part 4 Ecstasy season four

Sanga : hey Liam turns and looks at us then he smiles... Liam : Hey I know you guys from the restaurant right? Me : where else? Sanga hits me with her elbow.. Her : yes you paid for our dinner thank you that was kind of you. Liam : the pleasure is all mine I hope you enjoyed yourselves Sanga : we did you have a nice place doesn't he Wonke? Me : yeah... uhm I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get back to work Liam : I think it's only fair that we get to know each other Sanga : I'm Sanga this is Awonke Liam : I'm Liam Me : yeah we sort of got that already Liam : what do you do? Me : I'm a technician Sanga : she owns an IT company I look at Sanga in disbelief she always does that... try to make me a high class person. Liam : that's great I've been wanting some high tech for my restaurant maybe you can helphow about we all go grab drinks later and talk? I reach for my business card in my purse... Me : here's my card you can book an appointment I'm busy for drinks Sanga : I'm available Liam smiles... Him : okay give me your numbers Me : that's my queue to leave.. Sanga : I'm coming friend Me : ohkay.. I walk to her car while she remains talking to Liam for a while then she rushes to the car and we drive home.. Sanga : why do you have to be so rude? Me : I wasn't being rude Sanga : you were Me : stay away from this guy Her : I just want him to be our friend Me : really? Sanga we don't need male friends especially hot one's Her : so you admit his hot? Me : that's not the point babe you have a man that loves you to death and you two have been together for 2 years now you don't wanna ruin that for some hot guy Her: it's nothing serious I'm just fooling around Me : don't because it's not going to end well you like this guy. Her : I like that his hot I give her a death stare.. Me : stop it our lives have been drama free for a change don't try things now Her : fine! Me : thank you We arrive at my place.. Me : see you later Her : sure babe I walk inside and find my mom sitting in the lounge I run up to her and we hug... Me : why didn't you tell me you were coming today? Mom : I wanted to surprise you.. Me : I could've fetched you Her : junior did you look great you lost the baby weight I smile in excitement.. Me : I did Her : Luniko is big is he talking yet? Me : no not really Her : Noah was already saying some words when he was 2 even Alu My heart aches a bit... Her : I didn't mean to mention her. Me : it's okay mom not all of them are going to grasp fast Lu will take his time... you look well Her : I am I'm just tired how are things here? Me : great Her : then why do you need me? Me : come on mom Her : I'm just asking Me : I'll make you something to eat then you can rest Her : junior bought me something to eat on the way i'll go lie down with Luniko Me : okay I'm going to work i'll be in my office if you need me I'll help you settle in later I have to plan Noah's party. Her : you are spoiling him why do you have to make a big party for him very year? Me : his father insists and he is his only Son after all Her : ay i'll see you later Me : okay She gets up and walks upstairs and I go back to work... A few days after my mom's arrival everything is great the house is light weighted and my kids love having her around... I wake up in the morning and prepare for my meeting with Liam Jay wakes up when I'm busy with my make up.. Him : important meeting? Me : sort of Him : you look beautiful Me : thank you you not going to the gallery? Him : no I'm tired today Jason will handle things. Me : okay let's go have breakfast.. He gets up and grabs his shorts Jay can never lose the habit of walking around without a T-shirt on.. Me : wear something please Him : I am Me : put your t-shirt on He pretends he doesn't hear me

Jay can never lose the habit of walking around without a T-shirt on.. Me : wear something please Him : I am Me : put your t-shirt on He pretends he doesn't hear me we walk downstairs.. Me : morning mama Jay : hey ma Mom : morning breakfast is ready I kiss the kids and quickly grab pancakes and coffee Me : I won't be joining you I have an early meeting mom when this gentleman arrives please show him my office Her : okay Jay looks at me Me : I love you Him : I love you more We both smile... Me : enjoy your day at school big boy I kiss Noah.. Him : Wonke don't forget to call all my friends parents for the party Me : I won't. I rush to my office and prepare all my things while eating soon there's a knock.. Me : come in Mom walks in with Liam I stand up Me : good morning Liam : morning how are you? We shake hands.. Me : good please have a seat. My mom grabs the dishes I was using and walks out Me : thank you I close the door and make my way to my chair Me : so... how can I help you? Him : you look nice Me : thank you I don't have all day can we? Him : of course I want an app where customers can order without having to wait for waiters Me : something like a digital menu? Him : yes Me : that's going to break the bridge of communicating with them though people like attention and they like the power of being served and conversing. Him : that's still going to happen the waiters will still deliver the food Me : it's the same thing though that's not a productive change. Him : what do you suggest? Me : don't substitute the menu the whole old classy vibe is sexy and by the looks of people that were there that night it's working just upgrade to something that's going to rise your sales stretch the place but online. Him : I like sexy... I clear my throat.. Him : you mean take the place online? Me : extend the place online let me show you something.. I turn the laptop to face him .. Me : this could work Him : very smart Me : I just know my work When I take back the lap top our hands touch Him : your husband has taste nice ring.. I pull my hand from his hand... Me : you like a lot of things don't you? Him : about you yes it seems that way I squint at him then look back at my laptop.. Me : so you like the idea? Him : yes very much Me : okay I'll develop the account it's going to cost you I must say Him : money is not a problem Me : okay then we have a deal? Him : yes Me : right let's work on this and then I'll email you everything including the costs Me : sounds great. Jay knocks and walks into the room Him : baby can I can I copy some things from your laptop quick ? Me : sure excuse me Liam Liam : cool His eyes are so heavy on me.. Me : this is my husband junior jay Liam Liam : nice to meet you Jay takes a glimpse at him then he looks back to the laptop Him : yep. Liam : so Wonke what inspired you to work from home? Jay : isn't this a professional meeting? Me : yeah why? Him : why is he calling you Wonke? Me : jay finish up and go Him : just asking Liam let's out chuckle Jay : okay I'm done nice meeting you.... I already forgot your name Liam : it's Liam Jay : yeah that. . Later babe He leans and kisses me Me : later He walks out and on his way he pets Liams shoulder and gives him an uneasy look. Him : enjoy the meeting man. He pulls the door behind him.. And in my head I'm like " what was that about" Liam : what a husband you have.. Me : let's get back to work shall we? Him : yes ma'am He smiles. .

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