It’s in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep so I kept myself busy with twitter on 

my phone while a certain nurse enters my ward. I am surprised that at this time of the night someone is here. She closes the door I freak out. I am tempted to scream I have heard of the ghost stories in hospitals. I am thinking what if this is not the nurse but a ghost. I put my phone down and watch every move she makes.

“What did they do to you? Why are you here? Did they hurt you?” she says closing the curtain on my ward. She then turns around and remove the mask it’s Belinda.

“What are you doing here at this time of the night?” I ask

“Checking you. What happened?”

“I fell from the stairs in Dr James office”

“Ohh…” she says sounding relieved.


“I thought you were stupid and you spilled the beans about what I told you” she says busy checking if there is someone coming.

“No I haven’t said anything to anyone but tell me what’s going on here Belinda?”

“I don’t have all the information but I will tell you what I know with the little time we have. Your life is scripted down like a novel. I am talking about the plan to kill your nanny in your presence and then told she was your mother. I am talking about you growing up in ma Rose house and you getting married to Jackson.You are Jackson’s job. He received a cheque every month for being your husband…”

“No! Stop Belinda Jackson loves me…”

“He does? Then why is he still dating Janet? Listen to me. He was dating Janet 

before you. They were high school sweethearts but they were poor jobless and struggling and so the master pushing the agenda here your fake Dr James 

approached him and he was given an offer to marry and take care of you because they wanted someone they can control someone who will control you”

“What are you saying? Dr James is the master behind everything you are telling 

me? Which I might say that’s its sounds so bizarre right now”

“No he is an employee too. At first it was him who was supposed to marry you but ma Rose told them you will never fall for him. Her words were ‘you will not fall in love with his personality.’ As a mother who raised you up they believed her after all she was doing her job. They all are. So a younger hot guy with a personality you were going to love was hunted down and found. He was told to dump his girlfriend in exchange that the girl will also be taken care of. Which is why she is employed as a receptionist in Adams constructions a company that was a reward your mother gave to your husband for managing to marry and take care of you. They said you were happy so that what matters to them.

Everyone who is close to you has to be checked whether they have any idea about your real life

that why the doctor you worked for was killed because he knew your father they thought he might connect the dots about you so they took him out…”

“How do you know all of this and why tell me? Why get in all the trouble just to tell me this? What is it to you?”

“I was married to James so basically I know a lot. Things did not work out so 

we divorced. They did not think I was a threat because I moved on with my life 

and worked in the airport. Now they consider me a threat because Jackson saw you and me together that day. He saw you freaking out with me present so he 

calculated and told James. We were never meant to cross paths. They now assume maybe I told you something so they are after me which is why I quitted my job. My plan is that if they decide to kill me let them do so for something true then dying for nothing. That’s why I am telling you all of this. On the day you came to the airport I thought you have found out the truth about your life and you were running away. Talking about that day why did you freaked out when you saw me?”

“I panicked because I saw your name tag. I had  seen your name in my dreams a couple of times”

“Doing what in your dreams?”

“We are stuck in a house and I am trying to escape and you keep telling me to put on the code so that the door will open”

“And then?”

“That’s all I remember…”

“You have to remember everything about that dream write it down. It might be your escape plan. Every detail Wendy”

“Escape plan? I am not going anywhere…”

“If James or Janet or Jackson can get tired of doing this job they can take you 

out. Your death is their way out of this job. So tell me if Janet won’t want her man back permanently? Tell me if James won’t get tired of having to fake to be a Dr and listen to your stories and dreams. What about Jackson? Wont one of them get tired one day and kill you?’

“Jackson will never do that”

“If you say so”

“Who employed them? My mother?”

“I do not know but they answer to her. Every month they have to write reports 

about you. Jackson writes about how you doing are you still happy as a wife Ma Rose write about what she observes in your marriage and James writes about what you tell him after all he is your therapist so you tell him things you cannot tell other people.”

“What about..?”

As I say that my door opens and a nurse comes in while Belinda hides behind the curtain.

“I thought I heard voices…”

“I was on my phone. Is there a problem?” I give her an attitude.

“No Mem”

“Good. Go then”

She goes and close the door while Belinda comes behind the curtain.

“I have to go. Take care and do what I told you…”


She leaves and I am left alone with my’ thoughts. What Belinda just told me is 

something else. I don’t know if I should believe her or what. After all she was 

married to James. What if she is here for her own revenge and she is using me? 

Should I ask Jackson all of this? What if Belinda is right and Jackson realize I now know the truth? What about Palesa? Is she really my friend or she is paid too to be my friend? but Belinda didn’t say anything about her. All of this thoughts are going through my mind while the clock hits 4:00am.


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