part 11 ecstasy season three

I slowly walked to my room I took all my clothes off closed the curtains then got under the covers and slept. Hours later Noah came to wake me up. Noah : Wowa? Aunty says come eat supper. Me : I'm not hungry big boy Him : are you okay? Me : I have a headache but i'll be fine Him : but you always say it's important to eat all meals of the day Me : it is but for you guys because you are still growing mommy is already big He looked at me and smiled then he turned and ran out when I was starting to drift back to sleep he walked back in holding a tray with food a glass of juice and tablets I sat up and grabbed the tray from him. Me : you are such a gentleman you know that? Him : uhuh It was the most adorable thing ever. Me : Thank you i'll eat. Him : okay. He sat down on the bed Me : go eat your food will get cold. Him : I want to see you eat first I laughed Me : Okay fine I grabbed a spoon and began eating... Me : now go eat Him : okay He walked out again... I took out 3 pain killers and drank with juice then I put the plate on the headboard and went back to sleep. In a few minuets I was out like a lamp hours into the night when I was turning I bummed into Alu I lifted my head and saw Noah behind her I smiled and went back to sleep. I was woken up by my phone when I checked the time it was 12ockock I answered it and it was the receptionist from work I told her to cancel all my meetings because I was sick after the call I went to make coffee in the kitchen. Alu was watching cartoons she came running to me I held her. Me : Hey baby are you hungry? She shook her head. Alu : mama Me : baby She smiled Me : you really need to start talking you know? So you and mommy can have a girl chat. The nanny walked into the kitchen we talked for a while then I went to bath with Alu and stayed in bed all day watching Disney movies. Spending the whole day with my daughter eased something inside me I was deeply hurt but her face her laughter seeing her smile and climb on top of me annoying me in all sorts of ways gave me joy. I needed to be away from work and with my family Noah arrived from school and joined us. They went to play outside when Sanga came to see me. Sanga : what's wrong? Me : everything Her : I called your office and they said you were sick Me : I'm not sick I'm just grieving. Her : what happened? Me : Jay broke off the engagement Her : why? Me : this whole thing with Siya I pushed him away Her : this is all my fault chomy I'm sorry I shouldn't have suggested you going to see Siya. Me : it's not your fault you were only trying to help and anyway it was gonna come to that anyway. Her : meaning? Me : I was always going to go back to him if things fall apart for the sake of my daughter Her : you are unbelievable so you would rather that your kids watch you suffer and grow up with hatred other than walking away from all this? because we both know Siya won't change he will beat you in front them and who knows maybe one day he will even beat up your own kids. Me : what am I supposed to do Sanga? Her : I can't help you with that Awonke

you need to understand that in this case you need to think about your kids think about what's best for them and that you can't have a bit of both worlds. Me : I screwed up didn't i? Her : pretty much but it's not too late to do what's right fix this babe look at the bright side even though you lost Jr you don't have to go to Siya anymore. Me : Yeah I suppose She hugged me... Her : Awonke you are the luckiest person I know but you are too blind to see that God has done well by you appreciate that. Me : I do believe me now I do. She stayed consoling me for a while until Siya arrived. Siya : hey ladies Sanga : and it's my que to leave bye babe good luck. Me : I love you Her : I love you too She left Siya : she still hates me? Me : everyone hates you Him : what? Me : yes uhm so what brings you here? Him : I see you haven't packed Me : I'm not going anywhere Him : but... Me : but nothing jay broke up with me so you don't have anything against me I'm not going to your house He laughed.. Him : I feel so stupid for believing you his going to jail then. Me : you are delusional so I don't blame you he can handle that. Him : okay fine Awonke I'm tired of this if you don't want me cool we'll remain sharing the custody I was only doing what's right. Me : you mean threatening and manipulating me to what you want? Anyway I didn't think it would be this easy but good. Him : can I have my daughter it's Friday Me : looking like that? You gonna scare her He gave me a death stare Me : No sense of humour I see please come get her Sunday because we are going home to see my mother for the weekend Him : no I'm supposed to get her today so I want her today Me : please Him : no you can't do anything for me so why I should I? I took a deep breath Me : can we agree on one thing for once as adults ? Him : sure but I'm taking my daughter. Me : Okay i'll pack her things Him : no i'll do it He walked to the room and packed Alu's things while I said goodbye to her. Me : your gran is gonna be so mad I didn't bring you but we'll go again next week mommy loves you so so much. I kissed her all over as she giggled. Her : love you I was so excited to hear her say that for the first time I saw Siya standing there smiling Him : it's her first time right? Me : yeah Him : I'm glad I witnessed it He came to take her from my arms. Me : you have her meds? Him : I took everything I called Noah to come say goodbye then we walked them out weird enough Alu cried when they were leaving and usually she didn't. I went to sit with her in the car for a while until she calmed then I kissed her head and walked out the car. She looked at us while we were waving then she also waved her little hand and they left. Noah and I went back inside to pack for the road.

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