part 10 ecstasy season three

Me : where was I? Where were you Junior? Him : I needed to think now answer me. I walked towards him and sat down. Me : I went to see Siya in the hospital. Him : what for? Me : because you assaulted him so he needed some stitches Him : I know why his there I'm asking why you went there. Me : I wanted to talk him out into dropping off the charges this thing is going to ruin this custody for me and babe Siya provoked you on purpose he wanted you to assault so he could have something against me. Him : did he agree to drop them? Me : he said he'll think about it but he will. Him : what did you promise him? Me : what do you mean? Him : I'm not stupid Awonke what did you promise him? Me : okay...I said we could fix things but I was just saying that so he could drop the charges. Him : so what happens when he drops the charges but you don't go back to him? Me : uhm... I didn't think that far I don't know i'll figure it out. Him : this is my mess and I was going to clean it up why the hell would you go to him Awonke? You just made the whole thing worse unless you really going back to him. Me : how were you gonna clean it up jay? The Police came here looking for you in front of my kids and you didn't pick up your phone so what was I suppose to do? Him : wait! Awonke how about waiting for me Me : I panicked okay? I don't want to lose my daughter you need to understand that. Him : so I'm going to lose you? Because there's no way Siya is going to let you walk after he drops those charges and he already has dirt on me. Me : what do you mean he already has dirt on you? Him : he knows about my past Me : how do you know that? Him : it's obvious fact that he knows about my mother means he knows so even if he does drop the charges and finds out that you played him he still has something on me so what now? Me : Jay... Him : I bet you didn't think that far when you went to see him Me : I didn't but I'm sure there's still a way how were you going to fix it? Him : I was going to call in a few favours but this changes the plan. Me : how? Him : because you made a promise to him you decided to find your own solution but I just want to know how it's going to end up or maybe you weren't playing Siya(he paused and chuckled in disbelief) you're smart Awonke you knew he would find out that you are playing him and make things worse but you went ahead anyway because you figured you'll end up with him either way isn't it? Me : that's not true Him : so I'm lying you didn't know? Me : I didn't... Him : no the only person playing a game here is you Awonke and this whole time i've been blind you already know how this is going to end you end up with him because you can't lose your daughter because of me. Me : I didn't even suggest this thing junior Sanga did and I thought it would make a difference. Him : even if she didn't this is how this were going to play out. I kept quiet... Him : at least be honest with me you owe me that much. Me : what do you want me to say jay? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Him : for starters I wouldn't lie to you i'd fight Awonke why didn't you think of faking a break up with me instead of faking getting back with the father of your child? Me : i didn't think about that okay?!! Him : let me answer that for you because you would rather end up with him it all comes back to that because the so many solutions we could work over but this one was better for you neh? and don't get me wrong I'm not saying that it's wrong I understand where you are coming from I just wish you could've been honest with me

because you would rather end up with him it all comes back to that because the so many solutions we could work over but this one was better for you neh? and don't get me wrong I'm not saying that it's wrong I understand where you are coming from I just wish you could've been honest with me maybe then I wouldn't have even touched Siya. Way before the fight you knew if you lose you go back to him am I lying? Me : No you're not Him : so I'm right about everything? Me : except that I was playing you I wasn't I love you and with all my heart and believe me I want to spend the rest of my life with you but my kids come first. It's impossible to have Alutha with you on the picture for as long as Siya is fighting to have me. Jay : so this is you breaking up with me for him? Me : I'm not breaking up with you Him : but you are going back to him? Me : it's only temporary until I get something against him Him : then you are breaking up with me it's either me or him. Me : this is not about you junior it's about my daughter. Him : then leave both me and Siya and have your daughter why do you feel the need to be with him? Me : I don't... Him : oh wait... unless of course you still love him Me : I don't love him not like I love you Him : how do you love me? Me : jay please I'm begging you don't do this. Him : okay how do you love him maybe that's easier Me : as the father of my child a person I once shared something with. Him : that's strong okay Awonke you win he can have you. Me : this is not a game Him : then what is it? Who's being a fool in all of this? Me Awonke I'm the one who's playing fool here I'm out here trying to protect you from this guy and you are running to him. Me : I'm not. Him : don't play dumb you know I would pay any price to make this go away so that you could have your daughter for good. Me : I don't want to have my daughter in some doggy way. Him : why does it matter how get Custody? Because anyway his also not playing clean Me : I don't care Jr Him : you see? This is exactly what I'm talking about you know what? this is pointless. Me : it's not. Him : I love you Wonke and i've never loved anyone like I love you i'd probably give my life for you but this? I can't do this I just can't be a fool for you. He stood up and kissed my cheek... Him : good luck with everything and you can keep the ring I'm done here . He walked away. Me : junior! He ignored me and walked out the door to his car and then I heard the car drive off.

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