It’s a Wednesday and we are at the salon in my office with Palesa sorting out paperwork as the pay day is close by. As we busy talking and laughing Lilly one of my workers bust into my office

“I’m sorry to disturb boss lady but there are gentlemen looking for Ms. Palesa”

“Okay Lilly.” Palesa says and Lilly goes back to the salon.

“Come with me friend I can’t be meeting men alone I am someone’s fiancé’s now”

“You do know that just because you are someone fiancé’s does not mean you 

cannot have a normal chat with other men friend?”

“Just come with me Wendy”

We than go out and there is Palesa’s pastor bae with some other man. Okay I should have stayed in my office because now I’m busy watching my friend blushing here starring at her pastor bae.

“Good day ladies…” he greets

“Pastor Hi” I reply

“I’m sorry to disturb you at work. I just have a small surprise for my fiancé here. I would like to apologies to you Wendy for doing this during office hours it just that the package got delivered today and I couldn’t hold myself...” he says

“Love what are you talking about? What’s going on?” Palesa is asking.

The pastor moves to Palesa and hands her a box. It’s a small gift. Palesa’s big eyes are all out as soon as she had open the box. I am on the other side so I cannot tell what she is seeing there. I am thinking maybe he is giving her a key to his house maybe indirectly asking her to move in with him. As I lift my eyes they are both in each other’s arms kissing me and the other gentleman we are just standing there not knowing what to say so we just watch “Love is this?” Palesa ask his man

“Yes babe this is it” he replies smiling.

Okay now I want to go back in my office because I don’t see why I should be here. Pastor should have done this later after work like it is just a small gift which needed not my eyes. I was walking back to my office when Palesa shout.



“It’s a car key”

I turn back and yes she is holding it by her hands. The box has fallen down. We both run to each other and we meet and hug. She is crying. I am happy for her.

“Friend this is beautiful”

“Wendy my prayers got answered. You know how I have been hurt in the past but look at the man God gave me. I never thought…”she is crying.

“I know friend. I know everything. There is no need to explain. I know it all” I say 

brushing her back

“Where is she?” Palesa says directing the question to her babe.

“In the parking”

“Then let’s go and see her” that’s Palesa.

The four of us are now walking outside. I am holding my friends hand. While Pastor and his friend are walking in front of us talking. We finally reach the parking space. The pastor walk and stand in front of the white BMW. Me and Palesa both look at each other and scream so loud that we attract eyes. People are now watching. We all check the car out. Pastor hands the papers to Palesa who hands them to me because she is busy rounding the car. Okay it’s a BMW 420i Gran coupe. This is not just a car this a beast. A crazy machine. Who just buys their fiancé this car? This Pastor just earned my respect. Being an 

accountant must really be paying.

“Friend you need to take her for a spin” I say as I see she is ready for her since she is already inside.

“But it is still working hours. I can’t take advantage because I am working for my 

friend…” she is speaking so fast.

“And as your boss I am giving you an order to take that car for a spin…” I say laughing.

“Thank you so much friend”

“The person who deserves to hear that thanks is that…” I say pointing to the pastor.

“Ohh yes. Friend not in a bad way can I take you later for a spin for now I just need to thank this man of mine. Take that spin with him. Just the two of us…”

“Spare me the details girl. I know in fact take the rest of the day off and go do your thing...” I say laughing

“Not in that way Wendy...” she says as I’m busy laughing at her face.

I give a handshake to pastor bae and hug my friend. Pastor’s friend is already on Pastors car. I assume that why he was here too. The two love birds enter their new car too while I run back to work. What I just witnessed is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Some people are blessed out here. Seeing this two so happy just made me miss my husband so much. So as soon as I arrive to my office I pick up the phone and call him.




“I miss you”

He keeps quite for a second and speak.

“I miss you too darling”

“Can you come back home earlier today?”

“I can do that.”

“I will be cooking”

“I will bring the wine”

“See you later than”

“I love you Wendy!”

“I love you too Jackson!”

As soon as I hangs up I continue with my work. By 5 o’clock I go and check where my workers are with working if we still had any clients. I find them doing all those salon gossip and they keep quite when they recognize my presence. There is no client it is just them.

“By you sitting down talking I can assume the towels and all the equipment has been cleaned…”

“Yes Mem” one of them answers

“Good. You may all leave then…”

They all went to their lockers for their stuff's while I go to my office and tidy up. I 

pass through the salon and they are all gone. I then lock up and drive straight 

home. Ma Rose is already gone and so I put on a comfortable dress and go 

downstairs to the kitchen. I take everything I need. I am preparing mashed potatoes mashed pumpkin

mashed pumpkin grilled steak and a green salad. For dessert I will 

just serve a cake that is in the fridge. By 7:30 I am done with all the pots. I go take a bath. Afterwards I wear a short white dress and some sandals. It a simple look but I 

know I look beautiful in it. I then go and prepare a table and set up everything while I warm the food. As soon as I’m done I sit down and wait for Jackson. I keep my self-busy with a magazine. The clock hits 8:30 then 9:30 10:30 with no sign of Jackson. I pick up my phone and calls him.

‘The number you have dialed is not avail…’

I stand up from the table leaving the food as it is and I go upstairs to our bedroom 

and throw myself on top of the bed. Right now the tears are just flowing. They are coming down on my face like the summer rain. Watering down my neck like it’s a garden with seeds that are ready to grow to a plant. I sit on my knees while I hold my stomach while I continue crying because right now it seem to be therapeutic. It is like the pain I’m feeling in my heart is being released which each tear I am releasing and in feeling so I start crying very hard that I am now making a loud crying sound. I am no longer holding anything back. I cry until no tear comes out. I know I vowed ‘for better for worse’ so I’m assuming this is the worse I vowed to. This is the worse I didn’t think I will ever face in my life. This is the worse that is breaking me apart. I know I said I will stand with this man through the darkest through the pain through the worst. When I said those words I didn’t think that the person I vowed to will be the one who makes me go through the darkest the pain and the worst. A life of a married person wasn’t supposed to be like this. We are supposed to build not break each other apart. For the first time I sleep in tears. For the first time I sleep without knowing the whereabouts of my husband.


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