Today is the day. It is the 10th of June the day of the launch of Wendy’s glitz and glam salon. Everyone is running up and down making sure everything is the way 

I want it. I keep changing this and that but not intentional I think it is only because I am panicking and nervous. My husband has been calling me nonstop telling me to come back home to change so that we can both come back in time for the launch but I keep telling him I am not done here. Palesa is also panicking like me oh yes she agreed to come and work for me even though I had to do a lot of convicting for her yes! She will be like a manager and all that needs a boss when I am not present. I tell everyone to go and get into their glamorous dresses and suits as 6 o’clock is around the corner while I move around trying to make sure everything is perfect.

“You wanted me to come down here and get you? Was that your plan Wendy?”

He says entering the door.

Oh crap he is calling me by my name not by darling. This means he is angry.

“I was about to come home love”

“You have been saying that all morning. How many times have I been calling you? Come let’s go?”

“Okay babe let me…” I say trying to go and check the salon again...

“I said now Wendy!”

The yelling freaks me out so in a second I get my legs next to his. He is moving so fast and I’m there trying to keep up with him. Like he does not understand how nervous I am. Why would he be so angry on my important day? Aren’t I suppose to be nervous? This is not just a normal day. Why is he not understanding that? Tonight I am going to yell at him for this. Before he gets to the car he stops and come by my side I have entered inside the car busy 


“Come out…” he is commanding.

“Why?” I ask with the attitude.

He is pissing me off. What’s up with his behavior?

“Wendy come out…”

I move out and slam the door. He raises his eyebrows. I cross my arms in my chest and look straight into his eyes. Now I can’t read if he is angry or what. He has that worried look on his face. 

“Are you angry or something?” he ask with a calm voice.

“You’re the one who is angry with me on my big day just because I have been 

running around trying to make sure the salon…”

Right there he smash his lips into mine. There is some music I’m hearing in my ears. There we are turning the parking space into “The days of our lives scene”. 

I have even lifted my one leg the way I’m so enjoying this. In a few seconds we are starring into each other’s eyes with no words. It’s like he is reading me.

“What were you saying darling?” he ask smiling…

“We need to go and get ready…”

“Now you get my point? Good!”

I try to move he grabs my hand and look me straight in my eyes

“Darling listen. I am so happy for you. It is important you know that. This is your big day it a good day so please stop panicking and being so nervous. Just relax I know you will do well. I am here next to you every step of the way and I know today will be the success. You are my wife so excelling is sexually transmitted between us okay?” he says jockily.

I nod with my head and gives him the longest hug ever. We then get in the car 

and he drives us home. When we arrived there is a silver dress with heels and 

everything on top of our bed with his suit. He enters after me and I give him the look that says ‘explain’ instead he just laugh and look at me and then walk to the bathroom without saying anything. I take down my dress and join him. In a few minutes we are done and busy dressing each other up. The dress is perfect so is my husband so we walk out hand in hand as soon as we are done. Ma Rose is also here ready too. We all go outside and drive straight to the salon. We arrive and it looks like a lot of guest has arrive too. Palesa is already there making sure everyone is happy and comfortable.

“Friend you’re so hot…” she says turning me around while Jackson smiles.

“So are you my friend…”

“Ahh you Adams are showing us who is really in charge here. Look at you too Jackson.” 

“Thank you Palesa. That means a lot and for helping my wife I am very grateful. I don’t know how I can ever thank enough you for it. So thank you princess...”

“Anytime brother in law. Now let’s get this party started. We have been waiting for you boss lady!”

We all join together. There is a musician busy singing. Then there is a speech by me welcoming everyone then explaining what today is about and what is going to happen from now onwards. As I’m busy explaining I see a familiar face she is wearing a yellow dress there at the back. It like she is trying to make sure no one sees her as she is wearing sun glasses and a hat inside. I stop speaking and look again. That looks like Belinda Washington. What is she doing here? I continue speaking trying to make it fast so that I can go and ask her what is she doing here? Is she here for a launch too or what? Then what’s up with the hiding? By the time I’m done talking I look around but I don’t see her anymore. I move in between people trying to look for her and she is nowhere to be found.I am now checking every side for her but nothing. Palesa grabs my hand.

“What’s wrong Wendy?”

“I think I saw someone. Now I can’t seem to find her anymore.”

“Who is that so that we can both look for her?”

“Ahh never mind maybe it wasn’t her.”

“Okay! Anyway before I forget there was also another lady who was looking for you before you arrived”

“Did she says who she was and what she wanted specific?”

“She said her name is Amanda and she needed to speak to you

it’s important.”

Amanda? The book lady? I’m questioning my mind.

“What was she wearing Palesa? “ I ask fast.

“A yellow dress hat and sunglasses”

“But friend why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“She begged me not to give you this message when your husband is present 

and you have been walking around with him.”

That was her I was right. That was Belinda but Palesa just said she was Amanda. Why would she change her name? Did the real Amanda sent her or she is the Amanda? Why is she hiding from my husband? Does this means it her who has been emailing me under the name Amanda? I need to speak to her so that she will answer all this questions for me. As I’m busy being in the confuse land I feel his breathe against my neck. He places a kiss right there.

“Hey darling. Been looking for you is everything okay?”

“Everything is okay husband. I am sorry for disappearing on you.”

“Okay let’s go and eat now…”


We have all eaten and now we are just saying our goodbyes to all the guests. Being a boss is not just a title- today I have learnt that. The event is done but here I am still standing waiting for everyone else to leave. I call my workers and tell them that by Monday at 7:00am I want them here. They all agree and leave. I say my goodbye to Palesa too and lock up. I walk to the car where my husband is busy on the phone outside.

“Boss everything is okay. What you heard are just rumors…”

He stop and listen to the person he is talking with and speak again.

“Yes she tried to do that but you know I was not going to allow it boss lady. Now 

I’m asking to be trusted. All these years I have done my work so perfectly fine. I will not start messing up now”

I enter the car and leave him outside busy talking but now I am asking myselfthat my husband has a boss? He is owning his company or he has something else on the side? But he would have told me right? He enters and drive straight home with no word. He seem pissed. When he is like this I have mastered that the best way to keep things okay between us is to let him be and not ask anything until he is ready to talk. Ma Rose is not in the car so I assume my husband booked her a cab to her place. As soon as we arrive I get out and go to the house. I take a shower and wear my night dress. I go to our bedroom and my husband is still not there. I go back to the bathroom and run him a bubble bath. I then walk outside he is still in the car on his phone I knock and he lowers his window.

“I have prepared a bath for you love. Please come inside.”


He says that and close his window. Well I have done my duties as a wife beyond this I can’t do anything anymore. Whoever he is speaking with on the phone is pissing him off. I take my self to the bed and sleep. Jackson will join me when he decides to I am done waiting for him. Even though I am a bit sad that he is still not here like we are supposed to be here celebrating that today went well. He should be here telling me how great I was. I need to hear that but instead it only the blankets that are here for me. I tuck myself in and sleep.


Someone is shaking me up and calling my name I open my eyes. It’s Jackson. He is still wearing the same clothes he was wearing. My eyes travel fast to the clock on the side of my bed in the table. The time is 2:15am. What is wrong with this man?

“It midnight Jackson. Why are you waking me up?”

“What was Belinda doing at the launch?”

What? How did he know that? Okay I get it maybe he did not want her there but I don’t get why would someone wakes me up at midnight to just ask me that.

“You woke me up for that Jackson? Are you serious?”

“What was she doing there?”

“I don’t know”

“So she was there for real?”

“Jackson I am going back to sleep. Yes I saw someone like Belinda but she disappeared on me so I didn’t talk to her”

“You didn’t tell me she was there Wendy” he is shouting.

“Why? What is it to you? In fact explain how do you know her?”

“Go back to sleep.” He says and walk out on me  To say I am angry is an understatement. I am boiling inside. What is wrong with him? I hear the car starting outside and I just close my eyes and go back to sleep while the man I call my husband goes wherever his heart leads him to...


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