part 5 ecstasy season two

After a really long night I decided to leave because I was really exhausted my body wasn't used to the whole party all night kinda thing anymore. Me : Chomy I'm leaving neh? Sanga : are you leaving JR? Me : well he didn't come with me and I have no idea where he is. Sanga : I last saw him going into the kitchen with Busi. Me : Okay i'll pass there and tell them I'm going. Her : okay. I kissed her cheek then walked to the kitchen to a bit disturbing sight Busi was sitting on top of the table and JR was in between her legs they were busy laughing and playing. Me : uhm... sorry to interrupt wanted to tell you guys that I'm leaving. Busi : chomy it's only midnight. Me : Yeah I know but I'm tired. Her : who is Sanga with? Me : I don't know... she's with some guys. Her : okay are you okay to drive? Me : yes I'm fine Busi I have to go. JR : I'm coming with you. Busi: what? Me : you are? Him : no no I mean i'll ride with you because I won't be able to drive. Busi : I thought you were going to sleep over Him : I can't I have work tomorrow. Busi : it's Sunday though. Him : yeah I know but I do. Busi : please stay. Me : Okay guys i'll go meanwhile you two decide. Jr : no let's go. He kissed Busi's cheek then moved away and came to stand beside me. Busi: thanks a lot Wonke. Me : what did I do? I didn't say he must go mos Her : Fine you guys go. Me : and you go to bed because you are wasted. She got off the table and stood in front of JR she then wrapped her hands around him and tried to kiss him but JR moved away. Him : you should go rest Busi thanks for inviting me I had a great time. He turned and looked at me. Him : let's go. That was very awkward in so many ways I didn't even say anything I just kissed Busi and walked out as he followed me. When we got to the cars... Him : take my keys Me: why? Him : you can leave your car here and drive mine. Me : why don't you leave yours? Him : Coz she's your friend and not mine. Me : so i'll take you to where you stay then what? Him : you'll drop me then leave with my car i'll get it later. Me : you'll come to my house? Him : or you'll come drop it then take a cab Awonke if it's an issue let's just go I looked at him... Him : okay fine let's leave with your car then. Me : No its chilled we'll take yours. I grabbed his keys from his hand then we walked to his car. I got in and started the car. It was so nice the interior was this delight cream colour with leather seats the whole car smelled like his cologne it. Me : safety belt please Him : really? Me ; yes really. He wore the his safety belt and I drove off... Me : Okay direct me. Him : yes ma'am He directed me to his place it took about 15minutes to get there. Me : this house over here? Him : yeah that's me. Me : you just moved here but you live in a house like this Him : is that a way to ask me if I have money? Me : No just that it takes time to buy a house unless you're rich. He laughed... Him : no I'm not rich I would love to be though. Me : mhh Him : you don't believe me? Me : it doesn't matter if I do or I don't. Him : to me it does look I wouldn't label myself as being rich I just have enough money to get me where I wanna be when you say rich it feels like you're referring to this high class snob and I'm not that I'm an average person. Me ; you talk a lot even when you are drunk. He just smiled... Him: wanna come in? Me : it's past 12 in the morning. Him : yeah okay i'll see you tomorrow Me : later coz it's already tomorrow. Him : you are such a perfectionist. Me : whatever go. Him : thanks for the ride I laughed Me : sleep well. He walked out the car when I was about to drive off he came back. Him : forgot the gate remote sorry He opened the dashboard and took out his keys. Him: Bye He started walking to the gate again then I drove to my place. The car was just too nice

I arrived home and went straight to bed... In the morning as tired as o was I decided we all go to church Noah was questioning the car and I just said it's a friend's. We came back from church I helped the nanny cook then we all sat down and ate then the kids went to play. I sent JR my address. I heard a car pull out outside and if was Sane he walked inside. Sane : Hey wonke Me : hey Him : you went to church? Me : yep Him : wow Noah came running when he heard his voice. Noah : Daddy... To my surprise Alu did the same thing and it was just odd. Sane chilled with them for a while then he came and joined me in the living room. Him : so how are you going to tell her I'm not her daddy? Me : she's only 1 Sane i'll worry about that when I have to. Him : you know I don't mind that she calls me daddy right? Me : she calls you daddy because Noah calls you daddy. Him : still she's going to grow calling me that. Me : so what do you want me to do? Him : let it happen let me be her father. Me : but you're not. Him : I don't have to share the same blood with her in order to be one I was adopted and yet I connect with my foster parents like we are blood I love that kid. Me : I know that but... After everything that happened It somehow feels wrong to let that happeni don't think Siya would be at peace. Him : well his not here by the way who's car is outside ? It's really cool JR knocked and came in because the door was wide open. Me: uhm...his. Sane frowned and looked at me.

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