part 4 ecstasy season two

Saturday arrived I spent the whole day with my babies the nanny was going to stay with us full time so I left them with her that evening. I had already sent JR the address we were going to meet there I wasn't sure about the whole party thing but I figured maybe it would help because ever since Siya passed I never went anywhere to have a good time so I thought maybe that was going to be a platform for me to start living again and try to look past everything that happened because even though Siya was my entire life and happiness now that he was gone I had to learn to find happiness again. So that evening I dressed up really well rocked my heels and everything then kissed my babies and left To Busi's place when I got there the vibe was already on high. I looked for my friends and bumped into Sanga. Her : Chomy Me : I didn't know Busi was inviting the whole town. Her : you know how she is come let's get something to drink. Me : where is she? Her : I have no idea. Me : Okay let's get a place to sit. Her : are you okay with all this? The crowd and everything? Me : Yeah I will be it just feels weird for some reasons Her : well its been a while. We grabbed camp chairs then took drinks and sat down. Her : so how are my babies? Me : growing everyday. Her : I should go visit it's been a while Noah still leaves with Sane? Me : he just moved back in today his so happy. Her : that's good

it's also going to be great for Alu to have him around. Me : Yeah Noah really admires his little sister to a certain extent though. We laughed... Her : well his a boy so he'll have his naughty days with her. Me : Yeah my friend I'm juts glad to have my kids back home I only wish Asanda could come back often. Her : varsity is hectic you can't blame her. Me : No its not that... she just avoids the house I mean I don't blame her I also feel like it's haunted sometimes. Her : haunted? She had this look on her face I laughed. Me : No not literary just that there's too memories of Siya there everything just reminds you of him even when you don't want to and even worse Alutha looks like him as if he was going to deny her. Her : I can imagine poor kid man she lost her whole family in one year I still wonder how she passed her Metric. Me : she's very strong chomy but it broke her so I guess the whole pressure just pushes her to be better in everything she distracts herself a lot. Her : let's just stop talking about sad stories it's a party and you supposed to forget everything and get hella drunk just for to might. Me : I'm driving Her : JR will drive you. Me : Busi already told you huh? Her : yes yes and she says his something else so I cannot wait to meet him. I looked at her... Her : what? I'm also single. I let out a laugh... Me : I shall see this night hey I feel sorry for the poor boy. Her : wait how old is he? Me : 24 Her : arg his in your league but non the less I can work with a Ben 10-ish Me : speaking of the devil. JR and Busi walked towards us... Sanga : I thought she was exaggerating but no his really that hot. Okay truth be told right there and then I felt like a teenage girl back in high school I just felt something so exciting that it was actually making me uncomfortable. JR was wearing ripped black denim shorts a printed vest with a black bikers jacked on top and Adidas Sneakers. Busi : Look who I found ladies JR : hey ladies. Busi : Sanga this is Wonke's colleague JR our friend to be and JR this is what completes our pack Sanga. Him : Nice to meet you. Sanga : I agree. I smiled my friends were just tripping over this guy yes he was cute and exciting buy I didn't see him that way not as someone i'd go out with just one of those guys you admire from a distance. JR : so can I join you? Sanga : certainly. Him : great. Busi : Should I bring you beer or whisky? Him : I will take both Busi : I already like you. She smiled and went ot grab drinks then some of the other guys joined us we all chilled together and had a great time. Sanga : you've been holding the same drink for an hour now Me : No this is like my third Her : lies... Me : I'm coming neh? I need to smoke (yes I was smoking again) I stood up and went through the kitchen door to stand at the back and smoke. A few minutes later JR came to join me... Him : can I have a smoke? Me : you supposed to say may you Him : yes that. Me : I didn't know you smoked Him : I didn't know you did either I pulled out another ciggie for him and landed him the lighter. Him : and you have a pink lighter I laughed Me : don't make me take it back. Him : are you having a good time? Me : Yeah you? Him : epic I should thank your friend for inviting me. Me : you should. We had small talks then I decided to walk back inside because I was cold. Him : no take my jacket I still want to be out here and not alone. Me : uhm no its okay i'll just tolerate the cold. Him : afraid that it's going to ruin your outfit? You look great by the way. Me : No and thank you. It was silent for a while. Him : so your friends really like me hey? Me : why do you say that? Him : it's quite obvious but it's cool I'm used to that I get it a lot. I cleared my throat. Him : I'm not being cheesy for real Me : Okay then. Him : you're actually the first person not to like me. Me : I do like you. Him : in that way. Me : oh no no Him : you're an intimidation you know? Me : am I? I don't mean to. He looked at me.. Me : let's head back I smiled and walked inside. Everyone started to get drunk and wild it seemed like I was the only Sane person but it was fun they made me laugh and forget reality for a while.

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