Waking up to the smell of food is one of the things that can change an entire 

day of a person.

“Wake up darling” says my husband with his bold voice.

He hands me the tray which is decorated by breakfast and a bunch of white roses.

“Honey roses and breakfast in bed what did your wife do to deserve all of this?”

“Well you became my wife and that’s enough for me to spoil you every day…” he says smiling

“Well thank you so much my love.”

We calk around the room gathering some of his work stuff.

“I was thinking we could do lunch today. What do you think?” He says closing his suitcase.

“We can do that love.”

“Thank you darling I have to go to work now. Have a nice day. I love you. Okay?” he 

says pecking my lips.

“I love you too Mr. Adams…”

As soon as he leaves I take out my PC and I scroll to my emails. Okay there are my usually: my accounts my friends and some policies and then there is this one that caught my eyes with a subject “Please read me” and so I read:

Dear Mrs. Adams

I hope this emails finds you well. I am Amanda White the ghost writer and the 

company I work under had assigned me to write about your life if you are interested. I would like us to meet and talk about all the details over lunch today. You can choose and email the location and time which suits you.



A book about my life? Tempting but I don’t think that’s a good idea. My life does not just include me. I am married and my husband is a very private person he wouldn’t agree to me putting our lives out there and so I reply:

Dear Amanda

I hope this email finds you well too. First I would like to say I’m honored to receive such news unfortunately I have to decline your offer due to reasons I can’t really go through but thank you for thinking about me. I hope you will understand.

Thank you


I start eating breakfast my husband prepared me for while scrolling on my twitter page and I laugh as I see the tweet of this girl who had posted her half naked picture only to find the guys commenting below her picture talking about soccer and nothing about her. Some women are in there too with comments like “does 

anyone from Sandton know where I can get my nails done”

“Now this is classic…” I say continuing reading while laughing Beep! A sound my PC makes when there is the new email. I go back to my emails. Miss ‘book’ i.e. Amanda has responded!

Dear Wendy

We need to meet. We have to meet. It’s a must there is no alternative. Please.



OH now this is what? What’s wrong with this Amanda chick? Know what I’m not gonna entertain her today my husband was a man I had always wanted him to be so I will not let anyone or anything take me out of that mood. I’m happy blessed and married to the cutest hunk ever. So I wake up and made my bed while I put the music on. Sinach ‘I humbly bow’ is playing:

“I humbly bow before you

Knowing You are worthy

You’re greater than the greatest

Higher than the highest...”

OH my God! This songs takes me straight to the third heaven. I’m not a strong 

believer as some may put it but yes I do believe in Jesus and still finding my way there. My friend Palesa always preaches to me about the eternal God who created the heavens and the earth. You should hear when she speaks about Him. It is amazing that there are people who love God more than they love their own lives more than anything you could ever imagine. Well I would like to reach that stage in my life one day. Okay back to my preparing for my lunch date. The time is now 9:30 which gives me 2hours to get ready. Like I need to look like “Mrs. Jackson…” not that I’m not always that just that today I’m planning to be his Nando’s extra hot!

“Mrs. Adams good morning…” says a voice on the other side of my bedroom door.

“Ma Rose you have arrived. Morning to you too ma…”

“Yes my child I have arrived is there anything specific you would like me to do 

before I continue with my usually chores…”

“Oh no ma Rose you can continue with whatever you want to do for now. I will 

tell you if I need anything”

“Okay child…”

I take out my gold dress with white stilettos. I’m undecided about the jewelry I 

will see when I’m done what complement the dress I will be wearing. As I’m about to go to the bathroom my ringing phone stops me. I answer:

“My Mr. Adams…!” I say blushing.


I hold my stomach his voice still makes weak. The way he says darling. I swear this name was only made for him to call me with. Every time he says darling I feel things no one should know about except my husband…

“Are you still there wife?”

“Yes I am babe. I was about to get ready for our lunch date…”

“Oh yes I wanted to make sure if we are still on”

“Yes we are love.”

“We will meet on the restaurant then darling”

“See you soon husband”

“Bye wife”

I drop my phone and continue smiling because that how it feels like to have a 

walking blessing. As soon as I’m done with everything I walk down the stairs and Mam Rose just stand there staring at me like it’s the first time seeing me.

“Child you look like an angel…”

“Oh Mam Rose do I have wings now?” I ask jokily.

“You do look behind you…” She replies laughing.

“Oh thank you Mam Rose. I have to go now. When you done with ironing. You 

may leave too”

“Thank you my child. Have a good day”

“You too Ma”

As I’m in the garage. I decide against driving myself so I call an Uber to take 

me to my husband’s work place in that way we will drive together to the restaurant. As soon as I arrive to Adams Construction I take a lift which takes me straight to reception. Okay there is no one here so I take my self to my husband office. There is two of them. He is with a female she looks like that receptionist. I can see her wide hips and that big butt. They are standing both looking outside that big window that shows the most beautiful view I had ever seen.

“..But you should have told me

she looks like that receptionist. I can see her wide hips and that big butt. They are standing both looking outside that big window that shows the most beautiful view I had ever seen.

“..But you should have told me she had met her…” she says

“I didn’t tell you because you would have behaved as you are doing now. I am 

taking care of that”. My husband replies

“Jackson how are you taking care of it? Do you have a plan?”

Wait. Why is this woman calling my husband by name? Okay I know they are 

close but calling him by his name? I don’t think I like that. They are at work therefore she should address him as Sir until they walk outside this building. I will have to talk to him about this.

“Just trust me Janet...” he is angry. 

He says that and turn around only to find me standing there like a stature. For a moment he seems jumpy seeing me here.

“Darling you are here. I thought we were going to meet at the restaurant…” He 

says coming to me.

“I decided to surprise you love so surpriseeee…”

“I’m surprised!” He says and laugh while signaling to Janet with his head that she should leave the room.

“Mrs. Adam Hellow good to see you are still alive” She pauses. “I mean you’re

still well”

“Same to you Janet” I give her a pretense smile and she walks out. 

“What’s her problem? She even calls you Jackson?” I ask this man I call my husband. 

“Ahh darling don’t mind her. Janet lives in her own planet. Anyway let’s leave. Are we going with my car or yours?”

“Yours I left mine at home…”

We walked out holding hands. That Janet gives us that awkward bad look as we pass by the reception. Well I don’t care about her so I let her abuse her face alone and focus on my good day. We arrived at his car and took off. Instead of driving to the restaurant I thought we were supposedly to go to he drives to the direction I don’t know about much. I’m tempted to ask him ‘where the hell are we going now?’ but it’s a good day so I let him do what’s he wants. We arrive to this place. He gets out I stay inside the car. Heknocks on my window and I lowered it down

“You need to come outside darling...” he says and smile

“I thought we were going to eat love in that restaurant I love. I am craving their food…”

“I know. Come out we will go there and eat  very soon.”

I sigh and come out. He takes my hand and we walk step by step. This man today is my husband for real. I thought he was going to be angry at me the whole month for trying to leave him but here we are being lovey dovey as if that never happened. Not that I am complaining I am enjoying this in fact I am loving it.

“Darling you are smiling what’s up?”

He saw that. Was I thinking out loud? So I lie…

“I am just loving this place. It’s makes me smile...”

“Well save that smile because you might be smiling more after seeing what I am

about to show you…”

“Babe what’s going on? Should I be worried?”

“Just follow me”

He leads me to this beautiful open space in this mall. There are shops on each side and there is this one shop that seem to be closed with newspapers covering it's glasses its shows it was/has been closed. My husband goes and open it. How come? I am asking myself He is smiling. My heart is beating fast. I am questioning myself ‘what’s happening here?’ I follow him. OH NO! My hands moves fast to my mouth! I do not believe what I am seeing. I am shock surprised and out of words. Wow! What?

“Babe what is this?”

“It is what you see darling”

“That my name there”. I say as tears escape my eyes.

“It’s your name Mrs. Adams…” he says and kiss me.

I sit down in one of the chairs because everything here is just too overwhelming

and he sits to the other and faces me. For a few minutes we stare to each other with no word said. I am out of words and he can see that as he laughs as I try to open my mouth with no word coming out. The tears are just flowing like a river. Like what do you say to someone who does something so beautiful worse something you never expected at all? In my mind I am trying to come up with a thank you speech but I am failing because I don’t see that there can ever be any words enough to show how grateful I am to this man in front of me.

“So you like it darling?”

“I love it sweetheart!” 

I say that and give him the longest hug ever with the kisses in between. He is 

smiling while wiping my tears with his hands. So I take his hand and we move 

around this beautiful room. When you enter by the door there is a front desk which I assume is your reception and then there are this beautiful white chairs and couches then those long mirrors just on each chair. Then there are your salon equipment’s I count you hairdryers thongs and so on. Oh yes it’s a salon 

my salon. The name: ‘Wendy’s glitz and glam Salon’ is written in bold gold 

words on the wall. By your couches its shows that where customers will be 

waiting and then there is your pedicure and manicure place by one corner.

“There are other rooms darling. This is not everything.” he says pointing around.

“Where love?”

“Open that door…” he says

I open the door in front of me and it leads me to the inside room.

“An office room?"

“Yes queen of this heart” he says pointing to his left part of the chest.

“Babe…” As I try to talk he stop me with his index finger and speak.

“This is all yours darling. I know at first I said I want my woman to just sit at home and I will provide but I have seen how miserable you are just sitting at home. I think some of our fights are also because you have nothing to do then you end up overthinking some things. So I came up with this. I know we have been through a lot. It not nice watching you take those antidepressant pills every day. I am sorry for everything so this is me trying to be a better man for you. So this sweetheart is your territory. As your king this is where I say arise and reign queen on your land. I promise to be with you every step of the way…”

Okay I know I am such a cry baby but TODAY this is the time where I should be 

saying thank you to my husband. This should be the time I reply with the most 

beautiful words ever but here I am letting tears speak on my behalf. I know he knows I am speaking by them he had develop the ability to read my words through my tears. I know this because every time I try to stop crying and speak he will stop me and say ‘cry darling I am hearing every word you are saying’. Flip I look at the time.

“Love the time…” I say with a worried look.

“Aren’t you hungry?” He ask looking straight to my eyes. His eyes are my 

weakness too but his work is important right now. He is the damn CEO he should lead by example.

“I am but you lunch hour is over” I say trying to convince him we should go.

“Now my queen tell me what’s more important my wife or my work?”

“Love…”I say hesitating

“You’re important. You’re my top priority and today is about you. So let’s go and 

eat after that we can do a movie”.

Well ladies and gentleman I am defeated. Like who can say no to those words and yes I am hungry so let' me submit to my husband as one of the verses I once red in the bible say so.It was six o’clock when we came back home. We came out of the car smiling and laughing. We are both very happy. In between the laughs we are busy 

arguing about which lingerie I should wear tonight. I am saying purple because it his favorite color he is saying black because it is my favorite color.

“Babe today is not my birthday. All day you have been saying today is about me. I get that and I appreciate it trust me but now it time I make it about you just to show you how grateful I am…” I say bringing my sexy eyes and voice into game.

“And I’m still saying that. Today is about you Wendy. Forget about what I like let’s focus on what you like just today. Your favorite color is black so black is it…” 



It half past 8.We have taken our bath and we are about to occupy what we call our sleeping place. I am blushing he is smiling. He brushes my hair to the back

with his hands while he looks at me in my black number like I’m some chocolate 

mousse ready to be eaten. If I was one of those who kiss and tell I would be detailing what went down after that but man that’s it for today...


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