part 1 my professor

(Latoya's POV) My friends and I has been talking the whole night through conference call. We couldn't wait for today's day as schools were opening and it our last year in school. Well I have too many friends but my main friends are; Khali Rose Amica C'ndi and Lelo. We are all in same class besides Lelo who is in a different class because he's studying Fashion Designer. As I woke up in the morning preparing to go to school I first looked up for something to wear. I chose to wear a black skinny jean white vest and grey cardigan. Then I went to take a bath came back to get dressed. I let my hair loose. I went down stairs I found mum Nandi already done with our breakfast. I greeted her. Latoya_: "Good morning mum" yep we call her mum. MumNandi_: "Good morning my child. How was your sleep?" Latoya_: "I slept well and you?" MumNandi_: "I slept well too my child. Where is your sister?" Latoya_: "I haven't seen her. Do you think she's still asleep?" MumNandi_: "Please go and check her then come back to have your breakfast" I went up stairs in Pearl's room and I found her still asleep. I woke her up. Pearl_: "Hmm?" Latoya_: "Wake up you are going to be late for school." Pearl_: "It early in the morning already?" Latoya_: "Yep so wake up and go take a bath. You will find me down stairs." I went down stairs found mum Nandi sitting on a barstool drinking her black coffee. We had a chat while I ate my breakfast then washed my dishes after I was done eating. Later Pearl came down all dressed up in her school uniform. Latoya_: "Your skirt is now short you need to buy a new one." Pearl_: "Aibo my skirt is my fine and I don't need to buy a new skirt I'm in matric already I won't be using it next year. So its going to be a waste." MumNandi_: "You need to wear your stockins every time then. Now sit down and have your breakfast." Pearl_: "I'm sorry mum but can I have a cereal?" MumNandi_: "Okay let me do it for you." Pearl_: "You don't have to worry mum I'll do it for myself." Time came we took our things then we departed on our separate ways. I got to the campus I found Khali and Amica at our usual spot 'Spank' it a pap and grill. It on the same building with our campus. Khali&Amica_: "Girlfriend!" They said at the same time with excitement. Latoya_: "Friends how are you'll doing?" I greeted them as we hug each other. Khali_: "We are fine dear and yourself?" Latoya_: "I'm fine too guys. I have missed you'll yo!" Amica_: "Don't even mention that we need to finish this long distance friendship during school holidays." Khali_: "Yea we need to plan what we going to do next year after our graduation" Latoya_: "We seriously need to do that you know." We continue chatting until the time was 8:00 o'clock and we had to go to our classes to get ready for today's class. As we still waiting for a lecture to report to class. "Friends. Friends. Friends" we turn to see its Cindy and Rose Us_: "Finally you'll are here" hugs Latoya_: "Yesterday night we all promised that we will be on time but you too chose to come late." Amica_: "Being late is running in their veinss dear friend." C'ndi_: "Lol come on guys hau." Rose_: "Guys! We just bumped into some hot lecture down the passage he looks so hot. I wonder which faculty he will be lecturing" C'ndi_: "Ow my goodness the guy is at our age and he is pure handsome I tell you." New lecture walks in the whole class went silent as we all pay attention to him. Rose_: "Guys its him!" she said in a low voice Amica_: "OMG I am single now" Khali_: "Awe TJ should know about this" C'ndi_: "I think I'm also single now friend" I couldn't say a single word about this 'new lecturer. He is so fine so good looking in those slim suits his eyes lips. He looks like he is in his mid 20s maybe 24 or 25 or 26 he is a bit taller than me caramel in complexion and his hair cut suit him perfectly. My friends and I took our positions in our seat and the rest of everyone. My friends and I we don't seat together we are scattered. The lecturer_: "Good morning 3rd year students" Us_: "Good morning sir" The lecturer_: "Well I would like to introduce myself to you all and you also gonna to the same. Okay

caramel in complexion and his hair cut suit him perfectly. My friends and I took our positions in our seat and the rest of everyone. My friends and I we don't seat together we are scattered. The lecturer_: "Good morning 3rd year students" Us_: "Good morning sir" The lecturer_: "Well I would like to introduce myself to you all and you also gonna to the same. Okay I'm Mr Shaun Wells your new former lecturer. I hope we going have a good year together without any bad vibes." He said that with a straight face no emotions. "So anyone can volunteer to introduce themselves first so who is going to be?" -The class went silent no one is raising their hands up- Mr Wells_: "Come on just anyone who want to be the first I'm sure I'm not that intimidating and you'll know each other so you just telling your names that is all." He now had a smirk on his face. There's silent again Mr Wells_: "Well since no one want to volunteer I'm going to choose one randomly".. he said as he roam his eyes around. He met my gaze my heart beats faster. His eyes sent shivers down to my spine I quickly look away..."You lady with.." (pause) O'Lord it mustn't be me please..."Lady with a red top at the corner" as he continue not looking at me now. Ow thank goodness he didn't point me out I turn to see who he pointed and its Lindy. Lindy_: "Morning everyone. I am Lindiwe Zondi but I'm known as Lindy. And I want to say welcome Sir" she smilies at him *bitch* Mr Wells_: "Thank you Lindy" he gives a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. I just wonder how are we going to survive with a person who find it so hard to give a sincere smile but I still find him so hot with his arrogant look. Our previous lecturer didn't even notice us that he will be not coming back this year. Changing a teacher in your last year it so not cool because new techniques of teaching will be introduced and we have to quickly adapt to them. If it was in high school I know we would be protesting wanting our old teacher back but hey we no longer in high school and here in varsity nobody cares. Before I knew its my time to introduce myself I'm not a shy person but I found myself really nervous. I look around me before slowly getting up. I introduced myself to him avoiding eye contact with him but I could feel his gaze piercing on me. Mr Wells_: "Good then though I don't remember all of your names but as time went by I'll get to know you and memorize your names." There's nothing much we did because it was our first day. He gave us our time table and our module breakdown for two weeks. It's now 11:00 am and class dismissed. That is how short our classes are. After class we met up with Lelo then went to have lunch at spank. We decided to order combo 3 which is a wors roll with chips and a drink. When done eating we then went to Amica's res room. My friends were talking about our new lecture nonstop. Amica_: "I'm loving the new lecturer he's good looking" C'ndi_: "Tell me about it chomie it's going to be an epic year" Amica_: "I'm going to be a good girl now in class. If he could ask me out hmm.." C'ndi_: "I wouldn't mind being his secret lover *LoL* Did you heard him when he was disciplining Trevor he was like 'Trevor Philips I'm the only one who is the lecturer here and giving authority so I'm demanding some respect from you actually from everyone in this class. Do we understand each other?'" Amica_: "I heard him loud and clear. And to my surprise no one laugh but we usually we would laugh" C'ndi_: "True friend. Like there's something that is intimidating about him.." Amica_: "Haa my friend you still figuring out the guy hardly smile and his voice is not that deep but its commanding" Khali_ "Would you guys stop fascinating about the lecture. I still think this is unfair changing a facilitator as a 3rd year students." Rose_: "But there's nothing we can do about it." Amica_: "Maybe we need to talk to the management about this." C'ndi_: "Or maybe he's not bad. Let's give him some time." . . . Rose_:"Toya?... Toya?... Toya?" Latoya_: "Hmm?" khali_: "What's wrong girlfriend?" Latoya_: "Ehe its nothing" C'ndi_: "She's been so quiet ever since we left class" Amica_: "Yea and also Lelo he's just busy on his phone" Khali_: "They have every right to be quiet because all your'll talk about is that new lecture." . . . Latoya_: "What?" I ask as they are looking at me "Okay I'm sorry guys I'm just zone out" = Latoya_: "Where did Lelo went?" Khali_: "He said something about meeting up with someone" I nodded. Rose_: "Guys I need a room mate my room mate is not coming back." C'ndi_: "Move in with Ami mina I'm moving out to Toya's house" Latoya_: "When are you moving in?" C'ndi_: "Tomorrow I have asked Siya to come collect my things." We continued talking about something else. The topic about the lecture was now closed. Later the day we went our separate ways. I got at home Pearl is already there. We then help mum Nandi with cooking. And I decided to remind her that my friend C'ndi will be moving in tomorrow. Latoya_: "Mama remember my friend I told you about that she will be moving in with us?" MumNandi_: "Yes" Latoya_: "She's moving in tomorrow" MumNandi_: "Okay I'll prepare a room for her then." Latoya_: "There's no need for that she will share with me." Mum Nandi_: "Okay my child if you say so then it's fine." I love this woman she have a beautiful soul she's respectful and humbled. We finished cooking then we ate our supper cleaned up the kitchen then watched tv. Later I went to take a bath then slept.

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