part 10 Ecstasy season four

Jay doesn't come home for 3 full days and the worst part is that I couldn't get a hold of him his phone has been off the entire time Jason keeps checking up on me which I suspect jay put him up to it. Being in the dark is the worst thing because I don't know what's going on and that's exactly what junior wants Sanga keeps coming over to be side to side with me I asked Sane to take Noah to his parents house for a while because I don't want him witnessing my depression . In the morning of day 4 Sanga left for work early in the morning and I didn't get any bit of rest I've been staring at the dark the whole night the only thing keeping me sane at this moment is Luniko I'm helpless... Around 6am I decide to go take a long bath after an hour I come out of the water pull my robe over my shoulders and make my way downstairs I brew a strong black coffee and lean against the kitchen counter while I look through the Window at the beautiful site of the sun rising... the pale rays penetrating through the glass it's a very beautiful site it almost makes you forget how bitter everything is. Suddenly I hear the door opening but I'm lost in my thoughts I hear foot steps coming to the kitchen then a warm touch on my back I know it's eyes collect tears and push them to my eye lids one blinks and they come running down my cheeks. He holds me behind and squeezes me tight the he breathes at my neck as a sign of relief I've missed his scent his touch... Junior : I'm sorry. Me : I'm losing hope here Him : I know i said a day things got a little complicated it's over now I promise He turns me around and cups my cheeks while looking in my teary eyes... Him : I'll never leave okay? I promise I will never walk out on you like that and not come back you are where home is and I know I scared you baby I'm here and we can work this out like we always do. Then he places me on his chest and I listen to his racing heartbeat.. Me : I'm sorry for this whole thing I could've prevented it and I didn't it's my fault that you lost your temper like that and I know it still doesn't make it right you have a problem jay and you need help or its going to destroy you some day. Him: I know and I'll get help I promise Me : I'm glad you're home Him : me too is my boy still sleeping? Me : yeah Him : I miss him Me : he misses you too Him : it breaks my heart that his first word will come as a memory of what happened that day Me : it doesn't have to his okay jay don't worry about that. Him : am I a good father Awonke? Me : of course you are you're a great father to both Luniko and Noah Him : I'm trying so hard not to fail our marriage.. you and the kids Me : sit . He pulls the chair and sits down while I pour coffee for him.. Me : here Him : you know I don't like coffee Me : yes but you need it I can't give you a beer in the morning Him : reasons that I married you He looks at me and we both smile... Me : baby listen you can't fail me not even the kids I know you have flaws but so do I Him : I should've known better than to think you would be cheating on me Me : well there's a reason you didn't know better Him : come on its not like that Me : if you trusted me enough you would've doubted that moment or at least waited for me to explain Him : everything happened fast and I think I got insecure I mean his everything a woman would want no? So I saw him as a threat and maybe I thought I could lose to him. Me : when will you finally know and understand that I love you with all my being? And you're everything I want? Him : woman like you don't end up with man like me Wonke so maybe I'm just waiting for the day you'll realize marrying me was a mistake and find someone better. I put my hands over his... Me : Baby that day will never come when I said till death do us part I meant it jay you are enough to me no matter how troubled and messed up you are I love you and you've shown me love I didn't know exists I'd be crazy to walk away from this... it's my fairy tale and it doesn't need to be perfect because love isn't perfect it knows no perfection but what counts is the feeling it makes everything okay. He looks down at our hands that are touching giving us and electric feeling... Him : I made a promise to do good by you I want to fix things I almost messed up and I'm ashamed of that I need to start trusting myself with you and trusting our marriage. Honey I'm nothing without you and I didn't know who I really am until you reached and took away my heart. I smile and he reaches for my cheeks and wipes them.. Him : you look pale Me : I'll be fine now that you're here Him : sorry for the trouble neh? Me : I know I married trouble He giggles.. Him : I'll be better for you Me : you have been the past years you still will be I know it Him : you know how much I love you? Me : more than life it self? Him : and everything beyond that Me : the feeling is mutual. He takes a sip at his coffee then pushes it aside I giggle.. Him : this thing is not nice you look beautiful Me : with my pale face? He smiles.. Him : and your tired eyes yes let's go rest. We stand up and walk to our bedroom then we get under the covers Him : it's cold outside Me : I noticed Him : you're actually wearing nothing under that robe Me : how do you know? Him : your hair is still a bit wet on the edges the smell of your bath salts your skin is cold and I know this because you never get into your underwears immediately after a bath unless your going somewhere. I smile... Me : who are you? Him : a very good stalker I know you too well. Me : I know... so what happens now? Him : I'm on the clear with the cops has he contacted you? Me : Liam? Him : yes Me : and I doubt he will Him : okay Me : so you think all of this is over this easy? Him : it wasn't easy and no I doubt it's over but I'll handle anything that comes after this Me : no beatings? Him : Me : good where were you? Him : Aliwal north Me : you went home? Him : no not home to a friends place Me : which friend? Him : you don't know him I used to paint with him back in prison his a resourceful guy. Speaking of which I made you a painting while I was away but you'll see it later Me : I can't wait Him : I love you Mrs Loko Me : and I'm in love with you Mr Loko He kisses my forehead and wraps his hands around me.. Him : rest baby. His home and nothing matters when he is home.


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