part 6 ecstasy season three

After a few minutes in my room I started feeling bad for snapping out on jay so I went back to the lounge he wasn't there I walked outside and found him leaning against his car busy with his phone. Me : Jay? Him : Awonke? Me : I'm sorry for yelling at you He ignored me... Me : look I'm just frustrated with this Siya thing he refuses to give back Alu Him : and I have to suffer for him wow this guy really has you wrapped around his finger Me : what is that supposed to mean? Him : Awonke can't you see that his getting exactly what he wants you are giving it to him. Me : I'm not. Him : yeah right Me : look I'm sorry okay? Him : do you realise that you were being disrespectful? And I was only trying to help then surprise surprise turns out I'm nagging... I didn't know caring about you was annoying to you like basically I suffocate you well you know what i'll bail out I'm gonna stay away from you neh? just so you can breathe. He turned and opened the door... Me : please don't go I'm sorry babe I didn't mean any of that Him : when a person is angry or drunk that's when you get to hear the bitter truth and it's okay I'm not mad at you I just wanna give you what you want that's how much I care. Me : junior? He got inside and took one last look at me... Him : and call the damn cops and go get your daughter stop giving Siya power that he doesn't have. He closed the door and reversed then he turned the car and raced away I slowly walked back inside and poured myself a glass of wine I just needed to talk to my mom so bad and then I remembered my phone was smashed and it was already late so I decided to go lay on the couch. Not even 15minutes later there was a knock on the door I went to open and it was the cops I was shocked considering that I didn't make the call but I knew Jr did. I invited them in and told them the story then we left to Siya's place. I was driving my car and they were following me we got there and waited at the gate until Siya opened he stood outside as we made our way in. Siya : Gentleman and my sweet wonke how can I be at your service? Me : stop it with the games you know why we are here Siya : if you don't have a worrent I'm afraid you can't enter my premises Policeman 1 : we don't need one it's either you give us the child or you come with us to the police station either way she's getting her daughter Siya : I'm her father I have a right to... Policeman : and she's a minor she needs to be with her mother therefore you can not take her against her mother's will that's an offense. Siya : I'm a lawyer I know what... Policeman 2 : Mr don't waste our time please whether you are a judge law is Law and if you do not have papers that say you have full custody of the child then this conversation is useless

bring the child. Siya looked at all of with anger then he went inside for a few minutes then came out with Alu and her bag I quickly grabbed her and held her tight. Siya: get out of my yard. Me : with pleasure We walked away Siya : i'll see you in court Me : gladly I strapped Alu in her car seat then thanked the police guys for helping me out and we drove home. By the time we arrived Alu was already asleep I took her inside she was already in her pj's so I just tucked her in bed then sat next to her and watched her sleeping... Me : I don't know what i'd do if i'd lose you... this is probably all my fault I should've put a stop to it when I had the chance to but i'll make it right baby for all of us. I kissed her forehead Me : I love you . I slowly stood up and walked out to my room I didn't even get under the covers I just slept. The following morning I woke up early and prepared for work the nanny arrived and I left. Usually in the morning jay would come to my office to greet me but that morning he didn't and I figured he was still mad at me so I planned to go to him during lunch. Lunch time came just when I was about to leave the office he came in Me : oh I was about to go to your office Him : good? Me : Yeah you? Him : yea Me : Thank for last night Him : I figured you didn't have a phone so I might as well call for you but out of curiosity were you even gonna call if you had your phone? Me : of course Him : right Me : that doesn't sound like you believe me Him : it doesn't matter what I believe right? Me : it does and a lot jay I'm sorry. Him : it's okay here. He gave me a paper bag with a box... Me: what is this? Him: a phone Me : you didn't have to buy me a phone Him : I know but I did because i'll want to talk to you so take it. Me : Thank you. Him : pleasure I have a meeting with a client so I have to go. Me : will I see you later? Him : if I won't nag Me : come on don't be like that Him : I'm just pulling your leg i'll be in your bed tonight. Me : great We both smiled and he walked out.

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