part 8 ecstasy season two

A few days passed and I was still very busy with work I think Busi showed up about 3 times in the office in a week alone I could see she really liked JR and it was sad that JR felt the complete opposite he just kept giving her a cold shoulder. It was a public holiday I was just spending time with my children I took them out then we went to see a Disney movie then went back home. JR called... Me : Hello. Him : hey you good? Me : yea what'sup? Him : I need you to do me that favour Me : which one? Him : about the painting Me : oh now? Him : if it's possible coz I don't think you'll have time again anytime soon. Me : uhm... okay give me 30minutes i'll be there. Him : thanks. I went to change then told the nanny i'll be back in few and drove to JR's place. When I arrived in the drive way he was outside top less and watering the plants in the front. I got out the car and walked towards him... Me : hey. He put the hoes down and turned the water off. Him : you're here Me : yep and you are watering plants Him : yeah I love them. Me : I'm starting to think you are gay. Him : I'm not gay I'm just full of life for everything come on in. We walked inside his house was single but very interesting it was just deep I mean the paintings in his wall told a story you wouldn't be able to interpret but so beautiful. Me : wow you did these? Him : every painting and every sculpture here is from my very own hands. Me : this is amazing I didn't realise you were this good. Him: I'm very passionate. Me : I can see that. Him : have a sit i'll get you something to drink. I sat down but my eyes were just rousing around I wasn't a fan of art I never even paid attention to it but that day I felt the depth of it. He came back and gave me a glass of orange juice. Me : Thank you. Him : do you like them Me : Yeah you are extremely talented I mean some of these painting look like someone just took a picture somewhere but it's actually just paint do they mean something? Him: there's a story behind each painting I make. Me : that's interesting. Him : come let's go to my studio. Me : oh okay I took the glass and following him to a room full of all the things he walked with. Me : do you sell these?? Him : some of them yes some it's a collection for the gallery I want to open. Me : nice. I looked around and even touched some of them just to feel if it's the actual thing. Him : are you ready? Me : for what? Him : uhm what you came for. Me : oh yah I'm ready. He took a white sheet and gave it to me. Him : change into this. Me : this is a sheet Him : I know Me : uhm can't we do this with my clothes maybe? Him: relax it's not like you'll be showing me your body you're gonna cover everything it just works better if you're in something simple. Me : I can't believe I agreed to this okay wait outside. He walked out and pulled the door behind him

okay wait outside. He walked out and pulled the door behind him I took off my clothes and wrapped the white sheet around then told him to come in. Him : that wasn't hard now was it? Me : don't push it. Him: I'm sorry sit there He pointed a long red couch with gold trims I walked over and sat down. He gathered al his this then prepared to start. Him : okay lay on your side I did as he said Him : wait. He came to me then pulled my weave to one side and laid it over my shoulder then he went back to sit down. Him : lift your chin up a bit and curve one leg just so I can have the shape of your whole body relax and do not move. Me : how long is this going to take exactly? Him : an hour if you don't move. Me : so I shouldn't move for an hour? Him: yep. Me : you are so paying me for this He laughed and started doing his thing I was really impatient through the whole process and just couldn't stop talking but after sooo long... Him : okay I'm done Me : finally I can't even feel my legs. Him : stop being a baby. I walked to him as he turned the board around so I could see. I kept quiet for a while and just started at it... Him : you don't like it? Me : are you kidding me I love it wow this looks so real JR. Him : you're real so I paint what's real I have to admit this is yet the most beautiful portrait i've painted. Me : really? Him: yeah and it was inspired by you so thank you. Me : I didn't do anything this is all you and it's really amazing. Him : well I'm good with my hands. He looked at me and smiled. Him : so you like that? Me : uhm that you're good with your hands? Him : no I was actually talking about the painting but since you mentioned that do you like it? I cleared my throat. Me : I like the painting i've never been painted before so it's exiting and I can't stop staring at it. Him: I'm glad wanna know the story behind it? Me : sure. Him: i'll tell you some other day Me : oh okay it's getting late anyways I should dress up and leave Him: you can take the painting but i'll bring it over sometime during the week when it's dry. Me : it takes a week for it to dry? He laughed. Him : no silly I just wanna put final touches Me : are you sure you want me to have it? Him : yeah just take it as a thank you Me : what for? Him : helping me learn a lot at work Me : you also helping me though Him : then maybe someday you can also thank me with something Me : mhh maybe. Him : great. He walked out and I dressed up then we spoke for a while and I drove back home to find Busi and Sanga playing with the kids. Me : hey you guys what are you doing here? Sanga : we just came to say hi to everyone. Busi : where were you?

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