part 6 ecstasy season four

I walk to jay while his talking to Micheal he grabs me by my waists and kisses me... Jay : a word? Me : sure. We walk to the kitchen where Liam and Sanga are now seated laughing like there's no tomorrow... Jay : may we be excused ? Liam : sure I'm done here anyway I'm hitting the road Wonke thank you.. Jay : she's Awonke to you Liam : you're a ticking bomb aren't you? Jay : are enough talking to me? Liam : you know I'm talking to you Sanga : ohkay let's leave these two love birds to talk Liam Sanga tries to push him out the kitchen... Jay : no no let him finish what are you saying to me man? He walks closer to Liam ... Liam : nah I'm not saying anything. Liam walks past jay and Sanga follows him... Me : what is it? Him : you can't stay away from trouble can you? Me : what did I do? Him : I told you this guy is bad news and yet his here dammit Awonke! Me : what are you pissed at exactly? Because I didn't do anything he came here because Sanga called him and we needed someone to cook. Him : it's not like you didn't have a choice your mom is here you and Sanga can cook there are hardly 20 people here Me : junior my mom is not a maid neither am I I cook for you I'm not a cater for a large group of people I don't know what's the big deal here . Him : you know what the big deal is and you know what's this guy's deal Me : his gone now he won't ever come here Him : terminate your agreement Me : what? Him : drop the account Awonke you don't need his money Me : this is not about money... partly yes but you know I don't do what I do for money Him : there are a lot of companies that you service drop him Me : why are you being like this? Him : because I know how this is going to fucken end! Me : don't shout at me junior speak properly with me Him : I'm not trying to fight with you please just do what I say Me : oh really? Okay I will just tell me how this ends since you're a fortune teller Him : the same way me and you began I laugh in disbelief.. Me : meaning? Him : Awonke we spent a lot of time working together he has the same desire I had of you and being around him is just going to push boundaries I'm not saying you'll do anything but he will Me : wow... wow Junior Loko you never seize you amaze me if you know I'm not going to entertain anything why are you worried? Him : Awonke please something is not right with this guy Me : like everything you're saying to me right now doesn't add up you don't have a firm point you touch there and there I can't drop the account I signed a contract but I will be done with it by next week latest Friday and I'll walk away that's the only thing I can do He sighs... Me : control your insecurities please for the businesses sake we wouldn't want a reputation of a jealous husband Him : this is not what this is can you for once do what I'm telling you? Me : you're starting to piss me off right now Him : did you just say I'm pissing you off to me? Me : yes I did!! He pulls my hand.. Me : don't touch me not right now and I want everyone gone now! Jay : babe listen... I walk upstairs to my mom's room and she's lying in the bed watching the news I snuggle next to her without saying anything.. Mom : what's wrong? Me : nothing I'm just tired Her : perhaps you'll tell me in the morning There's a knock... Me : don't say anything please Mom : come in Me : really mom? Jay walks in... Him : sorry to disturb you ma Wonke can we talk? Me : we've been talking junior and I'm tired of it now Jay : please Mom : get your ass up Awonke Me : can I take Luniko? Her : no you'll wake him leave him go. I stand up and walk out with Jay he forces me to hold his hand then we walk into our room and out the balcony... Me : I would love to sleep jay what is it? Him : I wasn't trying to upset you Me : I'm not upset Him : you are I'm sorry i'll let you do your job. Suddenly I feel bad... I feel like I might have overreacted because honestly I know Liam is trying to hit on me but the idea that Jay is ticking with this whole thing somehow makes me feel like he doesn't trust me and just as i'm running wild between my thoughts he grabs me back to reality... Him : baby I trust you you've never given me a reason not to its him that doesn't settle my being but I won't interfere again you have my word not unless you want me to Me : I appreciate that Him : I love you and I care for you and our family these past years have been peaceful we are happy I don't want anything to ruin this... it's too perfect and it's all I've ever wanted you Awonke. I melt... Me : you're also all I've ever wanted my soul mate I'm sorry for being upset I shouldn't have been I know you're just looking out for me. Him : we good? Me : of course but I still want everyone to leave I want to spend the rest of the night with you... in bed. Him : in bed? Me : yep all in bed He smiles ... Jay : they will be out just now give me 2 minutes baby.. He rushes out leaving me laughing alone... I sit on the bed and think about what jay said dropping the account but I've already put so much work to it and I'm already half way done my head tells me to go ahead and finish it then let the whole Liam thing settle... I hear everyone walking out mumbling I laugh because I know jay is kicking them out and in no time his back to the room.. Me : that was quick Him : it had to be Me : door locked lights out? Him : gate closing as soon as everyone is out approximately 5 minutes Me : good work husband I smile... Him : anything to stay in bed with you all in... He pulls me and kisses me for the longest time then he breaks the kiss.. Me : you better be stopping to tell me something really important Him : you're my forever there isn't anything beyond you babe my life is complete. Before I answer him he gets back to kissing me and pulls off my jumpsuit. Who sent this man to my life? If it's you God you have my eternal gratitude

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