part 2 ecstasy season three

Jay brushed his hand across my cheek... I slowly opened my eyes... Him : hey Me: hey what time is it? Him : it's still morning I smiled Him : what are you smiling about? Me : I had a great night Him : so did I I ordered room service we can have pre breakfast mean while. I giggled Me : pre breakfast? Him: yeah like when you have breakfast before breakfast Me : I don't think there's such babe Him : okay I just made that up but you know what I mean Me : so what is this "pre breakfast"? He came close and kissed me but my phone rang... Him : please don't answer it Me : maybe it's important I have to. I rolled over and grabbed my phone Me : hallo? Caller : hey Me : what do you want siya? Him : so I can't just call the mother of my baby? Me : I'm busy you know Him : with what? Are you with that boy of yours? Me : I don't have time for this I was about to hang up... Him : okay wait don't hang up I need to ask you for a favour Me : which is? Him : can Alutha spend the rest of the weekend here? Me : at your place? You're crazy Him : you know I can take care of her please besides Asanda is around. Me : I don't know Siya I mean I can come with her but leaving her... Him : I'm her father I'm tired of driving to your place and seeing her for a few hours I wanna spend proper time with her without you being around is that too Much to ask? Me : Okay fine i'll bring her over later Him : no i'll come get her now Me : I'm not at the house now Him : the nanny is there isn't she? Me : Yeah but... Him : good she'll pack her things I'm on my way there. Me : Siy... He hung up Jay : what does he want? Me : his going to pick up Alu I have to go babe I'm sorry Him : i'll take you Me : No its okay i'll call you neh? Him : cool Me : please don't be mad Him : it's fine i'll see you later I guess I kissed his cheek and got up then dressed.. Him : it's chilly outside take my jacket Me : Okay. I grabbed my things Me : I love you Him : I love you too I kissed him on my way out... I drove home just when I pulled up in the drive way Siya was also parking his car. I took my things and walked out... Siya :haven't seen you in a while you look good Me : Thank you We walked inside my babies ran to me the moment I walked in... Noah : Wawo can I please go to my friends party Me : which friend is that? Him : you don't know him Me : then you can't go Him : please mom Me : No big boy today we are going to have family time Noah looked at Siya Noah : uncle Siya please talk to her Siya : let him go Wonke come on Noah : please... Me : Okay go clean up your room first Him : thanks He kissed me then ran off. Siya picked up Alu and we went to the lounge... Siya : Noah is big Me : Yeah his growing up so fast soon he'll be slamming door at my face Him : I doubt that his a good boy Me : Yeah... so let me fix up Alu's things Him : no let's talk for a bit where were you? Me : why? Him : because I can tell you didn't sleep here I'm sure those clothes are from yesterday and you are wearing a guys jacket Me : you've figured out that much so isn't that obvious ? Him : so now you leave the kids and go all night? Me : Siya please don't start it's not like I left them alone Him : I want my daughter Awonke Me : what do you mean? Him : full custody Me : you're joking right? Him : no Me: Siya we spoke about this you can't do that Him : I need her I'm her father and I feel like she's limited now I took a deep breath and put my hands against my face Him : what is that? Me : what? Him : are you engaged? I had forgotten about the ring and the last thing I wanted was for Siya to see it because I knew even though we weren't together anymore he was gonna give me a hard time about it and I just wanted to be happy. Me : uhm... yes He laughed unbelievably Him : wow so soon? I mean it's been like two months right? And you're already jumping into marriage with this guy Me : I love him and he makes me happy Him : didn't i? Me : you did Him : then what happened? Me : his nothing like you Him : trust me there's a bit of me in every man that thing won't last Me : well that's my problem then Him : how long are you gonna keep confusing your children with different guys? Me : now you are pushing it Him : I'm just saying Me : this conversation is over I'm engaged get used to it you failed didn't you? Now let a man who's man enough handle it. Him : too soon wonke... Too soon Me : like I said that's my problem Him : Fine but leave my daughter out of it I won't have another man being a father to my daughter not when I'm still alive Me : now she's your daughter the one that I almost lost because you couldn't believe she's yours? Him : you can't blame me for that because you fucked around on me so what was I supposed to do? Trust you? No I needed to be sure

and I took responsibility it also broke me when we lost the other baby so don't you dare play me like that. I sighed.. Me : Siya nothing is going to change when I marry jay Him : look babe let me give you options it's either you come back to me or I take custody of Alutha and believe me I will win Awonke so don't waste your money or rich boy's money fighting me so what is it gonna be? Me : are you crazy? Him : no I'm just trying to do right by my daughter and get my family back I messed up big time but now I'm willing to do whatever it takes to fix that and have you back in my life I got rid of Busi that's what you wanted isn't it? Me : and you think that's enough? Gosh you have some nerve Siyamthemba to sit there and say that to me after everything? I'll be dammed if I let you have my daughter let alone be with you again Him : okay I tried making it easy for you but have it your way just know I didn't rob you our daughter I gave you a choice to be with her with me us being together but you don't want the easy way so you'll do it the hard way in court. He stood up Him : please pack Alutha's things He kissed her and walked out holding her while I was left there with my mouth hanging...

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