Author : Cindy Ntuli

Genre :  N/A

Description :  Being lied to, used, cheated on, falsely accused...everything they do raises red flags...but you stay... because you have lived and believed the lie that you both love each other, that, you're just going through a rough patch, I mean all relationships goes through such at some point. But why are you the only one taking the bullshit? Are you really in love with a human or you're just dating a red flag?

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Chapter Introduction Chapter: Preface

Introduction Chapter: Preface

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Chapter One: Masquerade

One: Masquerade

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Chapter Two: Make me forget

Two: Make me forget

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Chapter Three: Hallucinations

Three: Hallucinations

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Chapter Four: Poisonous Love

Four: Poisonous Love

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Chapter Five: Thriller Addict

Five: Thriller Addict

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Chapter Six: Psychopath

Six: Psychopath

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Chapter Seven: My Drug

Seven: My Drug

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Chapter Eight: Stage 4 Cancer

Eight: Stage 4 Cancer

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Chapter Nine: Stalker

Nine: Stalker

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