Chapter Four

It’s the Sunday afternoon in the Blueprint village. King Innocent has come to his mother’s chamber...

“How was church today Queen mother?”

"It was good son. You should come sometimes...”

“So that they can give me the same special treatment they give you? Nah. Im good.”

“I stopped them from doing that. I am a human just like they are they shouldn’t treat me special because I’m from the royal house…”

“You and Quinton are the same…”

“By what son?”

“You don’t want to enjoy the power you have…”

“We enjoy it. We just don’t abuse it...”

“Ahh mama”

“And that look in your face Innocent? What’s wrong son?” 

“I am here about that day mama. I was rude. I am Sorry...I apologized for the way I carried myself that day; in fact I am sorry for all time. The things I’ve said and done. Some were directly while some were indirectly. Some were by commission while some were by omission. Some were by word while some were by deed. The overall point is I am sorry for everything mama.”

“You know what that day was about son?”

“No mama”

“It was about discipline. Your family weren’t only throwing negative words to you because they hate you they were trying to correct you even though they also did it the wrong way. I’m saying this because of the sermon the pastor shared today on discipline”

“I hear you mama…”

“This are the notes I wrote as the pastor was preaching on discipline…read them just for a few second son I want you to see something there…”

She says handing him her notebook while Innocent eyes starts browsing through:

#When God DISCIPLINEs you!

Discipline isn’t pleasant at the time it occurs in it painful (Hebrews 12:11) but I’ve learned when God discipline you He is simple saying "I love you my son now allow me to rebuke correct & build you because I love you too much to watch distraction & death win over you..."

©When He disciplines you do not:

•Take it light or

•Lose heart

[He disciplines those He loves and punishes everyone He accepts as a son!] -Hebrews 12:5-6.

You’re blessed when God corrects you. So do not despise discipline of the Almighty. For He wounds but He also binds up He injures but His hands also heals. [Job 5:17-18]

•He is just a Potter who wants the clay in His hand to turn out to be the best thing He has ever made!

...and then another scripture says.. if you are not disciplined then you are illegitimate children and not true sons... [Hebrews 12:8] 

Then I saw that you will be going through hardships then you will hear Him saying "my son...” to show you He is still your Father & here you have a home!

When God gives you that rod of correction he:

• is imparting wisdom & preventing you from disgracing yourself (Proverbs 19:18)

• want you to reap righteousness & peace that comes from Him (Hebrews 12:11)

•Therefore love discipline rejoice when He disciplines you...

“I am done reading mama…I don’t know what to say”

“This is me saying son we love you. We want to see you doing better. We are aware that everyone makes mistakes but when you are corrected don’t take that as hate see love in that see people who really loves you than those who only tell you what your ears wants to hear. I forgive you and just know that I love you so much. You being my son comes first then the kingship...”

“It’s just that mama I know I have that throne only because Quinton didn’t want it…”

“So what son?”

“Sometimes I feel intimidated I just wish Quinton will just sign the papers that legally makes me a king.”

“He said he will give you two years son then if you are good he will hand over his inheritance rights to you.”

“Doesn’t he trust me mama?”

“He does but he wants you to work hard for the people you rule”

“So I should wait another whole year…?”

“Its 10 months to go now son

he will hand over his inheritance rights to you.”

“Doesn’t he trust me mama?”

“He does but he wants you to work hard for the people you rule”

“So I should wait another whole year…?”

“Its 10 months to go now son be patient.”

“Thank you ma. Let me leave you to rest. See you at dinner”

“Bye son. Thank you for coming.”


Meanwhile in Shellyland…

“Ohh mama you are back from church?”

“Yes my child. I am back and wena awukakahambi?”

“How can I leave without hearing what was preached in church today mama?”

“And why did you not go yourself child?”

“Ahh mama I will go someday too so what was prophetess Nick preaching about today?”

“Being a believer...”

“What about it?”

“She said: We are not called "believers" because on a Sunday we do the routine of 

going to church sing songs and pray. We are called believers because we live by believing God's word over everything not on Sundays only but every day not only when things are going well but also when things don’t go as we wish.

When God tell us I am the Lord your God we say yes you are believing Him when he says this is my son Jesus believe in Him we say yes we believe your Word when he say what you are facing won’t kill you we say yes it will not even when circumstances says otherwise when in the middle of the sea and the storm rises and it seem like this is the day we will die and he rises to only say I said you are going to the other side not dying we also say yes Lord it is so. We live on every word he says we live by Faith(what He says) not by what we see. This faith is what makes us well it what justifies us it what we live by. Even against all hope when there is no reason to hope we continue believing that He can surely do the things He said he will do. (Romans 4:18).

“Faith mama?”

“Faith my child. That was bread for today”

“Well now I can go I had gotten the spiritual bread from my mama”

“You welcome daughter”

“Let me go and pack. Blueprint is waiting for me. Time for playing is over. It’s time to put my plan into action now…”

“Go and do your best Precious…”


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