My name is Latoya Jones I’m not mixed but I’m pure black. Jones is my stepdad last name my mum got married to him when she broke up with dad. I was only 12 years at that time & my younger sister was 9 years. When my parents broke up dad never looked back he forgot about us his own kids. Even in his family no one paid their attention to us. We only go there if there’s a serious matter like a funeral just to show our respect and mum forces us to attend it so that we won’t have bad luck we go there as strangers who comes on a same day of a funeral and leaves on the same day.
After dad left us life was so bitter we struggled a lot but because mum was a strong woman she managed to keep us together as family just the 3 of us. On this one year I was now 16 years old my mum finally made her breakthrough in her career. She was given a chance to go to LA and that is where she met up with my so cool stepdad Kyle Jones. When mum had to leave us she left us with her older sister who was so brutal towards us. We would report her to mum ask her not to confront her because we didn’t want to get in between them and cause them to fight. A year us staying with our aunt was enough mum came back and told us the greatest news ever she was like; “My children my job is paying so well you have suffered a lot after your dad left us therefore I can not let you suffer some more. So I’m going to buy a house for you and I’ll have to hire someone old who will stay with you as your guidance. If she is not treating you well feel free to report her to me I’ll deal with her.”… “And another thing I can see your’ll are growing up so fast and that scares me. My babies life is hard outside and only tough people can survive it. I’m not trying to scare you off but I want you to stay focus because I want only the best for both of you. In order to be ontop of your game focus in EDUCATION be AMBITIOUS about your DREAMS be INNOVATIVE and STRIVE for what you want. Forget about boys they won’t take you any where in life instead they will rip you off and take that golden thing inside you. Me and your father should be a perfect example to you. You saw how shattered I was when he left us I would cry myself to sleep we struggled a lot that is because all along I was depending on him for most of the things. So I want you to forget about boys and focus on your education and dreams. Be an independent woman and empower yourself before anyone else.”… “And I love you both a lot.”
My mum’s words stucked in me

in my heart and in my mind.
Mum bought us a big house with 5 bedrooms double garages pool and a big yard. My bedroom was big it had an ensuite walking closet and my small (nyana) study corner. My sister had the same. By the way her name is Pearl Jones.
Our aunt pretended like she’s hurt that we were nolonger going to stay with her and I could sense some jealousy in her response and comments about our mum decisions. But mum wasn’t going to change her mind because of her negative comments. Our mum found a very sweet old lady to be out caretaker. She treated us like her own children. She was living with us full time. Her two kids boy and the girl they were a bit older than us but we were getting along pretty close. They would visit some time on weekends. Since we were now financially stable our mum change us to multiracial school with girls only. It was a Roman Catholic school accommodating for both day scholars and boarders.
A little description of myself I’m 6.5m tall. I have a curved body I’m fit because I’m a fan of a gym and sport a lot. I have a modeling body but a bit thick to enter for Miss. I’m caramel in complexion.
When I was 17 years old I doing my grade eleven I started being a promoter for certain brands but mostly I was in alcohol that is where opportunities were found. I was earning a good money from it. My part time job I didn’t let it to interfere with my school. After matric I went to study Media studies. I wanted to study it somewhere far but my younger sis begged me not to leave her behind. When she was doing her grade eleven she wanted to do promotions too she’s also good looking so I helped her out. Even myself I was still doing promotion while still in Varsity and I was now an ambassador for a certain Clothing Line Brand.
My mum got married to Kyle Jones when I was doing my matric. And they now have a baby boy who looked so cute I wish I was mixed too. I love the texture of his hair and the colour of his eyes. I’m so jealous of him. My sis and I we now wears icon lens. My colour is blue and her colour is light brown.

Latoya Jones & Pearl Jones >> they are main characters.
Amica; C’ndi; Busi; Khali; Lelo & Rose >>> they are friends with Latoya and they attend the same institution except Busi. And they are everyday friends.
Mum Nandi is a helper at Jones resident. Boni and Sphe they are her kids.
Shaun Wells >>> he is the main character too.
Lamayne & Vince they are brothers of Shaun Wells.
Mr & Mrs Jones>>> they are parents of Latoya & Pearl. Zion is they little brother.
Anele>>> she is Khali’s Girlfriend.
Njabulo>>> he is Busi’s Boyfriend.
Sibu>>> he is Amica’s Boyfriend.
Siya>>> he is C’ndi’s Boyfriend.
Teejay>>> he is Rose’s Boyfriend.
Mr & Mrs Dlamini
Mr Zikhali

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