I am at the airport entrance and I keep looking back hoping I see his face his smile and his hand grabbing mine. I keep hoping he comes and says ‘Wendy 

darling please don’t do this’. I keep walking with my head looking forward and

then backwards. The tears are threatening but like I have always done I hold them back and continue moving. I reach this line it’s so long and seem to be moving so slow. I’m angry irritated and feeling all sort of feelings people go through when they are depressed. I look backward again hoping this time I see him but nothing. He is not here to stop me. While I am still checking him a hand touche me I jump.

“Mem I repeat can I have your documents please.”

The look in her face disgust me. I can tell she is not a nice person and thats make me to hate her already. She gives me that pretense smile I frown. I take out my I.D ticket my passport and hands them to her. Our hands touch

my eyes travel fast to hers. She smiles and I frown again. I’m now even tempted to even tell her ‘stop faking a smile to me it's disguising’ but I leave her alone. She takes my documents and stares at them as if she is seeing something so strange instead of scanning them. I read her name tag “Belinda Washington”. Fast my eyes travel to her face again. No no no….I move backwards shaking. This can’t be. I refuse!

“Mem what’s wrong?” She ask with the worried look in her face!

I look around everyone is now looking at me like I’m some lunatic. I stop. The 

embarrassment and the shame I am feeling right now cannot be compared to anything. What have I done in front of people? I take my bag my cellphone which has fallen down and I compose myself.

“I am sorry I don’t know…”

“Shiii… you don’t have to apologies darling” says a bold voice behind me.

The word darling gives him up. No one calls me that except Jackson my 

husband. I smile. He is here he came. My face lighten up while I turn back to 

him. I’m excited to see him that I have even forgotten that big fight we had. I have forgotten he was the reason I wanted to run from South Africa to Miami but here I am melting in his arms as his hand brushes my hair. He takes me to 

his chest. OH dear people this man here is my home. What was I thinking trying to leave him? What is my life without him?

“If you plan on leaving me Wendy at least be smart about it. Change your simcard drop your phone on the dustbin or anything that can’t be traceable” He whispers in my ear and then smile as millions of eyes are watching us.

“Mrs. Adams here are your documents you can proceed to the security gate…” says Belinda

“She is no longer going…” my husband says. 

“But sir…”

“I said she is no longer taking that flight!”

They continue arguing about me as if I’m not there. I move to her and take my 

documents in her hands and she gives me that worried look. Wait! This is the same look I’ve seen in the couples of dreams I’ve had the previous weeks. In these dreams I’m in this big house so beautiful on the outside but once you get inside leaving it is impossible. I keep running and running then I meet a woman with the worried look on her face and on her shirt she has a tag written ‘Belinda Washington’ that's how I’ve seen her name. All along I thought it was just a name until today. Just as we stare into each other’s eyes I see a door and I run to it and try to open it but it doesn’t open then this Belinda screams “Put a code first”. I then see this box of numbers and I try to put a code but every time I try the screen comes back with the word “error”. I sit down and cry realizing I’m stuck in this house and there is no way out and there she comes on my face screaming “think Wendy think hard” and that how the dreams usually ends!

“You need to escape…” she says grabbing my hand so hard.

“What did you say?” I asked with my eyes pop out.

In that moment we get interrupted by my husband.

“Darling we need to go…” Jackson says taking my hand while giving Belinda an 

evil eye.

“Okay let’s go babe…” I say pretending like I’m not seeing the Jackson and 

Belinda heavy moment.

My Name is Wendy Adams and this is my story on how I escape a place that was meant to kill me...


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Lindelwa 2019-08-07 21:49:15

Pretty good intro cant wait to read the whole book