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I’m from Western Cape but born in Gauteng. I speak Xhosa and obviously English and Zulu, I’m into music and singing but definitely not academics. I hate being in the spotlight but I hate not being noticed, I know. I tend to talk too much but only when I’m comfortable around you. I’m not a romantic person because I know people who were changed by romance. I’m just a normal, talkative, vibrant, beautiful, loving, rude, sometimes kind young lady.I write my stories because they help me escape this ‘society’. I haven’t been through most things I write about but I know people who have but sometimes I’ve been in such situations. I have a friend who helps me write this story and you could say she’s a replica of me. I write to let people know that there’s more to you’ve noticed, all my characters are easy to forgive but that’s who I am and I cant change that.I want to thank my day 1 supporters and newbies for supporting and reading my story.

Monelisa’s diary



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