Introduction: Four

It’s a normal hot day. Today she decided to go the local police station to certify some of her documents. As soon as she lands there she is met by the town police station commander by the gate who is in his car.

“Hey please come here...” the man says. 

She continue walking. She regards such behavior as rude if that gentleman wants to speak to her he would get out of the car and come to her not the other way around. Its predators that runs after their prey not the other way around. So she continue walking shaking her self up. This station. Commander has been harrasing her for sometime now. The first time she talked with him this guy left her his number because apparently he wasn’t carrying his 

phone. She took his number knowing very well she wasn’t gonna call him. She enters the police reception where they certify documents and as soon as she is done she turns back to walk away only to turn to this gentleman face...she nearly faints. She wasn't expecting to turn to him. She look at him so disgusted while he laughs at her.

“I gave you my number but you didn’t call…” he says to her.

“I did…” she says trying to get away from him. 

“No you didn’t…”

“I did.” She says opening the door and walks out. The gentleman follows her.

“Know what please just give me your number and I will call you”

She says no and the gentleman makes it clear he is not leaving her without them. Seeing she is not winning she gives them to him.

“What’s your name?”

“Precious…” She says walking away.

This guy might irritate her but she is charmed by his handsomeness. He is dark and kind of cute. Small eyes small ears small mouth. A lot actually look small in his face

well except being blessed with a nose. Not too big but better than the sizes in his face. In that small conversation she has had with him she has picked up a few things about this guy. He is one of those who says what they want to say put things the way they are. She gets to her car and drives home while smiling to herself. 


It has become a routine. They meet share hugs and kisses. Talk and laugh and always separate when it is dark. If by any chance the sun doesn’t set at all maybe all the time could be theirs. Maybe they could spent it there in the dessert just kissing because his kisses has become her addiction. 

“P…”. he says after pecking her lips.

“T…”. She replies.

“What are we really? Coz you don't wanna openly say were dating yet you have no problem with me kissing you"

“What are you me asking exactly…?” she ask looking to the other side trying to avoid what she is being asked.

“You know what I am asking. When your friends can ask you what are we what can you say to them?”

“Nothing I can just laugh…”

Precious has avoided putting a name or labelling whatever they have with Tshepo due to some reasons she hasn't shared with Tshepo. She enjoys spending time with him because of how he made her feel. Free to be her and those butterflies she feels in her stomach whenever they kiss.

“It’s who I am T. From the young age I have been trained to be a queen. One day I will have to rule Shellyland and that comes with a condition…”

“So we are just strangers who happen to kiss as you would like to put it because of who you really are?”

“Yes! I wish I could give you more man you are so damn perfect. The way you talk with me the way you understand me the way you make me feel. I can call my self-blessed if I can have this for the rest of my life but…”

“But what P…?”

“You know what and there is nothing I can do”

“I don’t understand P…”

“What there not to understand T?”

“Do you love me…?”

She looks down keep quiet and avoid eye contact with him as much as she can. This is how she tells him ‘I love you but something is holding me back from actually saying it out loud…’

My name is Precious Ndlovu and this is my story...


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