Chapter Six


Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. When someone you love does something that make you not trust them you question why are you even with them at all. Can you really date someone you no longer trust? I have been sitting here wishing what my fiance just confirmed isn't true but it is and i am failing to accept it.

“Nooo! Amanda…”

“It was before we dated love…”

“I don’t have a problem with that even though I wished you could have told me but what’s killing me the most is you spying on me…”

“I had no choice babe…”

“So yesterday when you asked where I kept my father’s will that have the kingship papers Amanda please tell me you were not asking to give them to my brother…”

“I am sorry Quinton...”

Silence. Silence.

“You know Amanda you have been my home a place I called my home. I packed my love hope sacrifice and my trust. I was ready to come home. Ready to make you my wife. The feeling was indescribable. I 

couldn’t wait for the kisses for those breathtaking hugs that say: welcome home to me you have a home. I couldn’t wait for that warmth atmosphere that can only be felt at a place you called "Home". I took a step I propose ready to build a home with you. The joy the smiles it was overwhelming. No one could have stopped me. No one could have changed my mind. The only thing that ruled my mind was the 

fact that: I was coming home. Coming to see those smiles those you belong here sight those you should have been here earlier then this...ONLY THEN...When I arrived there was no home There was 

nothing. Only a building that screamed betrayal & I can’t stay. I can’t call you my home anymore….”

“Please do not dump me. The papers are not signed Quinton. Innocent just wanted to see them”

“And my fiancé stole and gave them to him. If it is all so innocent then why did you all do it behind my back? Why did he spoke to you and not me? I am done Amanda. We are done”

“I am sorry Quinton.”

“I forgive you but I can’t do. I don't trust you anymore…”

I tell her and close the door in her apartment and walk to my car. I drive straight to Shellyland royal house. As I arrived I got welcomed by king Lunga as if he knew already I was coming…


“Lunga. How are you?”

“I am good how are you.”

“I am good. Can we talk?”

“Is it about Precious?”

“Yes. You need to go and claim her. My brother can only release her if you can come and support her story…”

“The story of her wanting you to be a king and marry her so that you can rule together?”

“Yes. Only the truth can set her free…”

“But Innocent called me a few seconds ago telling me about the papers that were found in Precious bags. Papers that should not be seen by someone who comes from the outside of Blueprint…”

“That’s new information…”

“Why don’t you call your brother and ask?”

“Let me…”

I pick up my phone and call my brother…


“Kumkani I am in Shellyland”

“Doing what there because I don’t remember sending you there?”

“I’m not your servant Innocent”

“The papers you signed yesterday say otherwise…”

“The papers I signed?”

“When you were handing over your kingship rights? Or you don’t remember brother?”

“I didn’t sign anything…”

“But I had your signature here so as your king I am telling you get back here. That’s an order.”

I drop the phone so angry and frustrated. I look at Lunga who is just giving me an irritating smile.

“Can you show me where Precious mother lives?”


“Want to drop some of Precious things…”


He gives me an address and I start driving there. I find Precious mother outside…

Sawbona mama…”

“Sawbona. Ungubani?”

“I am Quinton Mthethwa from…”

“Blueprint village…”

“You know me?”

“Precious told me about you…”

“I assume you knew about her plan…”

“Of wanting you as his ruling partner…?”

“Yes mama”

“I do. Come inside I am packing…”

“Where are you going mama?”

“Lunga sent the elders to inform me that I am banned in this village”

“On what grounds?”

“Something about causing harm to the kingship. I don’t know. I fear for my life been trying to calling Precious with no results and that alone has scared me…”

“Precious was arrested on Blueprint village. Lunga didn’t tell you?”

“No he didn’t. That one is planning something terrible

I think he wants to take my child’s place and remain on the throne…”

“Do you know king Vusi of Eclipse village?”

“They are friends with Lunga...”

“I think they are working together. He is the one who came and told us about Precious real identity…”

“What are you telling me son?”

“Apparently I think they have also included my brother in their plans today I received news that there are papers that were in Precious bags but what they don’t know is that I was the first to search Precious 

things just after if she was arrested I needed to be sure she wasn’t spying. I even checked her laptop. There was nothing but today there are papers…Worse my brother stole my legal kingship papers yesterday and he told me I signed them when I didn’t…”

“If they are working together it means your brother knew about my daughter before Vusi came…”

Something comes to my mind…

“You are right mama my brother was so rude to Precious the first day she came to the palace for no reason…”

“It means they had been planning this all along…”

“Explain why Vusi said he wants me in the meeting than they called the whole council members they planned all of this…”

“Can you please take me to my child Quinton…?”

“I can and you are welcome to stay in my house in town. Come let’s go…”


This morning Innocent was here to tell me about papers that were found in my bag that I had no Idea about. He told me how king Lunga was so disappointed in me and how he gave the right to him to punish 

me the way he see it fit. For the past three days I haven’t bathed nor eaten I assume that part of my punishment. Now I wish I had listened to my mother and went and ask someone else to rule with. Blueprint 

had cost me a lot and I don’t even know how I will get out of this prison. For the first time I cried. It hurts so much. As I’m still crying I saw the door opening and my mother coming in…I stand up and run 

into her arms. She wiped the tears in my eyes while she released some in her eyes I start wiping hers too. We then sit down as she briefed me on how Innocent Lunga and Vusi schemed together to steal my 

throne as well as Quinton’s. She also told me about Lunga banning her from my land… Upon hearing that I lost all hope…

“Mama it’s over. This is my end. I am sorry for taking away the place you have called home for a long time…”

“It is not over my child. This is just a test in your life and I know you will pass it…”

“How mama?”

She kneels down and put her warm hands on both my cheeks…

“Precious my child 2Corintians 4:8-9 say: we are pressed on every side by troubles but not driven to despair. We are hunted down but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down but we are not destroyed. No matter what comes your way no matter what may seem like it there to finish with you-just remember that- you are not driven to despair never abandoned by God and not destroyed instead when we face suffering we rejoice because we know it produce perseverance which is usually there to strengthen our character that’s

(Romans 5:3)...I love you You are very brave strong and a beautiful woman. 

Precious I need you to remember this when you feel like breaking apart when you feel like you can’t carry on anymore when you feel like it too much and you can’t handle it anymore: There will come a 

day when you will tell of what you have been through with a smile. It will no longer matter you have cried felt so much pain because all that will have make you a wise and a strong person. Remember there 

was a day when Jesus Christ was crucified on that day there were tears pain bloodshed but today He sit at the right hand of the Father and we tell of that reality with pride knowing he Finished it all on the cross.... Also wait for that day when you will redeem your throne. For now carry your cross with pride wear that demeaning crown of thorns and accept the beatings and the insults you are receiving. This is the most important part of your journey. Do not focus so much on the pain the tears that you miss the main reason why this has happened to you.”


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