part 2 ecstasy season two

When I arrived from work I gave my Big boy a call I really missed having him around and I wanted him to come home but Sane still insisted I figure everything out first. When I arrived the nanny left Alutha was still asleep so I got time to cook then started working. I lost track of time that I felt her tiny little hand grab lapi picked her up. Me: Hey baby I kissed her Me : are you hungry? She nodded. I went to make her a bottle because getting her to eat was a struggle and I was so tired I dished up for myself ate then tried to put her back to sleep. I cleaned took a bath then went to bed the next morning the nanny arrived and I left for work. I was wearing a cream pencil dress with peach heels it looked like it was going to rain so I had my jacket with me. I attended a meeting first then went to start with work JR later came into my office then we spoke on how I was going to help him. To my surprise Boss handed us the most difficult Programming to work on for a client and we had only two weeks to finish it and that's when I was going to be able to stop working with JR. We started brainstorming ideas the very same morning JR looked like one of those guys that never take anything serious but he was very smart. He looked like a play boy very handsome I couldn't really tell his age though he was quite charming but he also annoyed me a lot. After hours of working it was lunch... Me : let's take a break I need to eat. Him : sure He closed his laptop... I took my handbag Him : where are you going? Me : to grab something to eat downstairs Him : may I join you? Me : uhm... Him : relax I'm not asking you for a date or anything I just don't know anyone here yet and I hate eating alone. Me : Fine let's go. We walked to one of the restaurants and ordered there wasn't really anything to talk about so it was just awkward until our orders arrived. Him : the weather looks nice Me : mhh. Him: you dot talk much do you Me : I talk a lot I just don't have anything to say to you. Him: tell me about you? Me : what do you want to know about me? Him : everything just to be safe Me : what does that mean? Him: as far as I know I could be working with a serial killer I laughed.. Him : oh wow she laughs I looked down Me : uhm well there isn't much to know about meof there's something you should know you'll find out with time I'm not a serial killer though Him : I can work with that. Me : tell me about you. Him : I'm 24years old recently moved to town I'm originally from Aliwal north I'm a cool guy I cleared my throat and he let out a laugh... Him : for real but I like having fun a lot I'm a professional car spinner I'm also an Artist

there's a lot man you'll also figure them out with time. Me : spinning cars does look like you what kind of Artist are you? Him : I paint Draw sculpting you name it. Me : that's interesting how come you ended up playing with computers though? Him: my father he things having a painting career is a joke so I had to take something more serious for him but he didn't kill my dream I'm working on opening a gallery soon you should come to the launch I smiled Me : that's very nice of you maybe I will. Him : great. He smiled and looked at me. Him : enjoying your food? Me : yes thank you. Him: I once took a chef lessons you know I'm a good cook. Me : you talk a lot don't you? He laughed... Him: I'm sorry it's a thing Me : it's okay We ate while talking then he insisted on paying when we finished. We sat there for a while then went back to work... We knocked off at work very late that I asked the nanny to leave Alutha by Sane's place I was going to pick her up there. On our way to the parking area... Him : so which car do you drive? Me: which car do you drive? Him : Audi R8 Me : Range Rover Him : you like big cars? Me : No it was my... I kept quiet you can say that. Him: I'm into sports cars Me : makes sense. Him : okay see you tomorrow ma'am Me : Bye... He got into his Red sport car and drove away I partly felt like he was showing off that I laughed to myself. I got in the car and drove to pick up Alu Noah was so happy to see me we spent a little time there then I had to go coz Alu was sleepy. Sane walked me to the car. Him : why don't you let the nanny stay there for once? Me : uhm she doesn't have to. Him: come on Wonke you don't have any reasons for her not to stay therebesides I won't be able to keep babysitting for you sometimes I'm needed at work for night shift and Noah is old enough to go sleep over at his friends place. Me : I know i'll talk to her then if it works Noah comes back home yes? Him: okay. He kissed my cheek Him : Goodnight Me : night thanks neh Him: any time I drove away...

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