part 9 ecstasy season two

Me : I was out why? Her : Just asking you're always home on Sundays. Me : Yeah I didn't leave long ago I just went to meet JR. I sat down... Her : and? Sanga : tshini Busi and what? Busi : I'm just curious. Me : should.i get you guys something to drink? Sanga : we already helped ourselves. Busi : how Is he? Me : who? Her : Jr Me : you have his number right chomy? Her : yea Me : good then call him. Her : he doesn't take my calls. Sanga : don't you maybe think the poor boy is not interested. Busi : not interested in me? Come on look at me. Me : it's not always about looks chomy maybe you're making it obvious that you like him. Sanga : exactly and easy come easy go no offense. Busi: so you guys are trying to say his not into me? We both kept quiet. Sanga just grabbed the remote and played music. Me : Noah? Noah : wawo Me : did you do your homework? Him : yes mom Me : i'll come check it out tidy your room and put all the toys in the box. Him : Alu is still playing and she's going to cry if I take them. Me : take the ones she's not using. Him : okay. He went back to his room. Sanga : Chomy I saw Alutha's room still has the "will you Mary me " Siya wrote with pain. Me : oh yah I haven't got time to ask someone to pain the room. Her : you don't have to though it can be a remembrance of some sort. Me : I guess so. Busi : so you guys aren't going to answer me? Sanga: really? You're still about that Busi Her : yes coz I want to know. Sanga : what does his actions tell you? Busi: that his busy Sanga laughed... Sanga : you are in denial babe his just not into you. Her : you don't know that and he never said it. Me : do you even love JR or the idea of him just excites you? Her : I don't love him I guess I like him. Me : why? Her: because his hot and his loaded and he drives a nice car. Me : wow... perfect answer. Sanga just shook her head. Me : what happened to the guy you were seeing? Her ; I'm still seeing him. Me : oh okay. Sanga : chomy just date your guy man and leave thus JR dude. Her: leave me alone wena. Sanga : Fine. Busi touched my hair Her : why do you have paint? Me : oh I was in JR's studio and he paints. Her : why were you there? Sanga : okay no Busi this is really getting annoying you are not dating the guy mos why does it matter what she was doing there? These people work together you can't honestly ask everything that they do together you are not part of it. Busi : what's your problem Sanga? Do you want Jr? Sanga : oh please you're just acting like a thirsty teenager that's the thing. Me : guys please this is not even worth it JR asked to paint me and that's why I have paint. Busi : paint you? Me : as in like make a portrait. Busi : that's nice is it for work? Sanga : that's it we are leaving. She stood up and grabbed Busi's arm Me : No its okay I understand my friend is head over heels about this guy but Busi I'm going to be honest with you Jr isn't interested. Her: he said that to you? Me : yes he did but I didn't want to bust your bubble. She sat down... Her : oh... it's cool then Sanga : Thank you. Me : I'm sorry. Her : no its no big deal I was a bit too much weren't I? Me : just a bit Sanga : a lot! We all laughed. Busi : his a temptation I guess I really wanted to be with him but fine its his loss not mine. Sanga: that's the spirit friend

I was a bit too much weren't I? Me : just a bit Sanga : a lot! We all laughed. Busi : his a temptation I guess I really wanted to be with him but fine its his loss not mine. Sanga: that's the spirit friend now for once we can hearing about Jr. We sat around and talked I could see that Busi was really disappointed although she acted all brave and that made me sad in a way I feared rejecting so I could only imagine what it did to her. Because even if you want someone just to hook up with no attachments but when they reject you its a big deal but we tried to make her feel better although Sanga didn't stop mocking her. . . A month later JR and I were just close in a way that I couldn't even explain we weren't a couple or anything we were just like best buddies. We enjoyed each others company so much that we spent literally every weekend going out together and of course I couldn't let Busi into that I didn't want her hurt his was so good with the kids and Sane still disapproved of him even though we were just friends JR was very flirty but he never tried any move on me I think he respected me in a way. So this other Friday my friends come over to my house and later on that night JR was taking me car spinning for the first time... Because Sanga had a really big mouth she mentioned that to Busi coz I told her earlier that day because she wanted us to go out so now Busi wanted to come along I told Jr that I was coming with them he agreed. Later he came to fetch us... We got in the car and greeted. Busi : it's been a while JR JR : yes it has Her : you look good. Sanga cleared her throat and JR drove off we arrived at the stadium where they raced and spin cars he introduced us to some of the guys that were there then he took us where the cars were. Jr: wanna come with me? Me : inside the car? Him : yea or you scared. Me : umh... Sanga : come on go I'm sure it's gonna be fine. Me : Okay let's go. He took my hand and we ran towards the car and got in I made sure my safety belt was tight... he looked at me. Him : trust me i'd never do anything to hurt you. Me : that doesn't make me feel any better He laughed and started the car... I've never been in a car as fast as Jr was going when the car started spinning I literally screamed my lungs out. It was so fun but also terrifying just at once he went on for a while then stopped the car. Me : wow! Him: wanna try? Me : what? No I can't Him : yes you can i'll help you. Me : Okay. We switched places they I started the car and drove off Him : faster Then he pushed my leg to push down the clutch he changed gears and held the steering wheel with me and turned the car as it went around several times my eyes were just shut. After we stopped we went to the others Sanga ; how was it? Me : insane!!! Busi : yeah it looked fun. Me : JR can also take you if you want to go right JR? Him : let's grab something to eat first. Busi : great We bought hot dogs and found a spot to sit Jr was being all playful with me that I even forgot the whole Busi thing and played with him I realized when she drastically stood up. Busi: I think i've had it for today I'm out of here i'll catch a taxi. She started walking away... Me : Busi??? Sanga: let her go. Me : flip!

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