Introduction: Two

He drives home after so many years of being away. He is so excited that he will see his parents in fact his entire family. As soon as he enters the gates he gets welcomed by the servants and they lead him to a room where his parents are resting…

“Banareng…Great king of the Tshwane tribe. You who hunt kill and consume 

scorpions so that its poison might remain with you. Your enemies do not dare come near you because they fear your stings. When they see you they run away filled with fear. You who is great andpowerful….” He hail and greet his father with his knees bowed down.

“Tshepo. Stand up son. Welcome home!”

He is seeing a smile on his father’s face something he cannot say about his mother who is giving him the face without any smile.

“What are you doing here Tshepo?” she ask.

“Mother is that how you welcome home your one and only son?”

“If I value your life yes son

this is how I welcome you”


“No. Don’t wife me Banareng. Tshepo should not be here at all. Not now. Not 

when Senzeni is still alive and out for his blood so that he should rule in his place…”

“So I should just stay in KZN work as a station commander and pretend like I’m 

not so important…?” he ask with tears almost in his eyes. 

Being away from home has been nothing but a thorn yo him.

“Would it matter that you are important when you are dead Tshepo?” her mother again.

“Calm down wife. Tshepo would leave first thing in the morning…”

“First thing in the morning father?” He says looking so defeated. 

“Yes son. You should not be here until the time is right. You should go back to KZN protect your cover. Do not reveal who you are not to anyone. It not only about fearing what Senzeni might do to you. It about your safety you are the coming king; meaning you have enemies you are aware of and those you have no idea about. You need to go back when the time is right we would send for you and than you will come and stay at home for good.”

“Thank you so much for the warm welcome family…”

He says upset leaving his parents as he takes the stairs to the room that he used to sleep in a long time ago.

My name is Tshepo the Son of Banareng and this is my story....


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