part 6 ecstasy season two

Me : come have a sit He walked to the couch and sat down. Me : Sane this is my colleague Junior JR meet Sane. Him : mate Sane: sure... It was quiet for a while. Me : uhm so you're here for the car right? Jr : yes and to hear how you are doing Me : I should be the one asking you that. Him : I survived thanks to you. Sane just kept looking at who ever was speaking with this annoyed look in his face. Noah ran back to the lounge... Noah : Daddy my phone doesn't work. Sane : i'll check it out later big boy okay? Me : Noah what are you supposed to do when there are visitors in the house. Him : mhh greet? Me : yes come greet. He walked to Jr and held out his hand Noah : Hello JR : hey sanny. Sane : his name is Noah. Me : uhm go play with your sister big boy Him : okay wawo He ran off... I could sense that Junior was veeery confused for some reasons. Sane : Awonke may I speak to you privately? Me : err... yeah i'll be right back JR: cool. We walked to the kitchen. Sane : barely even years and you are already running along with bad boys. Me : what are you talking about? Him : him Awonke that guy! Me : I work with that guy. Him : how did his car end up in your yard? Or should I say Siya's yard I feel sorry for Siya where ever he is. Me : don't talk to me like that about shit you don't even know we are not a couple Sanelisiwe and you are definitely not my father who I hang out with is non of your damn business I don't need to explain myself to you. Him : Fine do whatever you want just don't get my son mixed up with your boyfriends you'll confuse that boy first it was Siya now this guy. Me : boyfriend? What's your problem are you jealous? Him : I waited for you to be better so that maybe we could fix things Me : oh please

first it was Siya now this guy. Me : boyfriend? What's your problem are you jealous? Him : I waited for you to be better so that maybe we could fix things Me : oh please you really think that i'd be with you again? Get over yourself. And just now you just proved how little respect you have for me this is my home and I'm an adult don't come here and try to replace Siya. Him : Fine go get pregnant for a third child with a different father obviously all your kids will have different father's that are nothing but worthless... He didn't even finish the sentence and I slapped him I was so furious that I didn't even feel myself doing it. Me : Get the hell out and never come back to this house! Him : I'm taking my son with me. Me : dare touch Noah and i'll send you straight to jail. He looked at me in then walked out through the kitchen door and slammed it. I held my hands towards the table and bowed my head just to calm myself down I took a deep breath and went back to JR. Me : sorry about that should I get you something to drink? Him : uhm.. no maybe I should get going. Me : Okay Him : are you okay? Me : I'm fine He cane and sat next to me. Him : I heard everything and I'm sorry that guy is a jerk. Me ; it's okay I think by now I should've got used to it I just thought he changed but now I know people don't ever really change. Him : he doesn't deserve to have such a beautiful boy with you. Me ; that boy is the only beautiful thing that came out of him. He smiled. Him : don't put non of that stuff in your head okay? Me : Yeah... Him : So your Fiancé is the little girls father. Me : Yep. Him : I'm sure she's also something else. Me : wanna see her? Him : please I went to get Alu I was worried because she didn't like people but she liked JR. After spending time with the kids I walked him to the car. Him : See you at work. Me : yep thanks. Him : no thank you. He got in the car... Me : Bye. He waved and drove off.

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