“It is not opening…”

I am crying screaming because the stupid door is not opening.

“The code is your key Wendy. The code is your key Wendy. The code is your Key Wendy” Belinda keep repeating.

“What is the code then?”  I ask confused.

“Wendy Wendy wake up” says Jackson waking me up.

“Jackson” I say hugging him so tight.

“You were screaming. Saying it not opening. What was terrifying you so much

darling?” he ask while brushing my back.

“The stupid dream is back” I say and then keep quite.

“Do you want to talk about it? Or you will speak to Dr. James?”

“I am done with that Dr.” 

As I say that he pops his eyes out and looks at me as if I had said the dumpiest

thing ever. Belinda said if I want to be safe I must say I still need Dr. James sessions but right now I do not feel like pretending.

“I will set up an appointment and you will see him this afternoon. 6:00 pm be there” Jackson says while he is on the phone typing.

“Yes boss” Jackson behavior lately is annoying the hell out of me.

Slowly we both went back to sleep and by 5:00am I am up and I take a bath wake Jackson up too while I prepare something fast that we will have for breakfast. He joins me as soon as he is done. We eat in silent then by 7:30 he kiss my forehead and say his goodbye I then prepare my things and by 8:00 I am in my car ready to go to work. Today I am lazy to even go there but I had to since I didn’t go yesterday but as I am driving I decide to go and see that James first because later I am planning to have a night out with my friend Palesa it has been a long time since we had our time together not working just chilling as friends. I park outside his office and prepares to go in. I take the stairs to his office. As I approach the door there are voices inside so I eavesdrop.

“When is this going to end James? we have enough money now. We cannot continue working for that sinister woman” says a woman voice.

“I told you fall out of love with him because it will distract you. Right now your 

feelings are talking because you knew before we sign that contract that this was 

permanent” Dr. James reply

“I want out. I want my man back now”

“You know only death is your way out. You know a lot you are the threat to them if you leave. Victoria doesn’t play when it comes to her child”

“What if we take her daughter out

wont that end this whole stupid deal because I am tired of all this. You know what Wendy asked me yesterday ‘are you having an affair with my man?’ whose man exactly?”

She is talking about me. Is that the receptionist?  I move back slowly but I slip 

fall and roll down the stairs and black out.


I open my eyes. There are voices talking. I want to show them I am awake but they are busy shouting at each other.

“I did not push your wife Jackson. No one did.”

“You better pray my babies are okay. You hear me James”

“How many times am I supposed to tell you that we found her down lying unconscious?”

“You and Janet can do anything. I know that. Taking my wife out is a benefit to 

both of you”

“What you are saying is wrong Jackson”

“James she is pregnant and everything has changed”

“What do you mean?”

“She is carrying my blood. Everything has changed.”

What are this two talking about? Who is pregnant? What has changed?

“Ja…ck..son…” I say trying to speak.

“She is back. Call the Dr. now James”

“Okay man”

“Darling. Welcome back.”

“Hey. What happened?” Talking is so hard. My body hurts too.

“You fell from the stairs at Dr. James office.”

“Who is pregnant Jackson?”

“Darling we are pregnant. When you were unconscious the doctor did all the tests possible and found that you are two months pregnant with twins…” he has 

a big smile in his face

What? No it cannot be. I may have passed out but I heard what Janet and Dr James talked about. I heard Jackson and James too just now speaking and then there is Belinda. I might not know what is really happening but something deep is going on here and it’s seem like I am in the middle of it. I don’t think I need pregnancy right now. Not when I don’t even know my husband as I should. Not when I’m told my mother is alive not when my husband still takes trips to Pretoria without informing me and comes the following day. All I need right now are answers the truth. I need Belinda to tell me what she has been meaning to 

tell me. I need to know so that I can continue with my life. I do not need babies 

kicking in my tummy and a pretending husband smiling next to me.

“I do not want this babies”

Just after saying this the guy who looks like a Dr enters followed by Dr James. 

“Hey Mrs. Adams welcome back” He says taking his stethoscope checking me up.

“I heard I’m pregnant. I believe it still early to…”

“To do what Wendy?” Ask Jackson angrily.

In that moment I just cry.

“I will need you to step outside. You are upsetting my patient”

“I am not going anywhere. Your pills are making my wife talk crap so I am not 

going anywhere.

“I want Palesa. I want to speak to Palesa.” I say seeing that my husband won’t let this go while I do not want to see him at all.

“I will go and get Palesa darling. Dr please do not I mean it do not let her do something stupid” Jackson says and leave the room with James.

“Dr How long have I been here?”

“One day…”

“When am I going home?”


“Are my babies okay?”

“Yes they are. I will check you later take care”

As soon as I am alone in the room I brush my belly. I am wondering how did I miss that I haven’t had my periods for two months? How did I not notice any changes in my own body? Aren’t mothers supposed to know or feel this things? I stand up and I am checking myself out. It is now that I notice that I have gained some weight. As I am still checking my self Palesa enters. I run to her and hug her.

“I am pregnant friend” I said crying

“Congratulations. That’s a good thing right friend?”

“I don’t want them. My marriage is complicated. This pregnancy will complicate things even more…”

“Wendy look at me”. She says lifting my face with both her hands.

“Babies are a beautiful gift from God regardless of what happening with your 

life. I know you are scared but I am here for you every step of the way. No one said marriage will always be at the honeymoon phase. It’s an everyday job that’s what my mother said. You wake up and fight for your marriage every day. Your mouth and your knees are your weapon use them. I know I am not yet married but I know you friend. I know you will make a great mother whether Jackson sucks or what. You have breathing blessing inside you friend and 

that’s big”

“I am pregnant with twins...” I say laughing

“Wow a double blessing. This is good friend”. She says brushing my stomach

“Do you really think I will make a great mother?”

“I don’t think. I know it friend.”

“Okay I will keep them…”

“Good because we don’t want you regretting for the rest of your life.” Jackson 

say entering the door.

“Not now Jackson” Palesa says to him.

“Okay I am sorry” he says raising his hands.

“I would like to rest alone” I say irritated by Jackson.

“True you need your rest friend.” that’s Palesa

“Give us at least 15 minutes darling” says Jackson

“Now Jackson”. I say shouting.

I think he sees how serious I am because he takes his jacket from the chair and 

come and give me the kiss. If he knows how irritated I am right now because of him he wouldn’t have done that but I let him. Palesa comes and give me a hug and I smile. 

“Thank you friend for coming to see me please come and fetch me tomorrow”

“Okay friend.”

Jackson just gives us the eye and walked out. Palesa too. It has been a long day I need my beauty sleep so I close my eyes.


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