Chapter Five


I am pacing up and down in the sitting room. Suddenly I hear my sisters voice.

“You are upset Zakithi. What’s wrong?” ask Zethu.

“It’s Tshepo”

“What did he do?”

“He told me he loves me Zethu”

“And what’s wrong with that sis? I thought you liked the guy too”

I sit down opposite her.

“He said: I love you and for the first time I wasn’t excited hearing those words. There was something wrong in the way he said them. They didn’t come from the heart but either taken from the movie or the novel or in the streets. Said only to brush me off as the desperation to hear this words have been observed. This time around I’m not 

moved. I’ve been there done that and I now know the difference between the heart and selfish desires.”

“You also think he is one of those who approached you because you are from the palace?”

“No he has an agenda and that has to do with Precious. Either they are working together or it’s something else”

“What makes you say that sis?”

“From last week he kept on asking about her. Like Precious is just Quinton's personal assistant why would he ask about her and not just about me? For people sake I am the princess here”

“Do you think we have to warn Quinton? If Tshepo is really working with Precious then the palace is their target. Seeing Precious is getting close to Quinton and Tshepo getting close to you”

“It is still too early for that. Let me work on Tshepo a bit more let him think I believe him and see where it leads us…”

“Okay sis please be careful.”

“I am a big girl Zethu. Relax”


It’s a Friday. It’s been a week since I have been working as Quinton’s P.A. For 15 minutes I have been staring at him from the glass window in his office. He is such a hard worker dedicated to his work and a very good guy. I was still lost in my thoughts about him when Innocent the king call me and as soon as I drop the call I go to Quinton’s office to deliver a message…


“Yes Precious…”

“Your brother just called he said there is a Kings meeting in the palace and you are needed there now...”

“He is the king why am I needed there?”

“He said whoever he has a meeting with wanted you to be present…”

“Ohh I hate this. I rejected the throne because I love working in my company more but then they just can’t leave me alone. Get my briefcase and let’s go…”

“You want me there?”

“Yes Precious…”

I don’t have a problem with going with him but not knowing who he is meeting with makes me nervous. I calm down and in thirty minutes we are there in the palace gates. Upon arrival I realized the meeting 

is with King Vusi of Eclipse Village. My heart is now racing because the man here knows who I am…

“King Quinton thank you for coming…” Vusi says extending a hand to Quinton.

“I am not the king my brother is Vusi” Quinton says shaking his hand.

“I don’t like him”

“Tough because this meeting is not happening without his presence. He is the one you will be talking to”

“Suit yourself you are here that’s what matters…And who is the lady you are with king Quinton...?”

What is he playing on pretending like he doesn’t know me?

“Oh that’s Precious my PA.”

“I see Hellow Precious…”

“Greetings king Vusi” I say keeping a straight face.

As we are still sharing the greetings King Innocent as well as the council board members join us in the meeting room.

“Kumkani of Blueprint land we can now start this meeting since you have joined us”

“Thank you big brother may you all be seated…” Innocent says.

“Oh I thought you were smart Quinton” says king Vusi.

“With what king Vusi…?”

“You gave your throne to your brother. I really thought you were smart but then you also employed the upcoming queen as your PA like who does that?” he says laughing.

What the hell? Can this room open up and swallow me. I watch everyone's eyes turning to me…

“What do you mean by the upcoming queen Vusi?” ask Innocent.

“You also don’t know? Should I tell them Precious or you will do the honor?” Vusi says with a smirk in his face.

I stare down

“Okay people

like who does that?” he says laughing.

What the hell? Can this room open up and swallow me. I watch everyone's eyes turning to me…

“What do you mean by the upcoming queen Vusi?” ask Innocent.

“You also don’t know? Should I tell them Precious or you will do the honor?” Vusi says with a smirk in his face.

I stare down

“Okay people this is your Highness Precious Ndlovu the daughter of the late Siphiwe Ndlovu who was the king of Shellyland village. From the age of 6 years she has been trained to be a queen but then today she is now here at blueprint village as Quinton’s PA what is that? Didn’t you all ask yourself why Lunga is an acting King not just a king? He is warming up the throne seat for her beautiful cousin Queen 

Precious Ndlovu…”

“Precious please tell me that’s not true…” Quinton says with begging eyes. 

I play with my hands but seeing this will make me look weak I maintain a straight face. I look at Vusi than Quinton whose eyes are full of anger.

“It is true. I am the future queen of Shellyland Quinton”

“Call the guards and arrest her immediately…” Innocent shouts

“Why?” ask Vusi

“Espionage. She has been obtaining confidential information without our permission what other reason will make a person hides who they are?” say Innocent.

“But you can’t arrest the queen. That would be declaring war with Shellyland” Vusi intervened.

“They are the one who came in our land wearing musk who declared the war?” reply Innocent

Right now I wish to tell them they are wrong I am not here for that. I wish to tell them the whole truth but I can’t. I want to cry but that’s a weakness if I get to my throne as a queen I don’t want this men to 

remember me crying so I put on the straight face. The guards come and arrest me as everyone in the palace gives me the disgusting look…

[King Vusi…]

While still in Blueprint I walk outside the hall.  Take out my phone and made a call...

“It is done Lunga but something happened”

“What happened?”

“They arrested her”

“I hired you to go and reveal her cover and you also get her arrested? That was not the plan”

“I blowed her cover; the rest was Innocent.”

“Her mother would dethrone me if this comes out”

“Then ban her in your village. Protect your throne. You want it forever right?”

“You know I do”

“Than do anything it takes my friend to keep it.”


‘How did you let this happen Quinton?”

“Mama I didn’t know who she really is…”

“You would have known if you weren’t asking people to compare themselves to animal’s brother. You could have picked it up if you told them to describe themselves and tell why they consider themselves 

best for the job”

“You want to tell me how I should do things now Innocent?”

“What if Precious have obtained information that can damage the throne Quinton?”

“How do you know what I asked the people who came for interviews that day Innocent?”

“The throne is under attack and you care about that?”

“I will go and ask Precious why she did what she did”

“And you think she will be honest with you?”

“She owes me an explanation mama…”

I say walking to the palace prison. I find her in the room pacing up and down.

“Why Precious?”

“I was not spying on your village Quinton. Trust me on that”

“You know Precious satan saw the love of money in the heart of Judas. And that has left me with a lot of questions. I’m just asking myself now to you. What is it that the devil saw in you that he saw you as a perfect model that he was gonna struck me with? Or what did he saw in me to tempt me this way? What was in my heart that I fell so easily for his trap? Your trap. You used me to get to my family throne. Pretending to be ordinary when you are just extraordinary why was I your target? Tell me”

“I being here has nothing to do with the palace you can relax about that…”

“Is that supposed to make me happy?”

“No but I can explain...”

“Talk Precious. Tell me why you are here because everyone is blaming me if you were an spy and you have information of the palace that can put my father’s throne at risk; they will always blame me and I 

can’t have that Precious I can’t…”

“I was here for you Quinton. My throne needs you. I can’t be a queen unless I’m married to a king and I don’t want just any king that why I am here”

“I am not a king Precious do not lie to me”

“That’s why I came and worked for you undercover my plan was to get close to you find a reason why you rejected the throne and then convince you to take your place as king of Blueprint than we get

married and help each other’s villages…”

“I have no interest in marrying you or being a king. Why did you not approach Innocent about that…”

“I love my land and your brother is not what I’m looking for as a king I can rule with. I am not asking for your love you can still have Amanda as the person you love and do whatever married people dowith her I just want you as a king I can rule with."

“Are you looking for my land or for me because if it’s my land you are looking for than it shouldn’t matter who sits on the throne in my land…”

“Your brother loves power…”

“He has his mistakes just like you…are you perfect?”

“But things could be different when we can rule together…”

“I am not interested.”

I say opening the jail door ready to go…

“I am sorry for pulling this card on you Quinton but your brother Innocent slept with your fiancé before she was your fiancé. He has been blackmailing her to spy on you reporting everything you do and try to steal the papers that can make him a king by law or else he will tell you and she will lose you…”

“Wow Precious...”

“Go ask them…”

“You are such a conniving dangerous woman and I was so taken by you thinking you are such a good person. I was wrong…”

“I am sorry...” I apologize.

“Enjoy your time her it might be long.”


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