part 3 ecstasy season three

I went to pack a few things for Alu then Siya came to get the bag... Him : Thank you. Me : when are you bringing her back? Him : Monday afternoon Me : aren't you working? Him : I'm my own boss now Me : oh that's nice got a promotion or something? Him : no Nazo and I are running our own law firm now Me : congratulations Him : so you see? I can give you everything you need everything you want and you know I always have. Me : your success won't change my mind Siya it won't make me fall in love with you again. Him : you loved me once you can learn to again Awonke I don't want this to end bad for you for our daughters sake just give us a chance. Me : get out. Him : Wonke... Me : go Siya! He looked at me then grabbed the bag and walked out... I slowly sat on the bed and bowed my head Noah walked into the room. Him : mom? Me : yes baby Him : are you okay? Me : Yeah I'm fine He looked at me... Me : uhm... so should I go drop you? Him : no they are coming to get me Me : are you sleeping over? Him : yes mom Me : Okay take something warm with you Him : already did. Me : let me see Him : wawo I'm not a baby He came and kissed me Him : I love you Me : I love you too keep your phone on and if you need anything call me Him : okay bye He ran out. A few minutes later his friends parents came to fetch him since the kids weren't around I told the nanny she could go home and come back Tuesday. I took a long bath and made myself something to eat then I watched series. My phone rang... Me : hey Jay: hey baby I miss you Me : I miss you too. Him : I'm finishing up some things i'll come over in about an hour Me : okay. Him : are you sure you're okay? Me : Yeah I'm alright Him : oh okay shap Me : shap. Right after the call Sanga came in... Her : friend I stood up and went to hug her Me : hey Her : uyakwazi ulahla umntu Me : come on i've been busy Her : oh too busy for me? Me : No Her : you are glowing what's up? Wait... don't tell me you are expecting a third choice assorted Me : what's that? Her : when all your kids have different father's I playfully punched her... Me: you are such a bitch Her : you know I'm just playing with you We sat down Her : I brought wine red Me : let me get the glasses I went to rinse wine glass then we sipped wine while listening to music. Her : slow down you drinking it like it's water what's wrong? Me : Siya Her : still? This guy needs to get a life hey what happened now? Me : he wants full custody of Alutha his taking me to court unless I get back with him. Her : his crazy hay shem he has totally lost it this time his just scaring you babe you fight him with everything you have. Me : his a lawyer and a good one Him : and you are a mother a good one just because his a lawyer doesn't mean he'll get justice over you unless he'll bribe the judge or do something unethical. Me : what if that happens then what? I lose my daughter? I can't Her : so you prefer getting back with him? Me : of course not Her : then you fight baby you fight until your last breath. Your kids are your life you can't just lose them like that and Alu is a baby she still needs you I know Siya loves his daughter but not the way you love her. Me : I know and I'm not letting my child go I just hope all of this doesn't ruin this. I pulled out my hand... Her : is that a? She screamed... Me : Okay calm down you're even more excited than I was Her: wait it's a ruby Awonke Me : yes it is Her : why are you so lucky? What do you bath with? Me : holy water We laughed Her : oh my... I'm so happy for you sweetheart truly you deserve to be happy and I hope junior is the one Me : well I don't want to get my hopes up

you deserve to be happy and I hope junior is the one Me : well I don't want to get my hopes up I suck with men Her : come on don't say that he seems different and he makes you really happy Me : I know but I don't wanna jinx things this time Her: yeah you should wait until you start planning the wedding Me : that's the plan uhm can I have my hand back Her : no ways I'm still taking a good look at this chomy do you know how much this is worth? Me : expensive? Her : he he Google it babe yi salary yam for the whole year We both laughed... Her : seriously though you are lucky I just pray it's real this time Me : me too Her : so Bae is loaded neh? Me : Yeah his okay Her : more than sanny? I laughed Me : so now we are comparing? Her : it's our little secret Me : his pretty loaded I don't know how much I don't ask about his salary. Her : what else does he do? Coz like you earn the same salary as technicians right? Me : No I earn more than him at the firm but he has a gallery and his a professional spinner plus his dad is warm Her : warm as in like the warmth of the money? Me : yep his a big gun Her : how old is he? Me : why? Her : maybe... possibly... blind date nyana We both laughed Me : that is so disturbing that would mean you would be my mom in law? Ha.a girl chill besides his married and his a dignified man I doubt he'd date a girl twice his age Her : oh well his loss I giggled Me : you are crazy shem Her : look relax and enjoy life don't stress about this we'll handle Siya even if it means killing him. Me : that's a lil extreme Her : it's an example Awonke Me : oh okay She laughed... Her : I missed you Me : me too Her : hee I went to see Busi she called me to come Me : oh? How is she? Her : accepting everything she's getting help shem and she's doing physiotherapy Me : is the a way she could walk again? Her : the doctors said no but apparently she got a different approach so she's trying also very broke shem her mother is struggling the whole process is costly and with her company down the drain things are hectic but hey she brought it to herself Me : maybe I should go see her Her : NO Me : why? Her : because you'll feel bad and then next thing you make her your responsibility let's say she does get well then what? She goes after Jr? Ha.a Boo Busi is a big girl each and every one of us has to pay for our dirty deeds let her pay her debts in peace. Me: you can be so cold Her : she did you wrong and I witnessed that so no. Me : Fine I won't go We continued drinking wine until Jay arrived... Jay : Sanga hey baby He kissed me Sanga : hey congratulations Hubby Me : why are you calling him hubby? Her: coz friends share We all laughed... Him : you guys are mad Thank you Sanga:) He sat next to me... we all talked for a while then Sanga had to leave. Me : i'll walk you out Her : no its okay i'll see you during the week neh? Me : alright We hugged Her : JR see you around Jay : shap Sanga : oh one more thing She leaned and whispered something to Jay's ear then she smiled and walked out. Me : Ohkay what was that about ? Jay : she said " if you dare break her heart I will cut you in pieces and put them in a box then mail then to Aliwal North" I busted in laughter mainly because Jay's expression was hilarious ... Jay : she's crazy Me : she's just playing with you but... Him : but what? Me : nothing Him : tell me He tickled me I was laughing so hard Me : nothing baby!!! He then stopped and lifted my head that was buried in his chest he looked into my eyes... Him: God I love you


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