part 5 ecstasy season four

After hours of discussing his account... Me : I think this is it for today Liam : you're really passionate about your work Me : yeah its important to me Him : I can tell.. I mean clearly your husband is loaded 2 sports cars outside and 2 additional luxurious cars the house Me : what are you getting at? Him : you don't need to work Me : Liam we are done here I'll email you everything additional changes and upgrades i'll see you next week when I come to install everything. Him : can't we do Saturday? I'll add 5% on the payment Me : it's my son's birthday party Saturday I can't. Liam : you have a son? Me : I have son's ..2 . I start gathering all my things.. Him : I'm sure they are handsome Me : just like their daddy Him : I see.. Me : I'll walk you out Him : thank you for helping me Me : it's my job there's no need to thank me and besides you're paying me so yeah Him : still. We both stand up.. I open the door Him : ladies first I walk out leading him outside when we pass by the living room Jay is sitting on the couch playing with Luniko... He looks at us as we walk out Liam behind me we arrive outside in the drive way. Him : I hope to see you soon Me : it's been a pleasure He smiles gets to his car and drives away... I go back inside and sit next to jay picking up Lu. Jay : tired? Me : yeah Him : where did you meet this Liam guy? Me : he owns the new restaurant Sanga took me to Him : and he became a client how? Me : Sanga mentioned what I do so he asked me to develop some app for him why ask? You're never this curious about my clients Him : well not all your clients look at you like he looks at you. My mom enters the room and takes Luniko.. Mom : its time for his nap Me : okay ma Junior : don't cook we'll eat out tonight ma Mom : okay son She exists... Jay : I don't like that guy Me : I noticed Him : when are you finishing with this whole app and website thing? Me : next week Him : good. I look at him.. Me : you know that it's just work right? Him: to you yes but trust me it's way more than that to him Me : it doesn't matter because he knows I'm married and I'm being professional with him Him : he calls you Wonke Me : you want him to refer to me as Mrs Loko? Him : isn't that what all your clients refer to you as? I take a deep breath.. Me : babe I'm tired I'll get the job done and you'll never have to see him or me with him again okay? Him : okay foot massage? Me : yes please Him : let's go upstairs Me : I'm hungry though He gets up and walks to the kitchen then he makes a sandwich for me and grabs juice then he walks back to the lounge. Jay : let's go He takes my hand then we walk upstairs I sit on the bed and take my heels off... Jay : you want me to feed you? I smile... Me : yes Him : okay open up I take a bite from the sandwich then he kisses me... Me : what did I do to deserve you? Him : that's my line He smiles... I finish eating then Jay lays me back and gives me a foot massage we start playing and laughing until Noah knocks and comes in the room. Him : Mom I'm hungry Me : go change big boy we going out Him : okay He runs out. .. After everyone is done preparing we drive to spur.. Saturday afternoon Sanga my mom and I are busy decorating for the party my phone rings... Me : Hello Sane : Wonke how's everything? Me : it's coming along great Him : where's my boy? Me : getting ready in his room Him : okay i'll be right there but there's a problem Me : what's wrong? Him : can't get ahold of the person who was going to deliver the meat and do the catering Me : you tell me now Sane? Him : I thought she would pick up eventually but I'll try looking for someone else. Me : it's too late nowI'll make a plan Him : thank you I'll be there soon. Me : okay I hang up... Me: damn Sanga: what? Me : the cater stood us up Her : so what now Me : we do it ourselves I guess Mom : why do you need caters it's a 8 year old birthday party Me : mama our friends are coming

I'll be there soon. Me : okay I hang up... Me: damn Sanga: what? Me : the cater stood us up Her : so what now Me : we do it ourselves I guess Mom : why do you need caters it's a 8 year old birthday party Me : mama our friends are coming the kids will leave to the game show later only the adults will be here Sanga : let me make a call. She walks aside... Mom : Tell me mntanam is Junior okay with the party happening here? Me : his the one that suggested that why? Mom : it's just strange for your baby daddy to be under your husband's roof Me : it's not like that and you know Sane and I are friends Sanga : okay everything is sorted Me : who did you call? Her : Liam Me : you're joking right? Her : no Me : why would you do that though? Her : chomy we need someone to cook and his a chef Me : we could've done it Her : what's the big deal with asking him? I solved a problem because we both know we don't know how to cook for all the people that are coming. I sigh... Me : it's fine babe Her : say thank you Me : thank you... We finish with everything and shortly Liam arrives and comes to greet us.. Me : I'm going to bath Sanga will show you everything you need. Liam : okay Jay might have spotted him because on my way up he stops me Jay : what the hell is he doing here? Me : babe ask Sanga I have to get ready. I rush upstairs and run a bath while taking out things to wear.. I bath and wear my grey denim jumpsuit and a white chucks then I fix my hair and go back downstairs. All Noahs friends have already arrived I feel someone touching my arm when I turn it's Sane.. Me : hey Him : hey We hug ... Me: it's getting late we have to start with everything.. Sanga gather's everyone we open with a prayer Noah opens his presents then we all sing for him and he cuts the cake... I go to the kitchen to check on things and I find Sanga and Liam very cousy in the kitchen... Me : smells great in here are you done with everything? Liam : yes the food is coming right up Me : okay Sanga can I talk to you? I walk out and she follows me.. Me : your boyfriend is on the other side of the room what the hell? Her : I'm just chilling She's already on her fifth drink.. Me : come help me with the kids Her : I'm coming Me : chomy you know... never mind I walk away... Everyone is having a good time food is served we all eat and we are all blown away by Liams cooking... Later on all the kids are picked up to go to the game shows I see Noah talking to his dad then he comes to me and jay... Noah : thank you for all this I really had fun and the presents are awesome. His so happy and nothing makes me happier .. Me : I'm glad big boy Jay : you know you're my son They both smile and fist bump.. Noah : I wish Lu can come with us but his too little Me : soon he will be able to big boy I hug him ... Me : enjoy and call me make sure you're all in bed by 10 first thing in the morning call me Jay : I'll pick you up tomorrow Noah : okay bye All the kids leave jay helps me pack the presents in Noahs room when we come back I talk to his friends for a while then I go pour myself a drink... Liam : you have a beautiful family and wonderful friends I've been blessed being part of this He startles me... Me : well you weren't really part you were just here to cook and thank you I imagine you're used to cooking in high places I don't know why you agreed to this Him : because your friend asked me Me : is that the only reason? Him : and you're helping me so I figured I can also help you its what you South Africans call Ubuntu right? Me : right you can join the rest of the guys Him : your husband feels threatened by me or he doesn't trust you I don't which but he doesn't like me I look at him and laugh... Me : what are you trying here Liam? Him : friendship He gives me an impassive look.. Me : I see well I don't have that Him : I think you do Me : why don't you wear your ring? Him : what ring? Me : your wedding ring I can see that you're married and you live with your wife because you smell her perfume and there's a faint lipstick on your cheek that you didn't wipe properly after she kissed you goodbye... He looks down and laughs almost like his surprised... Him : I like you.. a lot Me : don't try to play a game you won't manage and stop playing with my friends head now enjoy the party I turn and when I walk away I hear him go "Mhh" Walking towards everyone my eyes lock with jay's and I immediately know his been looking at me the entire time he smiles and shakes his head then he looks away... Just great!

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