“Mrs. Adams...” he says extending his hand for a handshake

“Dr. James...”

“How are you? Please sit down” he points me to the couch in his office and he 

sits opposite me.

“I am better than the last time I saw you. Thank you” I say sitting down.

Dr. James is my therapist of two years now. My problems started when I was 8 

years old. My mother was killed in front of me which left me traumatized having 

nightmares of the reoccurring of the day of the murder of my mother over and over again. After that ma Rose who was living in the same street as mine took me in and became a parent to me even though she was not earning much working as a domestic worker. She had no children so things were not so complicated. I grew up so well getting all the things I needed. Ma Rose took care of me until I was doing grade 12 when I met Jackson some day in the mall. He started approaching me and finally I said yes and became his girlfriend. In three months’ time he proposed and being in love as we were we got married 

in the fourth month and I moved in with him in his flat. Later he bought a house 

and I asked ma Rose to move in with us but she refused saying it culturally incorrect. I don’t know what Jackson said to her because she resigned from her job and started working for us even though I was against it but she was happy with 

it so I let her be. In the same year Jackson started a company ‘Adams construction’ and in two years it was already running like it has been years’ operating. Tired of just being a housewife I started looking for a job even though Jackson was against it butluckily I found one as a personal assistance to some Dr who worked in a private hospital. It was all good until the day some thieves broke in for robbery and killed the doctor in my presence and that’s when the events of the murder of my mother came back strong I became more depressed that I ended up being dependent on antidepressant. It was then when Jackson decided I will not work 

anymore he will provide whatever I need. Things were hectic that he decided it was enough and found me Dr. James to be my therapist just so that I can have someone to talk to.

“Long time. How have you been doing since the last time we spoke?” Dr. James 

says looking straight in my eyes.

“It has been great. I haven’t had any episode so far.”

“Good! And the dream?"

I told him about the Belinda dream.

“No I haven’t had the dream since…” I stop because I wasn’t planning to tell him about me trying to run to Miami.

“Until when?”

“The last time I told you about it.”

“You are jumpy Mrs. Adams is there any additional information that you would like to tell me about.”

“I met the woman in the dream…”

“What? How?”

“I was in the airport and there she was. Belinda Washington”

His eyes pops out as if I said something horrible.

“Have you seen her again since then? Has she tried to contact you again? Tell me everything about her and leave no detail”

He is panicking. I can see right through his eyes. He is always calm and have everything under control but right now he is someone else.

“Why Dr.?”

He stands and rub his hands in his thighs. He then go and open his bar fridge takes a bottle of still water and drink it without stopping. I am watching every move he is making. He then goes to his window and look outside for a while and then comes back to me.

“I am just surprised Wendy. I am sorry Mrs. Adams. It not every day where my patients tell me about their dreams and then tells me they have met the people in their dreams”

“Ha-ha-ha (I laugh) come on Dr. I was just pulling your leg. I wanted to see how you will react”

Okay I am lying because he just acted in a strange way when I mention Belinda. I saw fear and panic in his eyes I saw him calming himself with a bottle of water so I am not telling him the truth about Belinda.

“Is that the truth Mrs. Adams? You know lying can sometimes lead you to be diagnosed with something you might not like when I as your Dr. find that you withheld some information to me.”

Is he threatening me or what? I don’t like the words he just said to me.

“Relax. Chill Dr. I am not lying. I haven’t met any Belinda in real life. Anyway I am now running a salon so please forgive me I have to go back and make sure everything is running smooth”

“Congratulations about the salon. Can we make another date for an appointment?”

“Yah about that

as your Dr. find that you withheld some information to me.”

Is he threatening me or what? I don’t like the words he just said to me.

“Relax. Chill Dr. I am not lying. I haven’t met any Belinda in real life. Anyway I am now running a salon so please forgive me I have to go back and make sure everything is running smooth”

“Congratulations about the salon. Can we make another date for an appointment?”

“Yah about that I don’t think I still need your help. You have done your part it time I stand on my two feet.”

He laugh in the funny way. If I knew better I would say that was the sarcasm laugh.

“I am the Dr. here Mrs. Adams. I do the discharging. I can see you are better but we still need some 2/3 session then we can take it from there.”

I look at this guy in his eyes stand up and take my bag and leave without saying any word. How dare he says that? My husband is paying him he is not the boss here now how come he speak to me like he owns me? First of all I don’t like the way he just reacted when I spoke about Belinda and now this? Speaking about Belinda I need to reply to her Amanda emails and meet with her. My husband behavior and Dr. James reactions toward the mention of her name has left me with the lot of questions so I believe she is the one who can give me 

some answers towards this whole confusing story. I drive straight to the salon and everything seem to be going so well. We were sitting down with Palesa when three ladies enter through the salon. They look 20-23 years.

“Can we speak to you Mrs. Adams please?” one of them says

“Speak...” Palesa says looking at the girl who was talking.

“In private if you don’t mind” Another says with begging eyes.

“Okay come this side.” I say moving to my office inside the salon. “Now speak what do you want?” 

“Ehh we would like ask you for a favor and we will return the favor back”

“We are full. I am not longer hiring.” I speak authoritatively.

“We are not here for that. We are here for another thing. Please Mem”

“Speak then I don’t have the whole day”

“Can you please make sure we get the internships in your husband’s company?

In return we can be your eyes and ears against him and that lady with the wide 

hips who works there as a receptionist.”

For a few minutes I am looking at them like they had said the dumpiest thing ever.

“What are you saying exactly about my husband and his receptionist?”

‘We have seen them together and Mem we know men don’t admit to something unless you have constructive evidence and that’s where we come in.” Another

says. I am speechless. Even a fool can see that this girls here are telling me indirectly 

that my husband is cheating on me with his receptionist. I look at them one by one and speak.

“Why aren’t you applying like everyone else does? Why come to me with this information? Are you looking for a shortcut in getting the internships?”

“We applied. All we want is the assurity that we will get the jobs”

“Okay now I see. Listen here I do not negotiate with carnivores. Animals who 

feed on other animals. You want to get something by selling others. Yes I’m married to my husband and I may not know all his whereabouts or his cheating 

you’re suggesting. On the day I would like to get that information I will hire a 

professional private investigator not just three little puppies. Are we clear?”

“Do not call us puppies carnivores or whatever. We wanted to help you but you 

are being the ungrateful….”

By the time she says that my hands are already on her shirt holding her by it. I lift my hand up ready to slap her when Palesa come in and hold me back.

“Did I ask for your help? I will call you with whatever you are.”

They are now moving back about to exit the office when one of them spoke

“I understand why you are angry. Everyone can be after finding out your husband is cheating. Have a good day Mem and don’t raise your hand to people. You can be behind bars for pulling that trap to people who don’t play around”.

They all high five and walked out of my salon giggling and pointing things on my 

salon. Today is not my day. First it was James Now this. I need to go back home and rest.

“What was that about Wendy? Is Jackson cheating on you?”

I grab my bag and my cellphone.

“Please take care of everything and make sure you lock up before leaving at 5. I will see you tomorrow.”

I then walked to my car and drive straight home. On my arrival I throw my heels bag down and run upstairs crying. I didn’t even greet ma Rose I just go straight to my bedroom and change into a sweater. I sit in my bed and take my PC and send Amanda an email.

Dear Amanda

We can meet and talk. Tonight at Jonathan’s pizza’s place. Don’t be late 




She replies so fast as if she has been waiting my email.

Dear Wendy

Jonathans in a NO! There is a bible study in Palesa’s church tonight. Be there 

and we will talk.


This person knows my friend too? Not only that she knows the church services that I have no idea about or maybe they go to church together? Now I am more confused than before. The suspension of what is going on here is killing me so I reply:

‘Tonight is it then.’


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