part 9 ecstasy season three

I couldn't stop thinking about JR I even tried to call him but his phone was off I was really starting to worry We were all watching TV when the was a loud knock I quickly stood up to open thinking it was junior but it was the police. Me : can I help you? Police : is Junior Loko here? Me : No Him : can we come in and look for ourselves? Me : No Jr doesn't live here mos why should you look here? Him : his not at his house so we were told he might be here. Me : well his not Him : you two are engaged I believe Me : yes so? Him : would you tell us if he was here and get your soon to be husband arrested? Me : Fine come in and look for yourselves. I told the nanny to take the kids to the room while they looked around but they didn't find anything. Me : happy? Police guy : we are going need your side of the story? Me : what story? Him : you were there when your fiancé assaulted Mr Mayeki right? Me : I don't know what you are talking about Him : Ma'am do you realize this is an offense and a serious one? Your fiancé is being charged with assault Me : like I said I didn't see anything. Him : how can you not see anything if you were in the car? Me : exactly like that I was in the car so I didn't see I didn't even know an assault took place and no further questions I'm not in court Him : but you will be because Mr Mayeki is in hospital and trust me you don't put a lawyer in hospital. Me : please leave Him : okay thank you for letting us in just call your boyfriend and tell him he has a charge and the longer he runs the bigger it gets he should turn himself in. I just looked at him then walked to open the door for them they both looked at me then they smiled and walked out. I quickly grabbed my phone and called Sanga in 20 minutes time she arrived and I told her what happened. Sanga : do you know what this means? Me : what? Her : this could jeopardize the custody if you are about to marry a violent guy they'll take away Alu to stay with Siya. Me : but jay is not violent Siya pushed him Her : what's gonna happen when you push him or Alu does? Me : who's side are you on? Her : yours of course chomy but we have to look at this at the laws eyes Me : you know his not like that Her : we know but they don't this just gave Siya all the reasons to win Alu over and worst part is Jr will have a criminal record Me : he already does. Her : what? Me. : it's not serious chomy just something that happened a long time ago. Her : if it's a criminal record it's serious Awonke they are going to dig up on him and find all these things hay shem forget about having Alu if you are getting married to him. Me : so what do you suggest Sanga? That I break off the engagement and Siya ends up with exactly what he wants? Her : of course not I suggest you go see Siya talk to him and beg him to drop the charges. I laughed in sarcasm... Me : Yeah right as if he would do that Her : you don't have another choice chomy it's either that or you're screwed Me : that's not gonna work jay just landed him what he needed Sanga : I'm sure that's what he wanted Siya is good Me : I'm still wondering how he knew about jr's mom coz I never mentioned that to him Her : his a lawyer babe He knows things and right now he just played you two Jr did exactly what Siya wanted him to do and I bet he knew this thing with his mother was a sensitive issue that's why he used it. Me : that bastard and to think of it Siya didn't even try to fight back he wanted Jr to lose it he fucken planned this whole thing! Her : relax chomy being angry now isn't gonna solve anything Me : and now jay Is Awol on me what the hell am I going to do? Her : go to the hospital and face the monster do what you have to do to get him drop the charges Me : even if it means losing jay? Her : no you can also play Siya and beat him at his own game just get him to drop the charges promise to be with him Me : come on Sanga Siya is smart Her : and you are smarter babe think about Alu about what you have with JR you have to do this for all your sakes. Me : jay won't like this Her : well he'll have to deal with it because it's the only way I took a deep breath... Me : come with me to the hospital please Her : of course I went to tell the nanny I was going out for a few minutes I wore my jacket grabbed my keys then Sanga and I left with my car. We arrived at the hospital and went to the reception to ask for Siya's room we only got in because I told them we were together sanga waited there while I went in... When I walked into the room I found siya laying there watching TV his face so swollen that it didn't even look like him he had stitches. Him : what are you doing here? How did you get in? Me : I needed to see you Him : after driving away living me there to die Me : urgh stop being a baby you weren't gonna die and you started it Him : so what do you want ? Me : to apologize for this Him : okay now you can go I sat down Me : seeing you like this hurts me He looked at me Him : what are you saying? Me : that I only realised now that I still care about you Siya I still feel something deep for you. Him : that's not enough I want you back Awonke Me : how can I forgive you for everything though? Him : you'll learn to my love He slowly held my hand Me : I'm scared Him : I got you its okay neh? Let's fix things and forget about this Me : Okay We can try but if you dare do me like you did I leave for good Him : I promise I won't what changed ? Me : I saw that he was worse than you are and I never really loved him I wanted to get over you thats all Him : things are going to change from now on okay? I nodded. Me : you look horrible Him : that coward broke my fucken nose Me : sorry... Him : the cops will get him Me : if we are starting over leave the whole junior thing please drop the charges let's just put this behind us okay? Him : I want to make him pay Me : I already did that by leaving him common Siya Him : Fine i'll think about it Me : thanks I kissed his hand and he smiled ... Him : I can't believe I have you back. Me : baby steps hun i'll come back in the morning I left the kids Him : it's okay I won't even spend the night here come over tomorrow or i'll come help you move your things back to our place I faked a smile Me : uhm... let's take things slow Him : we will but I want us to do it together in one house Me : Okay we'll talk bye neh? Him : sure and thank you for giving me another chance I faked a smile and walked out. I went to Sanga... Her : how did it go? Me : let's just get out of here My heart beat was racing we got to the car then I started telling her about it. Her : you agreed to move back in are you crazy? Me : he cornered me Sanga and I was busy trying to make this seem legit Her : what are you gonna do wonke ? Me : this was your idea I don't know Her : we'll figure something out babe don't worry let's go. I droveback home Sanga didn't come in because she got to a call to attend to something as soon as we arrived she got in her car and left. I walked inside and found Jay on my couch staring at nothing Him : where were you Awonke?

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