part 1 ecstasy season four

Like I said my marriage is complicated and we don't even know why but I'm trying so hard to make it better because I know deep down Junior blames me for everything even though he doesn't say it out loud... It's a Friday afternoon I'm lying in the couch watching TV my son Luniko is right on top of me asleep his innocence is so peaceful...Noah isn't back from school yet. Junior and Jason both walk in and my face immediately brightens up I haven't seen Jason in a while. Junior smiles and grabs the baby so I can get up and greet Jason properly.. Me : you look well He smiles and pulls me in his arms Him : so do you Me : come on you've seen me better. We both laugh and break the hug Jay : I'm taking him to bed He exists the room... Me : dude where have you been? Who's keeping you busy? Him : work.. I wish there was someone though He gives me his charming smile that he always waves around... Me : I'm glad something is keeping you busy Him : me too you look different Me : good different or bad? Him : good you lost weight Me : I have Him : it's unusual though Me : I hardly have time to make myself something to eat trust me I'm tired. Him : well nothing and no one can keep you away from working hard Mrs Loko I laugh... Me : it's a habit the business is doing good Him: I'm glad Me : how's your brother? He frowns... Him : what do you mean? Me : at work? Does he seem like his happy? Him : yeah he looks okay his working rather too much but his fine Me : mhh Him : is there something wrong? Me : is there? Him : you know even if there was he doesn't tell me that kind of stuff. Jay walks back to the living room he kisses my cheek and squeezes himself next to me... My phone rings.. Me : excuse me. I take it... Sanga : I swear I've been replaced Me : not in a million years how are you? Her : missing my best friend that I haven't seen in ages Me : you know I've been busy Her : please have dinner with me tonight Me : I can't babe Her : please there's this new restaurant opening up tonight you'll love it I promise. Me : mhh... Her : Wonke you owe me this Me : okay fine I'll come send me the details Her : you won't regret it see you later love you Me : love you. We hang up... Jay : going out? Me : if you don't mind baby sitting Lu Jay : is Noah going to his dad's? Me : yeah Jay : I was going to chill with the guys tonight but I'll cancel Jason : no its okay I'll babysit Me : you're the best Him : I'm here all weekend I might as well help out Noah enters the door Noah : hey everyone When he starts walking upstairs Me : young man come here He walks up to me Me : a kiss Him : come on Wonke Me : now He kisses my cheek Me : thank you how was school? Him : the usual Jason : did you talk to that girl you like yet? Him : uncle Jason really? Me : you like a girl? Noah : no! Me : you're only 7 Him : 8 soon and i... I don't like her I have to pack dad is on his way He runs upstairs... I look at Jason.. Him : it's just a primary school crush Jay : his way too smart Me : suddenly I feel old. Jason : soon he'll be bringing girls home Me : I have a few more years to worry about that let me prepare something to eat for you guys Jason : no leave it I'll do it Me : okay I'm going to bath. I get up and head upstairs to bath I wear a tight knee high dress with a bob cube cut

I wear a tight knee high dress with a bob cube cut gold heels I tie my weave in a bun and put on earrings then I do my make up. It's been a while since I've looked this good I put on perfume and take my clutch bag and keys I walk downstairs... Me : i'll see you guys later Jason : wow Jay : I thought you were just going to out with Sanga Me : I am Him : don't you think you're overdressed? Jason : she looks great Jay : shut up Me : I don't? Him : you do a lot it's just a shame you don't dress up for me anymore Me : well I can't dress up for you and jump in bed then face different sides Him : really and who's fault is that? Me : I can't do this with you not right now I have to go I call Noah and kiss him goodbye then I walk out to my car... I drive to the location when I get there I park and walk inside at the door I'm welcomed by a lady who looks amazing and she's just there to welcome everyone who walks in. When I enter suddenly I don't feel bad for how I'm dressed the place is a high... no very high class kind of vibe I swear if you come with jeans you don't even go in. I search for Sanga with my eyes and spot her in a table for two then I walk up to her. Me : this place! Her : you look amazing Me : so do you We hug then I pull a chair and sit down.. Me : my friend this is absolutely beautiful it's my favourite place already Her : I know right but they are very expensive so you're paying We both laugh.. Me : I should've guessed. A good looking gentleman walks to our table dressed in a all black suit I notice that all the waiters are dressed classy it's a no aprons kind of restaurant. Waiter : Good evening ladies We greet back... Him : welcome since it's our first opening we offer a bottle of free wine or champagne of your choice Sanga : nice Him : here are the menus can I get you anything while you decide? Me : can we just have water for the table meanwhile? Him : of course He smiles Him : i'll be right back He walks away leaving me and my friend smiling like little kids Sanga : okay now this is my favourite place.

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