part 8 Ecstasy season four

Before I could even say anything.. Jay : what the fuck?! His eyes immediately turn red as he walks towards us I just freeze I don't know what to say. . Jay pushes me away from Liam and I hit my table with my back and fall down he throws a punch at Liam's stomach and two more at his face then he drags him and just can't stop hitting his head against the wall... I feel like my back is broken but I have to stand up or he is going to kill him I get up and try pulling jay away from Liam I'm screaming... Me : junior you're killing him stop please!!! Tears start running down my face because the wall was is red from liam's blood jay only let's go of him when he loses all strength and falls down on the carpet blood streaming down his face... Then he turns and looks at me I've never seen him like this his like an animal his eyes just changed into something so scary.. He comes towards me and I walk back slowly I'm scared that he might hit me and my eyes rush down to Liam on the floor his not moving Me : junior you killed him Him : good how can you disrespect me like that? Under my own house Awonke Me : it's not what you think junior I don't even have the cloth I was using in my hand anymore.. Him : save me the bullshit! Me: jay I need to call an ambulance I promise it's not... Him : shut the fuck up Awonke after everything we've been through you do this to me? You cheat on me with a fucken chef? How long has it been huh? How long dammit!!! Me : I'm not cheating on you junior listen to me Him : listen to lies? How could you? Me : I need to call the ambulance please I try to reach for the phone and jay pushes me to the wall.. Me : junior you're hurting me Him : I can't believe you you still want to get this ass hole to the hospital Me : get your fucken hands off me and now Him : what? He pushes his hands on my throat I can feel him shaking and I get that the idea has him broken but why won't he listen?? Just for a minute to avoid all the trouble that's going to break us.. I start choking I'm now holding my hands over his trying to get him to remove his hands off me but the grip gets tighter and tears are just running down my eyes suddenly Luniko cries at the door.. Me : junior our son is watching you you're killing me please I didn't do anything.. Tears start dripping from his eyes and Luniko's cry is getting more stronger and more sharp to the heart and my boy for the first time he said the word daddy while crying and jay just falls down and breaks... I cough and try to catch my breath then I take the baby and quickly call the ambulance I wait outside with Luniko trying to calm him down.. just when the ambulance arrives jay walks out and gets into his car then he speeds away.. The paramedics ask where Liam is and I show them to the office they quickly check his pulse and say his still alive but critical then they put him on the stretcher and put him to the ambulance. One guy remains asking me what happened and I just say I don't know...after the ambulance drives away I'm left heart broken my head feels so light it's almost like everything was just an imagination.. my son cries himself to sleep after I put him to bed I cry myself to sleep.. 2 hours later I wake up to Luniko trying to open my swollen eyes with his tiny fingers. Me : hey Big boy ( kissing him) I figure his hungry I take him downstairs to make him something to eat I sit him on the table and watch him playing with his food while eating my head is no where but searching for jay I'm worried.. I could feel that my back hurts really bad I lift my top to look and I have a big blue bruise when I try to touch it it's really painful so I pull my top back down and wait for Lu I take the spoon and feed him because his playing.. when I'm done I throw his bowl in the dish washer and go back upstairs. I'm lying there with him by my side I don't even think he understands what was happening his was probably just freaked out by the noise we both fall asleep. The following day I call Sanga to tell her what happened Sanga : oh so you tell me to stay away from him then wena you're busy wiping wine off him Me : friend please not now I already explained this to you Her : I know I'm sorry I'll come over soon I promise and don't worry about Jay call Jason maybe his there Me : we'll talk when you are here Her : sharp I call Jason... Him : hey sis Me : hey is junior with you? Him : uhm no why? Me : have you seen him? Him : no I tried calling him last night but his phone was off what's wrong? Me : we got into a fight and he didn't come back I'm just worried Him : was it bad? Me : I've never seen anything like that he... I try to breathe.. Me : he didn't look like himself Jason : flip! Me : what? Him : where ever he is its not good I'll look for him Me : what do you mean Jason? He already dropped the phone and now my stress levels go up to hundred. And just as I'm processing that the door bell rings and I run downstairs hoping it's him but I know he wouldn't ring the bell he has his own keys but still I'm just hoping it's him. I open the door and it's the man in blue.. Police : Mrs Loko? Me : yes? Police : we are here for your husband is he here? Me : no Police : do you mind if we look? Me : his not here I'm telling you he didn't come back Police : we'll take a look please. The pass through me and start looking around in the house.. Police : we'll find him be prepared to go support him when his being charged with attempted murder in court good day ma'am. They turn and walk to their van then drive away my heart rave starts beating fast... Suddenly I hear Junior's voice in my head saying " Why do you like trouble " and for the first time I think his right not that I like trouble but always comes trouble With Awonke Loko always! It's a curse that doesn't seem to be broken.


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