It is the next morning. My husband really didn’t come back home last night. I check my cellphone maybe there is some explanation there but there is nothing. 

No missed call no message. Jackson always come home. What if he had an 

accident or something terrible happened? I call his cell number again and it still on voicemail. I go to the shower fast to get ready for work. As soon as I’m done I decide against going to work. Like how would I work without knowing what happened to my husband? So I drive fast to Jackson work. I am now at the reception and there is Janet the receptionist.

“Where is my husband?”

“Good morning to you too Mrs. Adams”

“I don’t have time for us to pretend in each other’s face. I am here for my husband”

“He left yesterday to Pretoria. He didn’t tell you? Guess what? He told me madam” she says giving me an evil smile.

“What is he doing in Pretoria?”

“With all respect Mem my job description doesn’t include me explaining things to you. Jackson is my boss not you.”

This woman hates my guts. I can really see she is enjoying this. So I left her alone. I walk to my car and sit inside. I don’t know what to think or do. Should I assume the worst or just trust everything is okay my husband will come back with an explanation. I sit in my car for hours because I don’t know where to drive to from here. I can’t go to work I’m not in a good space to work I can’t go home it will remind me that Jackson didn’t sleep home last night and I don’t know where the hell he is? Doing what exactly? As I’m sitting there my cellphone rings. It’s a private number. I am hoping its Jackson.


“Belinda here” 

“Okay” I say disappointed.

“There was a meeting about making me disappear yesterday in Pretoria. So I don’t know how many days I have left. We will have to meet and talk more as soon as possible.”

“Belinda every time you speak to me you speak in riddles. So I am not interested. I have real things to be worried about then your stupid mind games”

“Where are you?”

“At Jackson’s work place?”


“No in the parking. In my car.”

“Don’t move I am coming there.”

She then drops the phone. This woman is something else. In less than an hour she opens my door and enters behind my seat quickly.

“I was careful so hopeful no one saw me”

“Is anyone following you?” I ask.

“Not now but you are”

“By who?”

“Your mother”

“My mother died Belinda. What’s the hell is wrong with you?”

“Your nanny died. Your mother is still much alive…”

As she is speaking someone knocks on my window. Belinda sleeps down on the chairs. Luckily my windows are dimmed. I lower down my window. It is that receptionist.

“Your phone is off. Jackson is waiting for you in your house. He says he has been looking for you and I told him you also came looking for him. So he called again asking me to check if you left the building because you are nowhere to be found. So here I am…”

“Are you having an affair with my husband?” I ask her unexpectedly. 

“What does that mean?”

“Yes or No?”


“Okay leave.”

I close my window and starts the engine. Belinda is still sleeping. 

“She is gone. Sits up”

“That was a bad move Wendy. From now on whatever you see try to act like you are not seeing it because if you start acting like that they will think you are close to the truth and that’s bad for you. When you get home be angry with your husband but don’t ask too many questions. Try to act like you believe whatever crap story he will come up with then you will be safe and last do not trust that James. From now on make up stories to tell him don’t say you are okay. Tell him you still need his sessions since your mother’s death still haunts you.”

“I am not understanding Belinda”

“Drive near to that corner”

I drive. As soon as we reach the parking corner she jumps out of the car and I am left to close her door. I check her around

don’t say you are okay. Tell him you still need his sessions since your mother’s death still haunts you.”

“I am not understanding Belinda”

“Drive near to that corner”

I drive. As soon as we reach the parking corner she jumps out of the car and I am left to close her door. I check her around there she is in a man’s clothing. She is walking like a man wearing the blue overalls. I didn’t notice all of this when she was in my car because she entered at the back. I drive out and go straight home. The time is half past one. As soon as I enter through the door I notice Jackson in the garden outside. I go and join him .He has decorated the place like a picnic and placed two cushions a blanket and there is food in the middle. As soon as he sees me standing there he takes the bottle of wine pour it in the glasses and come and gives me a glass. He tries to kiss me on the 

cheek and I move.


I am very angry. This man insulted me by not coming home and now he is busy 

standing here like a perfect husband while I slept with tears last night. I am not that naïve.

“I know you are mad…”

“I am angry”

“Okay I know that...”

“Do you Jackson? Because if you did you were gonna tell me yesterday don’t cook your stupid food Wendy because I am not coming back home tonight instead you let me sit here alone like a fool while you were enjoying wherever you were” I am shouting.

“I am so sorry darling”

“You think I need a sorry?”

“I was in Pretoria. An urgent business meeting was called.”

“And I don’t have a cellphone? Or I’m just a crazy wife who do not understand when she is being told about business meetings?”

“Work with me I am apologizing here”

“OH wow! I am going to sleep Jackson”

“I made lunch...”

“Eat it”

I say as I move back to the house. In a few minutes he is at my face.

“Be mad scream and be angry I don’t care but do not walk out on me like that woman”

“Now you tell me what to do Jackson?”

“It like you do not believe I was in a meeting”

Then Belinda’s words hits me. ‘Act like you believe whatever crap story he comes up with’

“I believe you Jackson. I am just angry I slept alone. That you didn’t update me 

about your travelling”

“I know. I am sorry please come here”

I go to him and we kiss. He wants more so I let him. It must be because it has been weeks without sex. My body needs it. So here we are. We walk to our bedroom. Even though his touch are out of this world from massaging my breasts to going down on me but my heart is still holding on this man insulted me and our marriage. For the first time I am pretending in my husband presence. For the first time I do not enjoy what he is doing to me. All this time I am thinking who is this man I am married to? How Belinda and James are involved and mostly what did Belinda mean when she said my mother is still alive it was my nanny who died?


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