Introduction: One

Everyone’s face is tense. A will has just been red a few minutes ago. Their faces can tell a person without asking that they are still grieving. Pain is all they offer with their eyes. There the throne seats remain unoccupied with the crowns on top of them. A woman raises her voice and speak.

“Quinton the throne is now yours son. You heard your father’s wishes. From today on wards you are now the head of this family and of this tribe. I hope you know what this means…”

“No mother…”

“No….?” a fire escape her lips.

“Everyone in this family including dad knew I prefer running my own company than sitting on that throne with people coming to report their problems to me…My father… ” He stop talking as her mother raises her hand signaling that she wants to speak.

“Your father is dead Quinton. He is dead. He now holds soil with his chest. He is D E A D!!! What we have left of him is this will. His words his wishes so son please

do not add to the pain I’m already going through by refusing to take this throne” 

The whole room was still quite when another voice was heard. 

“I am also his son. If my brother doesn’t want the throne I will take it surely no one should be forced to do something they don’t want to.” A male voice speak.

“Who told you to speak Innocent?” 


“Innocent can take my place.” Quinton says.

“That not how things are done Quinton.” His mothers fires.

“He can hold the throne for me until I am ready. It’s not permanent. I’m just asking to be ready first because I could be lying if I say I’m up for it now. So it’s either that mother or nothing”

“You giving your father an ultimatum Quinton?”

“My father is dead mother you said it. We are one blood with Innocent so as a king I put him in my place temporarily.”

Innocent stands up and start walking to the throne seats takes a crown put it in his head and occupy the king seat. Her mother shakes her head while Innocent praises himself…

“Reign king Innocent reign. The kingdom is yours the crown is yours. Let the 

game begin.”

My name is Quinton Mthethwa and this is my story...


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