Chapter One

Welcome to Crown Saga Crushes a company that makes and fix your crown. Your business is your crown so come let’s crush. That the reading you get on the wall as you enter this building. Sitting alone in his office ready to conduct a search for his new personal assistant the door flew open while a young lady enters…

“Boss they are here. Should I let them in...?”

“Yes Amanda. Just one person at a time”

Amanda walks out of the boardroom leaving this gentleman fixing his tie. In a minute a young man in his 20’s enters wearing a navy suit with his perfectly comb hair. He enters and greets the gentleman sitting down.

“You may take a sit”

He says allowing a man to occupy an empty chair.

“Thank you sir”

“You must be Mr. Mkhize?”

“Yes sir”

The man stands up and walks around the office while the young’ man’s eyes follows him as he takes each step. On his hands he has what looks like a resume.

“I must say you were really brave for applying in my company…”

“I saw an open call sir on the internet and I was interested. So yes I applied...”

“And surely you came here expecting me to ask you questions like ‘tell me about yourself? Why should I hire you?”

“As far as I know everyone prepares themselves for those type of questions sir even though they might not be like that exactly…”

“And so you came prepared with answers like ‘I’m a handworker team player and I think I will be a valuable asset to your company...?” he says smiling while shaking his head.

“You are confusing me sir”

“Mr. Mkhize if you are serious about working in my company being confused is not an option. Just relax. Calm down”

The young man remain silent. He wasn’t just saying he is confused a look in his face really does confirm he is indeed confuse. He lowered his tie and drink a glass of water that is in front of him. The gentleman remains quite too while watching outside that big window in this 

office. At last he turns back to the young man.

“Are you now calm Mr. Mkhize?”

“Yes sir.”

“I have one question for you in this interview?”

“I’m listening…”

“What animal can you compare yourself too?”

“An animal sir?”

“Yes. That’s my question.”

“I think I am like a lion…”

“Care to elaborate your choice Mr. Mkhize”

“Lions are powerful. They are kings. They protect their young ones. As the only man in my family this is how I have always viewed myself. Powerful protect and take care of those around me…”

“Are you done?”


“I am sorry Mr. Mkhize I cannot hire you in my company. You may go home”

The young man remain in his seat.

“Mr. Mkhize I said leave…”

“Just like that? What kind of interview is this? You just gonna ask this one question then you decide I don’t deserve to get employed by you? You’re not gonna process what I said and call me later? You just gonna say you cannot hire me? Please sir I need this job. Please”

He says getting down on his knees.

“Mr. Mkhize” 

A firm voice is released from a gentleman’s mouth.

“Stand up and listen to me and listen very careful. Don’t you ever beg for a job? Even when you need it more than anything in this world. This is how people ends up abusing people like you…”

“People like me..?”

“People who fail to hide their desperation. They give people who have power the impression that they can do anything it takes to get what they are asking. I am not judging or being on the side of the abusers 

of power but this is how we also have men and women who were hired because they slept with someone or paid bribes but that’s not for today. I cannot hire you. That’s it. I am sorry.”

“Can I at least ask why?”

“I said compare yourself to an animal and you pick a lion. What was the first characteristic you went to? Power! The first thing you gonna show me is that you love power? This is about me hiring you and 

saying that as a first line made you lose today. I am not saying don’t be hungry for what you think you are or can be I am just not looking for that let's say for now in my company…”

“What are you looking for then?”

“I will know when I see it. You may now go. We are done here.”


“Good luck in future Mr. Mkhize…”

A young man walks out defeated. Those who in the seats outside the office are now terrified of what awaits for them inside. They can all tell it didn’t go well with this young’s man interview. They keep quite 

while Amanda calls another one to the office. This keep on happening until a young woman who is wearing a yellow dress a black coat and black heel is the only one left on the seats…

“Miss Precious Ndlovu…”

“Yes Mem.”

“Call me Amanda. It is now 4:00 o’clock and you have been here since morning. Can we reschedule your interview for tomorrow? The boss is tired I think you are too.”


She says with a straight face.

“Everyone did their interview today. Why am I being chased away? And I didn’t sit here the whole day just to be turned away. So No.”

“This was from the boss not just my suggestion Miss Precious”

“Tell your boss I was called for an interview today and I am not going 

anywhere until I have done what I came for today. I picked the perfect dress for this interview I don’t have what I can wear tomorrow. So please Amanda tell your boss I do not have tomorrow. I only have 

today. Can he just interview me and we get done with this?”

“Wait here I will be back…”

With her high heels making sounds she move to the office and comes back in a few minutes smiling…

“The boss is waiting for you. Good luck.”

“Thank you”

She stand up from her seat takes a deep breath and move to the office. For a minute she holds the door while she says a small prayer. Amanda shakes her head and continue with her way too. At last Precious opens the door

as she gets welcomed by a standing gentleman folding his arms. They both maintain eye contact as Precious moves forward to the gentleman. As she is a few steps away from him she stop and keep quite.


“Good afternoon...”

“So you are the feisty stubborn woman who refused to have an interview on a fresh day with a fresh mind and fresh answers?”

“What gave you an idea Mr. Mthethwa that now I won’t give you fresh answers?”

“For the whole day I have been called ‘Sir’ but here you are addressing me with my surname. Not that it a bad thing I’m just surprised. Now back to your question Precious for the whole day I have been asking people one simple question. What animal can you compare yourself to? And they gave me something I’m not interested to. The first one said he is like a lion because he is powerful giving me an idea that he likes power. The second one said she is like a donkey because she works hard and another picked a zebra…imagine a zebra? And I heard about an elephant a tiger and a snake because the person said 

he is smart not realizing he is also implying to be manipulative. Now I hope you understand why I was suggesting you do your interview tomorrow…”

“I wore a yellow dress high heels Mr. Mthethwa. I did my own investigation about you and your company. I am prepared today. I just want to do my interview like everyone else and gets done with it…”

“So you are here to just get done with it? That’s it for you Miss Precious?”

“I’m here for an interview. I want to do it today and see what tomorrow has. I do not want to postpone today’s event for tomorrow that’s my whole point.”

“Sit down Precious have your interview today...”

“At last thank you.”

The both occupy their seats while Amanda comes with Mr. Mthethwa’s tea. She gives it to him and walks out of the office closing the door behind her.



“You’re angry Precious….”

“I am more than angry Lynette. I have had interviews in my life but todays one was something else.”

“Hey babe relax take a deep breathe. Come here let me unzip you before you break that zip...”

“I wore a whole yellow dress wanting to impress my panel only to be interviewed by one arrogant man. High heels only to be asked one stupid question. I know Lynette he is from the royal family and I always 

assumed he is better than his brother the chief. But no he is worse. He is more than the word worse….”

“Tell me what happened Precious.”

“He asked me a stupid question…which animal can I compare myself to?”


“And Lynette? Are you kidding me? Is there a single animal that can fit my whole description? What am I to be compared to just a single animal?”

“What did you say to him? Which animal did you picked?”

“I picked animals. And I was told I didn’t get a job because I failed to pick one. He overlooked everything else I said.”

“Lol! Friend!!! You were against his rules. You should have picked one…”

“No single animal fits my description. He wanted to know me through an animal right? Than I am not what he was looking for because I do not fit a single animal. Quinton is just something I don’t want to call with my mouth right now…” she says screaming…

“So Quinton is his name…”

“Quinton Mthethwa the elder brother of Innocent Mthethwa the chief of the Blueprint village who comes from the Mthethwa Tribe…”


“You’re angry Quinton…”

“I am more than angry Amanda. That girl is something else. I gave her my time just for her to waste it. I should have just chased her away.”

“What happened?”

“I asked her to pick one animal to compare herself to and she had the audacity to pick the whole zoo.”

Amanda laughs...

“I don’t know what’s funny there…”

“You asked her that question only?”

“Everyone was asked that question only.”

“No wonder people left so angry. I don’t think there has been an interview where people are asked that question…”

“How long have you been my personal assistant Amanda for you to understand that I do not work like other people? How long will you also realize and accept that?”

“I get it. Trust me I do. Now tell me about Precious what did she say?”

“She told me she can’t pick one because there is no single animal that can perfectly describe who she is. She then went to say ‘because I am like a like a lion for my strength power and fierceness. I am like 

a tiger because I am dynamic mighty. I am like horse because of my performance ability. I am like a sheep because I am obedient. I am like a wolf because of my powerful instincts intuition and high intelligence. I am like a donkey because of my stubbornness and my sense of curiosity…’ She also mentioned a bird a cat an elephant and lastly an ant…” 

“I think you should hire her…”


“You said you wanted someone different. I think she is. Everyone else gave you what you wanted she gave you more when she wasn’t even asked to. She showed you who she is that’s the kind of a person you want. She was ready when you were not ready when you were tired and ready to call it a day she said screw that let today be today. She was last she didn’t complain. She knew what was expected of her today and she wanted to deliver. I don’t know what answer you wanted exactly but I think she is different…”

“My brother invited us for breakfast tomorrow. Right?”


“Call Precious. Tell her she is invited to the royal house for breakfast as part 2 of her interview…”


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