Chapter Three


Since it is the weekend I decided to come home in the village of Shellyland just to check on my family. A good weekend it has been that I decided to go and spoil myself in one of the small coffee shop down the road. I was still in line to order the blueberry muffin as well as the strawberry ice tea when I heard a familiar voice…


There goes the greeting that is said by a male voice that has always made my blood warm while my heart races like Caster Semenya ready to win another gold medal. Even with my back against him I know his voice. I give my body a chance to calm down and compose it self. Debating with my mind whether or not to turn and face him. I find myself turning around to the eyes that faces mine …


He smiles I blush. I don’t know but it’s seems like the excitement of hearing each other’s voice just kicked in. 

“It is you…”

“It is me Tshepo.”

Two years back we used to talk about anything and everything. From Hellow to how was your day and the responses did not just include ‘my day was good and yours?’ No We told each other every single detail from how was your morning did anyone disturb you while you were driving what did you have for lunch?. What was the highlight of your day? It was all so good until I remembered who I was and that we will never be even if I wanted to. So I decided not to waste his energy and time even though it was the hardest decision I had ever done…

“You still look so beautiful P.”

“And you don’t look bad yourself T.”

It’s the way he looks at me that makes me want to scream right now. Those small brown eyes his perfectly fitted nose and his mouth that always reveal a single dimple he has whenever he smiles…

“Can we talk?”

“Yes we can talk…”

“In my car? We can order when we are done talking. Hoping you’re not that hungry or we can just order and eat in my car”

“It’s okay. I’m not that hungry anyway.”

Lies I am hungry. Came here to eat. What’s wrong with me? There are many things wrong with me today for here I am being led by him into his car and I’m smiling like I’m some love-struck teenager forgetting 

that my life in Shellyland is not a normal one. I have people who are always looking for a juicy story about me. Something that can make their local paper sell. We enter his car and by looking at it I have concluded he has done good for himself…

“It has been two years P. What happened? You changed your number and blocked me in all your social media pages…”

“I don’t know T…”

“You don’t know?”

“You told me you love me knowing very well we will never be…”

“I did not tell you I love you for you to love me back or whatever. I was telling you how I feel or was that a crime…?”

“You changed everything T.”

“No you changed everything P.”

“T you weren’t supposed to tell me you love me. Not at all”

“Because you love me too?”

“Stop. That’s the kind of sentence that killed us T.”

“We are not dead. The chemistry between us is still much alive. I can feel it you can feel it. I saw it in your eyes. I know you”

“What is your problem?”

“I love you P.”

“I am a Ndlovu. You know the duty that is waiting for me…”

“Is that why you went to Blueprint village and pretended you are not so important. A personal assistant position P? Really? What’s your plan there?”

“You do know I cannot discuss that with you and how do you know about all of that?”

He just look at me and shook his head. Oh shit he is a police station commander. He must have been digging info about me.

“We used to talk about everything. Did you stop talking to me because of that new plan of going to Blueprint village P. For once I am begging

please be honest with me.?”

“Yes T. Yes I stopped talking to you because I had to go there and do what I had to do!” I reply looking down.

“Wow P.”

“I’m sorry. How do you know about me going to Blueprint?”

“You were all I could think about morning when I wake up at night before I sleep. I know a lot about you”

“No T you have to stop. Find someone else to share your future with because that’s not me”

“No. Do not tell me what to do with my feelings. Do not Precious.”

“I have to go home now”

“Will I see you again?”

“You will”

I say closing the door in his car while walking to mine. My eyes are filled with tears because I want that man but I can’t have him. If things were different we would be perfect together. I know I just broke his world apart again and that’s pains me a lot. I start driving to the road that’s lead me home. Upon arrival home I find my mom pacing up and down…


“Precious kudala ngikulindile mntanami…( I have been waiting for you my child...)”

“Kwenzenjani mama…(What's wrong mama?)”

“Ubelapha futhi. (He was here again)”

“Ubani? (Who?)”

“Your cousin…”

“Lunga the king?”

“He was angry. I think he found out about you going to Blueprint Village”

“And how that is that his business? He knows what is expected of me…”

“You have to act fast you don’t have much time. There was a meeting with the council and they are giving you a period of two months or else you know what will happen…”

“That’s not enough time mama. Quinton is getting married in three months’ time. I hadn’t done anything. They need to give me more than that…”

“I think it time we consider other places and leave Blueprint alone. That one has failed my daughter.”

“I had a reason for choosing it Ma. Let me go and see the king…”

“The acting king Precious.”

“Yeah mama. The acting king”


“Ohh love that was a good movie. We need to watch it again” says Amanda.

“The Cocktail. It was real a good one. Meera is so like you babe…”

“Don’t lie I’m just like Veronica. Crazy and so full of life…” she says laughing…

“Ahh that’s true and having a good heart too.”

“Enough about the movie Quinton we have to discuss the wedding.”

“We have the date and our wedding planner is taking care of that what’s there to discuss Amanda?”

“Cake tasting your suit?”

“Babe that’s three months away. Will sort my suit out.”

“The cake?”

“When do you want us to go for tasting?”

“What about next week Friday?”

“I’m okay with that. Let’s do next week Friday than."

“Thank you Nyambose Dingiswayo Masondo wami omuhle.”

“Kubonga mina maJobe wami” I say pecking her lips.


I had arrived in the Ndlovu royal house. As always I had received the warm special welcome from both the servants and the acting king himself. We are in the throne room with two of the council elders…

“Lunga my cousin with my elders I heard about the meeting you all had. I am here to ask for more time…”

“You are 25 years old now Precious what more time do you need? You know your father’s will…” One of the elders speak.

“You were prepared for this from the age of 6 years and you still need more time?." Another elder adds.

“I have a plan my elders...”

“How much time do you need?” Lunga the king ask.

“Five months…”

“Your plan is blueprint village?”

“Blueprint is perfect”

“Ruled by King Innocent? Say you are jocking” Lungs ask laughing.

“I said I have a plan Lunga.”

“So tell me are they not aware of who you really are?” Lungs again.

“They have no idea”

“You have three months and if by it there are still no results you know what will happen…” One of the elders.

“That’s not enough time…” I say with begging eyes.

“Three months Precious and we are done here.”

Defeated I stand up from my chair and starts walking thinking how the hell am I supposed to pull this in such a short space of time?


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