part 7 Ecstasy season four

Time flies by like wind one thing about time is that when everything is sweet like honey it flows almost like hours don't exists but when your flute sinks in sad melodies it drags almost as if it's trying to emphasize the pain. With no time it's a Thursday the day I get over and done with Liam so I thought I wake up and jay is not next to me I bath and quickly prepare all my things because I'm running late. I rush downstairs and my mom is having her lemon tea Me : morning Her : hello baby Me : I'm late I just want to grab an apple Her : I wanted to talk to you about something I have to go home my friend is very ill and there's no one to look after her the kids are away Me : that's terrible when will you leave? Her : Monday I want to give you enough time to find a nanny Me : mom we'll talk when I come back I'm really late Her : okay enjoy your day Me : I will enjoy anything but a day with Liam I rush out and just as I get in my car jay parks his car next to mine and walks up to me.. Him : hey beautiful Me : hey baby I'm late Him : Liam? Me : yeah but this is the last day okay? Him : fine I'll see you when you come back Me : bye He leans down and kisses me then I close the door and drive away... When I arrive at the restaurant I grab my laptop bag from the back seat and walk inside at the door I'm met by a very beautiful and tall lady.. Her : Mrs loko? Me : yes Her : Mr caviar is expecting you follow me I walk behind her and she's wearing very high silver stilettos then a thought crosses my mind I wonder why all Liam's stuff is good looking almost like he only employs models...good looking models and they dress proper! We arrive at a room behind the kitchen she knocks and opens the door.. Her : Chef Mrs Loko is here Liam : let her in thanks darling Her : you can go in Me : thanks I walk inside and the walls are white with huge photographs the floor and table is also white and behind his table is a big Window that shows a nice view.. the office is very modern. Liam : hey have a sit Me : hey did you just call your employee darling? He laughs.. Him: yes Me : okay..weird may we get started? Him : would you like something to eat first? Me : no thank you Him : you know I won't take no for an answer Me : when we are done here perhaps Him : okay I start with the installations and checking if everything works as planed and in an hours time I'm done with everything.. Me : it was nice doing business with you Jim : I hope for many more opportunities like this to come Me : mhh Him : thank you a lot you've helped me and perhaps I'll need another tech I'll call you. Me : uhm I don't think that's a good idea I would much rather suggest this ends here Him : why? The husband is still ticking? Me : it has nothing to do with my husband Him : we both know it does Wonke if it was up to you I promise you would rather eat my very delicious and warm food drink my excellent taste of wine and spend all evening laughing at my jokes Me : actually you're not that funny not funny at all to be exact and I would rather eat my husband's mediocre cooking have fine wine with him while lying in bed with my legs over his and just gaze in his gorgeous face every minute that I can.. because I have it all Liam I don't need your charming sense of humour or very good looking face. He laughs... Him : I like women who challenge me Me : I'm not them and there's no challenge go home to your wife I notice his wearing the ring I laugh... Me : good thing you're wearing that ring start appreciating what you have. Him : my wife passed on so some days not wearing the ring makes things seem easier

so you see i have nothing Me : oh I'm sorry.. I... I didn't know Him : you wouldn't know... you don't know me Awonke you think you have me figured out but you don't I'm not who you think I am I'm not about women and money and all those things I'm just a guy that tries to get through each day... I find pain floating in his eyes and I feel so bad... Me : so it seems again I'm sorry for your loss when did she pass? Him : a year ago and it still feels like yesterday Me : I lost a baby too so I know the feeling it never really goes away it just hides itself and waits for a weak moment to strike then you feel like everything happened a minuet ago. I find myself lost in between the folds of my forever grief for Alu.. Him : I'm sorry I can see you're still hurting I quickly pull myself together.. Me : it's life it makes us stronger people I have to leave I promised my husband I'd spend the rest of the day with him Him : his very lucky I smile and stand up Him : not so fast you have to eat first please just as a token of appreciation Me : you paid me that's enough Him : please you won't even see my annoying ass anymore Me : okay just 5 minuets Him : i'll be right back He lives and comes back quickly with ox tail baked potatoes with melted cheese steamed veggies and a mushroom sauce with a glass of wine. Me : this looks lovely thanks Him : pleasure by the way that was someone's order I smile Me : well you're the boss I start eating and the food is just great afterwards he walks me out then we shake hands Him : it's been great Me : not so much but I guess the last few minuets have been We both smile Him : bye I get in the car and drive away his left waving.... I get home and change then spend time with my family mom has suggested a family friend that is in need for a job and jay agrees on her helping out. Everyone eats dinner then we all go to bed after cleaning up... Jay : you had lunch with him? Me : are you talking about Liam Him : yes Me : that's so random I thought you'd let this go now that I'm no longer working on his account Him : I have I'm just curious Me : not with him he just gave me some food Him : okay nice and wine? Me : obviously Him : very nice of him Me : why do you ask? Him : I noticed you smelled like wine when you came back I can always tell by the smell of your hands when you've eaten something Me : okay let's sleep I kiss his forehead and turn then he spoons me. Friday morning I decide not to work my mom has to leave earlier than expected so I drop her at the taxis I come back and I'm all alone because Luniko is busy watching cartoons. Jay calls to tell me he'll be back late he has to take Noah to a game after the phone call I find Lu passed out I go put him to bed then I pour wine and watch movies.. Hours later the gate buzz startles me I go look and find Liams car out side Me : what now! I open the gate and soon he knocks at the door Me : what brings you here? Him : hello to you too and I brought this before you kill me He holds the flash drive up.. Me: oh thanks you could've called I was gonna fetch it Him : I needed a drive Me : okay well thanks Him : there's something of mine there can you email it? Me: why didn't you copy it before you came? Arg nvm sure Him : now Me : uhm... okay I walk inside and on the way to my office I grab my glass of wine he follows me in I plug the flash and email his document.. Me : done Him : okay let me get going Me : sharp We walk out the office but somehow I bump to him and spill him with wine Me : I'm so sorry let me get something to wipe that off real quick or it will never come off I rush to the kitchen to get a cloth when I come back to the office his shirt is wide open his about to take it off.. Me : no no don't I'll wipe while it's on you He smiles ... Him : okay I come close to him and try to remove the stain I don't know why but he puts his hands on my shoulders and just when I'm about to push them away... The door opens.. Jay : babe I bought you s.... His eyes meet us... Liams hands awkwardly on my shoulders his shirt is wide open and I'm standing right in front of me.. I know what it looks like!

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