“Are you okay? Please tell me you are okay!”

It’s an SMS from Palesa. OH flip I haven’t talked to her since the day I was saying my goodbye to her when I was supposedly to be leaving to Miami. I haven’t contacted her since that day. Oh I am such a bad friend. Okay let me put on my adidas sweater and go see her in person instead of replying in a phone. In 20 minutes I am at her gate hooting and she comes to meet me as soon as I am inside the yard.

“You didn’t leave?” 

Okay she is not greeting me and giving her awkward look that means she is angry. I know her.

“Ehh friend...”

“Do not friend me Wendy! I am asking if you didn’t leave. But then that’s stupid right? Since you are right in front of my eyes”. She is yelling.

“Friend I am so sorry” I say giving her the hug. She hugs me back. Yes we are hugging. I am bit relieved!!!

“I am going to church Wendy. It’s Sunday…” she says stepping away from me leaving me wondering what the hell? I thought we were now okay.

“Okay I am going with you…” I say trying to soften her so let me see if that worked. She stop moving and turns back to me.

“Are you serious friend?” Okay she is calling me friend so I play along

“Yes that what I came to tell you.” Lies on a Sunday. I am such a bad sinner.

“Okay friend go and get ready we are leaving at 9:30”


I reverse the car and take myself back at home. Well my husband is off to his 

business trip so I am basically home alone so going to church might be a good idea I think. Fast I am in the shower in a few minutes I am out. I put on the yellow dress and black heels then do my makeup and then comb my weave. I am ready. Next stop is at Palesa’s. She comes out wearing a brown skirt with a white shirt and gold heels. She looks hot respectful like those T.V young pastors wives. I might as well call her that since she is engage to that youth pastor of their church. 

“So we are about to see your bae” I say as she occupy her seat in my car.

“No Wendy we are going to church. You are late. It 10:15 now”

“AH what’s the rush?”

“Today is the day they announce our engagement officially in church friend”

“And you are telling me this now?”

“Where were you Wendy? Aren’t you supposed to be in Miami? Weren’t you 

suppose to call and tell me you arrived well?"

“It's a long story my friend. Let’s talk about that when we come back. So tell me about today”

“Nothing special. Just a way of letting everyone know I am off the market and 

him too otherwise my helicopter proposal was enough to call it the engagement”

“Oh wow we know he asked you for a helicopter ride only to propose you on the 

sky so don’t rub it in our faces.” I say laughing. Like she tells this story ten times 

a day.

“Okay friend I will need you to step in when they ask for my family…”

“You know I got you friend. We are here let’s do this.”

We got to the church building and the usher takes us to those front row seats since I am going with their future pastor’s wife. I am giggling because I have never 

imagined occupying this seats. Like they are so scary

they sit those men and women who has those important positions at church. Okay there we are worshipping then there is your M.C and then offering and before I knew it they are singing my favorite song

“Bless the Lord Ohh my soul…ohh my soul

I worship your holy name

Sing like never before

All my soul

I worship your holy name!”

In that moment I am singing with my lungs outs. I look at Palesa she is looking 

at me smiling. The look in her face is priceless. Okay I will keep on singing so 

that she will always have this look on her face. By the time we are done the senior pastor is in front preaching. As soon as he is done; the Palesa’s engagement ceremony is done and it is so beautiful. Then it’s church out. Palesa and her fiancé had some time alone and then we hit the road back to my house. As soon as we arrive we make some food while I update Palesa on what went down at the airport on the day I was supposed to leave on.

“Do you think there is some connection between you and that Belinda friend?” she ask.

“If I believe that there is a connection between us friend than I will have to take 

that dream serious.”

“And why are you not taking that dream serious? Like you have had the same dream like four times. Now tell me what makes you think it is just a dream?”

“Friend in that dream I am stuck in a house. Am I stuck at any house right now?”

“No you are not but what if you will later in future or something? Worse before you left the airport you said she grabbed your hand telling you to escape.”

“My husband will come and rescue me if someone kidnap me…”as I am about to speak more she stop me with her hand.

“What if it is your husband who will put you in that house?”

“Are you crazy Palesa? How can you say that about my husband?”

“Friend calm down I am just trying to connect the dots about your dream?”

“By making my husband a culprit? Please don’t cross the line.”

“Heeee now we have some lines? You told me all of this because you wanted my honest opinion Wendy or at least that what I thought. If we have become friends who withdraw some information in fear of hurting the other then fine and by the way I wasn’t saying your husband is a culprit it was just a speculation. I have to go home before…”

“Yeah that a good idea. Leave Palesa. We are done here..!”

I open the door for her and she shakes her head before leaving. I am angry and sweating. I need to take my antidepressant pills. How can Palesa say that about my husband? I have never badmouth her pastor bae but here she was saying 

all sort of crap about the man who loves me. She was supposed to be my friend 

and we talk about the stupid dream and then I tell her that her friend is now the 

owner of the salon. Okay I take my pills and I have a few emails and that Amanda as I expected is there too still begging to meet me I ignore her and carry on with my day. As I put my pills down I remember that it has been a week since I had seen my therapist. I need to make an appointment and go see him before my husband make a big deal out of it. As I’m busy on my PC my 

cellphone rings. It Palesa

“What do you want?” I ask.

“Hi to you too Wendy”

“Speak Palesa”

“I didn’t become friends with a rude person. Be nice and we will talk”

“Okay Hi P. are you happy?”

“Better! Anyway I called to say I am sorry about earlier I was out of line for saying 

what I said about my brother in law. So I’m sorry friend”

“Thank you. That all I needed. So you’re forgiven friend.”

“Thank you love. That means a lot. Another thing thank you for being my family today at church I appreciate what you did for me”

“Always friend you know we got each other. We are family. So now that you’re

all engage does that mean you will now get to it…”I ask laughing. I know this topic is not her favorite.

“Stop it Wendy. We are engage not married. Sex is still for married people and I am not yet married...”

“Okay I hear you and I am very proud of you. Anyway I have good news friend…”

“Spill the beans love…”

“Guess who own the salon?”

“You? What? Wow friend…” She is now screaming

“You will damage my ears you idiot. Yep friend husband decided to buy me one 

and set everything. All that I have to do is set a date for launch then we good to 


“Friend you are lying. Jackson is sweet and romantic though. So when are you doing the launch? You know you have to hire people now?”

“Friend I am going to be an employer?” Okay now it all starting to sink in. I have 

this big responsibility. I didn’t think up to this far.

“Yes babe. You have to do some hiring”

“Oh no friend. First I will need someone I can trust since you know sometimes I 

attend therapist. I need someone who will be my eye when I am not looking. I think this is too big for me. Wow. Okay can I hire you friend? Please?”

“Friend I have a job…”

“A job you don’t like friend. Here you will be like second in command. Please I am begging you. I will pay you double then you’re getting now”

“What if we fight? I don’t want to ruin what we have. Sometimes people fight where money is involved”

“You are not like that friend and I am not saying we won’t fight at all but I am the one asking you and I will always remember I am the one who asked you. We will be fine friend”

“Can I think about it at least?”

“Sure love. Don’t take too long. The launch should go down on the 10 of June.”

“You can be so persuasive sometimes. I have to go friend bye.”

“Bye sweetie”. I say dropping my phone.


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