I am outside my house ready to fetch Palesa when my husband’s car pull over. 

Since the day of the launch of my salon he comes home late when I am asleep and leave early before I wake up. I had missed the person who I sleep next to everyday. I don’t know when was the last time we had a conversation. He comes out of his car and come straight to mine which I have already started the engine.

“Where are you going at this time of the night?”

“Palesa invited me to their bible study. So I’m going to church with my friend.”

“What happened between you and James today?”

“I am very late Jackson. If you want us to talk don’t come when I’m asleep and leave before I wake up. Right now I need to go to church.” I say and drive.

I leave him there. I can see him as I drive that he is now on the phone. I just drive forgetting about the man who thinks he can only be my husband when its suits him. I pick Palesa up and In 15 minutes we are at church.

“Get me your fiancés keys Palesa that’s all I’m asking.”

“And I will say I will be doing what in his office Wendy?”

“This is my chance to get the answers I need so please work with me friend when he ask something you cannot answer just kiss him or something”

“Okay you will get the keys Wendy. Wait here I will be right back.”

She goes out of the car we will be meeting at the youth Pastors office with Amanda/Belinda whoever will come. In a few minutes she is back she hands me the keys.

“When does the bible study ends?”


“Okay see you then friend”

“Be safe Wendy”

“Okay P.”

I then walk to the office which is upstairs where church services are done. You can hear inside they have already started singing. As I’m moving I email this person I’m meeting with that they should take the stairs and they will find me in office 04. After 3minutes in the office a woman enters. Her face is covered with the scarf and sunglasses. She then takes them off and there Belinda stand in front of me.

“I knew it was you.” I say as my eyes are all over her 

“We have five minutes. You will need to be in church after our five minutes because there will be people confirming you are really in church to your husband if he doesn’t come himself” She is speaking so fast.

“Hey woman

how long have you been in my life? Already you are telling me things like you are my mother”

“Wendy we do not have time for unnecessary drama. I am here to tell you be careful because the coming weeks are about to get hard”

“What do you mean?”

“That day at the airport you had an opportunity to escape and I told you to but 

you didn’t listen. Now my life is under threat because they know we have met 

and that is the threat to them. That why I’m Amanda to your emails.”

She is moving up and down. Busy checking through the windows where cars are parked. She is speaking so fast and every word she is saying is confusing me then I was before. I came here for answers not to be confused even more.

“Belinda who are they?”

She peep through the window again and I can see fear as her face moves back to mine.

“Get to the church right now”


“Get to church Wendy. From now on I will be calling you so that I will fill you on 

whatever I know but right now I need you to get to church and makes sure you 

are seated next to your friend. In that way no one will suspect anything.”

“I am not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on. “ I say coming face 

to face with her.

“Your whole life is being watched. We don’t have time right now. So Wendy run.” She says pushing me out so hard that I nearly fall down.

I start running down the stairs. I enter through the door leading to the church 

there are so many people and I don’t know where Palesa is seated. Let me check the front seats she might be there with Pastor Bae. People are looking at me as I’m moving like a mad person and there in the front I find my friend. Her pastor bae shift for me to sit and he moves to other pastors to the other side. I assume Palesa told him to. As soon as I sit down I take down a deep breathe. I am looking down but I can hear the door at the back is opening.

“Your husband is here too Wendy...” Palesa says as I turn my head to the back.

There he is moving and finally he sits down. I can see his eyes searching 

through the whole room and finally his eyes meet mine. I wave a hand with a 

smile and he smile back. His face move from being tense to being relieved. I 

turn back to look at the pastor preaching while my mind questions if my husband 

is one of “they” Belinda was referring to. If so then what is going on in my life?


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