Chapter Two

A beautiful morning it is in the Blueprint village decorated by a bright shining sun with no clouds in the blue sky. There the three of them Quinton Amanda as well as Precious had arrived in the palace with a red Audi S4 and as soon as their feet touch the ground they are welcomed by one the servants.

“Your Grace your highness siyakwamukela ekhaya. My greetings to you and the two ladies you’re with”

“Good morning Asanda. You’re way too formal for me I had always told you to relax and greets me like everyone else. Anyway where is my brother the king as well as the whole family?"

“The king Queen mother and your sisters and inside the dinning hall waiting for your arrival...”

“Ngiyabonga ukusamukela Asanda usungakhululeka. Isekhaya la we will take ourselves to where they are…”

They move to this big beautiful mansion with Quinton leading the way. He moves until he enters a room where they find everyone else seated down on a fully set table. Quinton moves to this beautiful

woman who is in her early 60’s.

“Mother your firstborn is home. Greetings to you wife of my late father and the queen of Blueprint village...”

Her mother stands up and gives him a long hug.

“You hate home Quinton. When was the last time you were here?”

“Just yesterday mother…” he says laughing

“Welcome home son. I appreciate your presence here.”

“Thanks mother”

Quinton then moves to his brother and extends a hand to him…

“Nyambose Kumkani my one and only little brother wena omuhle...”

“Big brother…”

He stands up and gives a handshake and a hug to his brother...

“You should be bowing down brother but because I’m the one who invited you here today let me let that slide…”

“The way you like being shown you’re in power little brother it will kill you one day…”

“Here we go again. Why do you hate power so much Quinton?”

“I don’t hate it brother...”

“You do...”

“Boys. Behave. Leave the kingdom politics outside this room. We are here to eat breakfast…”

“Thank you mother for saving me from your son…” Quinton says laughing.

“Hellow to you too Quinton. Are we not visible …?” A lady speak…

“Ohh princess Zakithi they say ‘save the best for last’ and I was only trying to do that. How are you drama princess?”

“I’m like as you see me Quinton…”

“An answer that can only be said by you. Zethu how about you?”

“I’m good big brother. Thank you for coming home”

“You know that I always come to just watch you being the humble you. I’m glad you’re okay moms last born.”

Amanda and Precious offer their greetings too. Quinton introduces Precious and at last they all sit down and start eating. It was still fork knife and plate when the king started a conversation…

“So Quinton could it be that you have finally found the ‘second one’?” He ask laughing.

“Don’t start Kumkani…” he says laughing too.

“Know what let me just speak to the lady herself. Precious what are you to my brother…?”

“Possible his employee king…”


“Haven’t been employed yet. It is still a possibility. I don’t know…”

“So if it’s just a possibility than why are you in my compound?”

“Innocent. That’s rude...”

“Keep quiet Quinton…”

“Precious is my guest. I’m the one who knows the reason why she is here. I invited her. So please be nice...”

“No I am the king. This is my compound. You’re the guest too. I’m the one who should know the reason why people are in my palace if you already planning polygamy…”

“Precious and Amanda Please excuse us. Wait for me in the car. I will be there soon.”

They both stands up and takes their bags and move to the car…

“So Innocent I am now a guest here?”


“This is our father’s house Innocent. When will you stop referring to it as being yours?”

“Who told you to speak Zakithi? Shut up…”

“Here we go again. Innocent this are your siblings. Being king should not get to your head even when you are with your family. Right now you are my son their brother. How long must I teach you to know the 

difference between the two?”


Quinton then stands up and in attempt to leave her mother stops him and tells him to sit down...

“We get invited to be bullied and insulted here mother. I will not tolerate that if Innocent miss playing with toys he should just say so and I will gladly buy him. He even forgets I’m the older one…

“You forget who has really power Quinton. Age is just a number but power…”

“Why did you call me here today Innocent? Why am I here? Because I could afford my own breakfast in my own place?"

His mother hits the table with her hands while everyone else jumps…

“I said sit down Quinton and you Innocent stop what you’re doing.”

“Okay mother but I still want to know why am I here?”

“I wanted all of us to talk brother. I want you all as my family to say the things you have always wanted to say to me. I want you all to tell what you think of me. Tell me where I spoke so careless that I hurt your feelings but because I am your family you just let it slide. Be honest

what do you think I need to hear? Speak to me”

“Should I start with you being rude just a few seconds ago or I start where you have let being king turned you into this horrible person I don’t recognize? Tell me where I should start?”

“You are speaking out of anger but I appreciate your honesty Quinton. Now Zakithi it’s your turn…”

“I miss the old you. The crazy nice you before you...” she stop.

“Before what Zakithi?”

“Before you became this bad king who only thinks being king is about being respected honored and can’t give the same courtesy to other people”

“So you think I am a bad king?”

“You asked. So yeah!”

“And you Zethu…”

“I love you. You are my brother you’re bound to hurt me with words or actions sometimes as I can too. We are only humans. I forgive you every day and keep no record of any of the things you do or say. So please don’t ask me to say anything. This is the only thing I can say…”


“You’re my son. I was married to the king once but today my son is a king. You all saw how my life was with your father. You saw how he used his position to do bad things you all saw how I cried day and 

night as he used his power to treat me and the people he ruled over anyhow and I stayed for you all and for the throne. He was a bad king I ended up accepting that. I don’t want to accept it again especially 

to my son. I raised you all to be good children. I fought for you all. I gave my all. You know that chair belonged to your brother Quinton but he didn’t want it. You do know the battles we go through every 

day. I’m saying all of this so that you remember where we come from and as your mother I want to tell you with love that you’re going this way all so wrong. You love power more than you love the people you are ruling your attitude sometimes stinks but I love this about you you work hard you help and gives when you have to. Keep it up. I’m not gonna say on this day you did or said this and that No but please do better starting from today. You heard your brother and your sisters Imagine if your own blood feel like this about you what about those who are outside? Change your bad ways and do good son it is not too late”

“I heard you all. My own family feels like this about me. I can’t believe it. Enjoy your day. I’m done here."

He then stands up and start walking…

"Innocent all of this is being said to build you not because we hate you. A person is built by both the compliments and criticism it takes both the sun and the rain for a plant to grow son.”

“All I heard was criticism so mother stay with your good children. Your bad king is leaving." He says this and goes out of the room leaving everyone dumbstruck.

“What’s really wrong with him?” Quinton ask while shaking his head while everyone else sigh. 

"That's why your father left the throne for you Quinton and not him but you have to be stubborn look at the king you gave people. Look at the leadership you provided for us..."

"But ma.."

"Don't but me this is your fault. You better find a way to fix it..." The old woman says standing up from her seat leaving the room.

Meanwhile in the car…

“That was tense…”

“Well do expect things like this Precious when you’re in a royal house.”

“Okay. Why was I invited here Amanda?”

“I don’t know. Quinton only told me to invite you.”

“I don’t mean to pry but why are you really resigning?”

“Lol. We saw it fit that I resign since you know…”


“You don’t know?”


“I am engaged to Quinton. Getting married in three months’ time…”


“You and Quinton?”

“Yes. Started dating last year…”


“No congratulations? I’m happy for you? Or you wants him? Should I be worried Precious..?". Amanda Asks.

“No. I am happy for you and I don’t like Quinton in that way. I just thought him and his brother were supposed to marry from royalty or are you?”

“Are you saying because I am not of royal blood I can’t play with them? Wow! Anyway where are you from? Where do you stay?"

Amanda’s plan of changing the topic…

“I stay with my Indian friend in town but originally; I’m from Shellyland a tribe ruled by the Ndlovu’s…”

“And you are a Ndlovu too?”


“I see.”

“Do you think I will get this job because I real need it?”

“You are the only one who made it to the second interview so I think so but only Quinton can tell you. He is unpredictable this days…”

As they are still talking Quinton enters the car and starts driving with no one saying any word until they arrive to his office. Upon arrival Quinton speaks…

“Congratulations Precious the job is yours…”

“Ohh! Just like that? Wow thank you so much Mr. Mthethwa I promise you won’t regret your decision. Can I ask what was today about? Me going to the palace with you?”

“Just wanted to see how you will carry yourself upon arriving at a royal house. Some people can’t handle themselves properly there. I wanted you also to see my family and know drama is what you will be exposed to when you work for me you will witness things that the community don’t know or see. Your job does not only ends in the office. I am from the royal house my business does not only ends here and going there will be regularly”

“I hear you sir”

“Amanda my love for two days please just show Precious the ropes of what is expected of her. Other than that let me work see you later ladies…”

“Later my love.”


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