part 4 ecstasy season three

Me : I love you too jay Him : so what's wrong? Me : nothing why? Him : something is wrong I know it Me : how? Him : I could tell by your voice earlier now I can see it in your face you're worried about something so don't try to lie to me. Me : do you notice everything? Him : about you yes so talk to baby Me : Siya wants full custody of Alutha Him : why? Me : he wants to be with her permanently Him : and if you don't want that? Me : we go to court Him : so what's the problem? Because there's no way he can win unless he proves you're an unfit mother of which you are not he screwed up and cheated on you he even abused you so his just digging a grave for himself let him take you to court. Me: Siya always gets what he wants jay he'll make sure I go down Him : because you let him have it but not this time I know good lawyers Wonke who can help you win the case if he builds one against you. Me : what if he corrupts the whole thing? He knows people that know people he can get the judge to grant him custody. Him : it won't be that easy you can't just give in Me : I'm not I'm just weighing my options here Him : options? Me : No nothing Him : that didn't sound like nothing there's more isn't there? Me : it's not important it's not like i'll do it Him : do what? Me : the only way he'll drop the whole thing is if I get back with him and we could be a family. He smiled faintly.. Him : so you are weighing your options which means you are considering it? Me : No of course not I just don't wanna lose my daughter Him : so if he wins you'll go back to him? That's what you are saying? Me: .... no Junior Him: you had to think about it? Fact that you pause before answering means you are not sure Me : stop putting words in my mouth I didn't say that Him : well you suggested it when "weighing your options " Me : it's my child we are talking about Him : or maybe it's not just about her but how you also want to become a family again Me : now you are passing me off Him : really? How do you think I feel about all of this? Happy? Me : I'm not happy either mos you can see that Jay Him : Awonke why did you say yes when I proposed? Me : because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you Him : okay now if you lose your daughter will that still be the case? Me : i'll never go back to Siya not for any reason i'll make a plan He looked down... Him : I feel like I'm in a competition here Me : well you're not I'm gonna marry you baby because I only love you Him : that's not really convincing right now but okay do it your way Wonke if you need my help just let me know He stood up... Me : so where are you going? Him: to grab a beer and watch football Me: you just got here Him : well I'm leaving I got up and stood in front of him then held his hands... Me : are you mad? Him : do I have a reason to be? Me: of course not look baby we gonna work this out I'm not going anywhere. Him : I can't lose you not to Siya that guy treated you like nothing and you don't deserve that. Me : I know...I know He looked at me Me : please stay Him : i'll come back Me : now stay now I don't want you to go because you gonna come back drunk Me : please marshmallow He smiled... Him : did you just call me marshmallow? Me : Yeah Him : why? Me : because you are soft and sweet Him : I'm only soft on you you know? Me : I know that. Him : okay shorty Me: shorty? Him : well since we are giving out nick names He planted a kiss on my lips then we sat down... Me : don't call me shorty Him : then drop marshmallow Me : okay Him : deal?. Me : can I use it when we are alone? Him : okay but i'll give you more nicknames every time you do Me : Okay deal Him : cool Me: are you hungry? Him : I swear I didn't make a bad decision by proposing to you I'm starving babe but I want a beer first Me ; you'll eat then go buy a beer Him : you should start drinking beer Me : why? Him : it would be cool if we both drank it when I'm here I wouldn't have to go and buy it. Your fridge always has wine and other weird girly booze. I laughed Me : relationship goals neh Him : marriage goals baby let's take it to another level We both laughed ... Him: now you understand why I call you my partner in crime Me : No you are the one that always brings up crime Him : who came up with the idea that we should use the company's money for shopping in London? I laughed ... Me : Shut up let's go make something to eat. We went to the kitchen I quickly prepared mac and cheese then we went to lie in the couch and watched movies . I can't Really put to words how Jay made me feel but it was different He made me feel free too free that sometimes I think we would forget that we are actually dating and start talking as if we were friends it was the weirdest and funniest thing ever but also a good thing we were one of those people that communicated about everything even sex so openly as if it was a normal conversation. And I think because I was always with people who were way older than me that sort of forced me to play into their standards and jay and I were in the same age group so we understood each other better we were both idiots for each other and that didn't matter because he was so in love with it. Our kind of love wasn't the one that society idealize that's probably why it felt so real because we were both openly real to each other he was my Best friend the foundation of our love was just so strong I think because we were first friends then we kind of built everything on top of that. He didn't make me believe that he was the perfect guy he just showed me he was a guy that really loved and cared for me. BUT believe it or not Awonke never gets a smooth ride the beginning of my happiness was also the end of my life. Jay wrapped his arms around me tightly Me : I'm not gonna Run away He giggled Him : just making sure Me : my baby... Him : no you are my baby I smiled...


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