Pearl don't tell mum about this." Pearl_: "Lol I won't. Since you not going anywhere tomorrow please wash the dishes I also have homework to do." Latoya_: "Okay sis." she cleaned up the kitchen after done eating while others went to finish off their school work. She then watch a movie that ended really late and others were asleep already. . (Rose POV) -Inclass . Rose_: "Morning friends." Khali_: "Wassup Flower?" Amie_: "Hey friend." Rose_: "Please don't start me Khali!" Khali_: "But you are Rose" Rose_: "Exactly not Flower" Khali_: "Hahaha no different to me." Rose_: "Whatever man.. And then where's Toya?" C'ndi_: "She's not attending today." Amica_: "Aibo why not?" C'ndi_: "She's not done with her presentation." Khali_: "If only I joined her yaz. This new lecture sucks with his everyday presentations its really tiring.." Right there Mr Wells entered the class. Mr Wells_: "Good morning." Students_: "Morning sir" Mr Wells looked around class; "Before you hand in your presentations I see some of you are absent today which makes things exciting for me. Well I'm giving y'all a speed test to do for an hour." Students_: "What??" Mr Wells_: "Yes is the a problem?" . . . . C'ndi_: "Toya we home" They all decided to take a cab to Toya's home after class. Latoya_: "I'm in the kitchen!" Khali_: "It smells so nice in here." Rose_: "Hmm and I'm hungry." Latoya_: "Lol In few minutes the food will be ready and its enough for all of us." C'ndi_: "Did you finished your presentation?" Latoya_: "Yes I'm done with it." Khali_: "Ha-ha and you decided not to come to class I didn't see that one coming." Latoya_: "Yo friend I needed a break aibo ha" Amica_: "You did well by not coming to class it was hell and we almost wrote a test." Latoya_: "What? Was it announced yesterday?" Amica_: "Nope just because few weren't in class he decided that we should write a speed test." Latoya_: "Gosh this guy what's wrong with him nx. So what made you'll not to write ke?" Khali_: "You know me my friend I made it clear that we not going to write any test without being prepared or not notified a day before and besides you were not in class and the class backed me up." Latoya_: "That's my friend high five!" They shared a high five. Rose_: "Enough about school now please dish up" C'ndi_: "He-he my friend with food though!" Rose_: "Lol mxxm." Khali_: "Guys tomorrow let's go out maybe go for clubbing or watch a late movie." Amica and Rose help Toya to dish up. C'ndi_: "I'm game." Amica_: "I'm also in. We should invite the others." Khali_: "Let me call them now." Rose_: "Make a conference call and put them on loudspeaker." They all agreed to meet on the following day afternoon.

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